Review of the stormcast eternals and orruck battletomes.

Hello everyone, welcome to the age of sigmar 3 stormcast battletome This post will regroup all the info and the news on this release

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Battletome 3.0 First impression :

Hello everyone !!

At last, i was able to read throught both new Battletome for AOS3. It's super interesting to see what's the plan are for army in this edition.

The first 2 battle tomes are Orruck Warclans and SCE. there is a huge amount of change plus a lot of warscrolls to cover so i am going to start this review with some general observation + the warscrolls of models that are not going on pre-orders today. (for both tomes). Then i will update the review with more and more stuff during this week.

Generals Thought

-Battletomes are beautifful objects. They are more refined than older Battletome and cover design and colours are inspired by the Broken Realms series.

-They are Chunky Books with fluff , image, painting tips, Matched play rules, Glory path rules. It's especially obvious if look at the orcs, but i have the feeling a lot more faction are getting souped in big books like these.

-Each Battletome will have : Battalion, Battle Tactics and Grand Strategies. I think it's a game design mistake but from what i saw the options in the battletome are fine but nothing game changing. (So nothing like the WD and sons of Behemat)


age of sigmar review battletome stormcast eternals aos 3

age of sigmar review battletome stormcast eternals aos 3

age of sigmar review battletome stormcast eternals aos 3


age of sigmar review battletome stormcast eternals aos 3

age of sigmar review battletome stormcast eternals aos 3

age of sigmar review battletome stormcast eternals aos 3

I am not hyped by these at all but from what i see it's the CoreBook options are better (and it should stay like this)

-Sub Faction change : Now Subfaction in both books are just one extra power but they removed Traits / Relics Tax. It's a lot simpler this way give you better choice on trait/relics.

-Traits/Relics/Enhancement : Nothing beat amulet of destiny right now but there are some super nice General Trait. I'd say there are less options than before but they are more impacting ! Also by removing the tax every subfaction can pic Relics and Trait from the core book and there are very good ones ! Love it !

age of sigmar review battletome stormcast eternals aos 3

age of sigmar review battletome stormcast eternals aos 3

-Power Level First impression : no power creep detected for now especially in the Orc Battletome. I think these battletomes are going to be interesting to play with. Sadly Lumineth & Dok will still have AOS2 battletome for a long time and should dominate the meta :(

-Special Command Abilities have been removed for warscrolls. Yea no special commands are present.

SCE Warscrolls

age of sigmar review battletome stormcast eternals aos 3

age of sigmar review battletome stormcast eternals aos 3

age of sigmar review battletome stormcast eternals aos 3

age of sigmar review battletome stormcast eternals aos 3

age of sigmar review battletome stormcast eternals aos 3

age of sigmar review battletome stormcast eternals aos 3

age of sigmar review battletome stormcast eternals aos 3

age of sigmar review battletome stormcast eternals aos 3

age of sigmar review battletome stormcast eternals aos 3

Orruk Warscrolls

age of sigmar review battletome stormcast eternals aos 3

age of sigmar review battletome stormcast eternals aos 3

age of sigmar review battletome stormcast eternals aos 3

age of sigmar review battletome stormcast eternals aos 3

age of sigmar review battletome stormcast eternals aos 3


warhammer rumour

Ironjawz review

Each edition bring changes, sometimes you have to embrace it and forget about what you had before...

Yes, the Ironjawz faction that is inside the Warclan soup changed a lot ...

Some units are very strong but a lot of what made IJ in the second edition has been removed or nerfed...

Let's start directly with the Faction ability :

IronJawz Faction Abilities

warhammer rumour

IJ Waaagh: New feature, it's once per game at the start of charge phase you can Waaagh and gain +1 charge roll and -1 rend on the whole army. It's a good power if you can time it correctly as it lasts only during your turn.

Mighty Destroyer: Same as before but when used on a unit in melee you only get the pile in move and not the fight component ...Yea I know it makes no sense to pay 1 CP to pile in the Hero phase if you don't get to attack ...

Smashing and bashing: If you destroy one unit with an "attack" you can pile in and fight with another one.

So I know from the get-go the nerf is hugeeeee but maybe we can find some buff somewhere.

IronJawz Faction defining change & power

Before going into the sub-faction analysis we have to inspect 1 new rule that going to have a huge impact on all other rules in the book.

warhammer rumour

It's a rule all Maw Crusha get, Megaboss on foot affect 2 IJ units and Gordrakk affect 3 destructions units (handy in a big waaaagh). It's incredibly strong combined with the TOTEM keyword all IJ boss gets.

In a big Waaagh Godrakk could do a triple unleash hell in some Krule boys. You Could redeploy 3 Iron Jaw units at the same time or use Mighty Destroyer on 3 different units. That explains alone why IJ don't fight anymore in the hero phase I guess ...

IronJawz Sub Factions

Sub-faction powers are just one extra ability now. But you don't suffer from the Relics or General Traits tax. It's true for SCE and all the future battletome in the AOS3.


warhammer rumour

This one is similar to the one in the previous codex, at the end of the enemy charge phase you can use this command and charge with one unit. Of course the combo with a Maw Crusha capacity to issue orders to 3 units at the same time...
One question remains: is it before or after the monster rampage?


warhammer rumour

This sub-faction power only affects Gore Grunta so it's going to influence the list-building but the ability is very good. It's passive and automatic it allows movement or charge after the fight phase. The applications are very deep as you can destroy one unit with 2 units of gore grunta then both units can move to grab an objective or charge the backline. Note that if you charge a pack of 30 sentinels they can't unleash hell !!

It's a very interesting power offering a creative way of playing.

Da Choppa

warhammer rumour

Before it was a command ability now it's a passive and you can affect 3 units with the +1 dmg buff (like before).

Work very well with the new Brute/Waagh combo: rend -2 range 2. You can buff 3 units of and Mighty Destroyer 3 units as well. With your maw Krusha combined with the Waaagh for a rend -3 dmg, dmg 2.
You Could even play with 3 units of 10 for a lot of Krumping ^^ with 3 units getting an all-out attack! that's 31 attacks per unit on 2+/3+ with rend -3 dmg 2 (i didn't count gore Choppa and boss Choppa). Even Archaon is getting worried by this amount of attacks!

warhammer rumour

Damage against a 3+ armour save for a pack of 10 brutes under Violent Fury during the waaagh turn 86% to do 24 + wounds ^^ that's a lot of damages!

Conclusion on the Sub faction

All 3 are good and simple to implement. They don't prevent the choice of command traits and you can take the relic you want.
It's interesting, yes I know it's hard to "let it goooo" on the Mighty Destroyer nerf but if you look at a new way to play I don't think it's that bad (I am salty as well) !!

Command Traits

warhammer rumour

3 options for Megaboss and 2 for Wizards. Keep in mind that the Core book has some general traits.

Hulking Brute: basic 1d3 on a 2+ if you make a charge. Orruks are going to charge a lot in this edition especially in ironsunz ^^It's a few mortal wounds each time so it's not bad.

Mega Bossy: Do you need more Mighty Destroyer each turn? if it's yes pick this one for up to 6 units affected each turn (if you play 2 maws Krusha) for only 2 CP! ^^

Mega Waaaagh Leader: Rerolling charge bubble is still very good so it's a good option to have on the turn you have +1 to charge distance.

Touched by the Waaagh: lovely! sadly IJs don't get lvl 2 mage but if you want to cast a Foot of Gork (difficulty 10) it's a good tool to get.

Know one extra spell: Not great ...

Artefacts of Powaaah

warhammer rumour

Armour of Gork: Very costly for a +1 to hit (not rare) and a 6+ward. Pass for me.

Destroyer: Usually not a fan of one-time items but...with violent fury it's a boss on maw krusha attacking 9 times with rend -2 during the Waaagh and damage 6...That is a lot of damage ^^

Boss Skewer: Why even bother ...

Lore of the weird

warhammer rumour

These Spells are hard to cast but magic can be nasty in an Ironjaw Army. Keep in mind that mighty Destroyer allows your mage to move during the Hero phase to get in range of the spell.

The foot of Gork is 10 to cast, it is super hard if you are not Teclis. But if it goes on it's 1d6 mortal + 1d6mortal on a 4+ and you continue until you fail a 4+.

Big Green Hand of Gork: was auto-cast in Bloodtoof in previous editions. Now you need a 7+ but it's still a neat Teleport. (the cute trick is moving both wizard and target orruk unit with Mighty Destroyer to get them in range and then teleport the unit.)

Bash the Ladz: +1 to wounds roll in a wholly within 16'' is one of the best buffs in the games. Imagine with a triple all-out attack from a maw krusha and this spell you get the +1/+1 needed for a good Krumping!

Mighty Headbutt: You're not going to pick this one...

Mounts Traits :

warhammer rumour

The table is for all mount in the Battletome not just IJ but also Kruleboys.

Fast 'Un is a very good pick. One free movement during the Hero Phase is god mod! (better with the shaman Kruleboys but )

Mean'Un: For a Maw Krusha it's 1d6+3 mortal wounds on 2+ each turn and a free 1d6 move if you clear everyone. It's made for Maw Krusha if you don't pick Fast'Un

Weird'Un: 4+ mortal wounds SV against spell / Endless Spells is another option if you don't have much Anti - Magic!

Units Warscrolls & Points

Now that we have a good idea on how the IronJawz operate let's check their warscrolls and cost...


-20 pts at 560 pts now.

warhammer rumour

Gained 4 Wounds but lost +1 in armour save. It's a big nerf no way to sugarcoat it :/.

Warmaster: Good news, he counts as a general in addition to another general. Very good if you take a weak general shaman or in Big Waaaagh.

No change on Bravery still need to roll 7 or less for Healing Heroic :(

Smasha and kunning are now damage 2 (was 1 and 1d3 before) So with violent fury, it's damage 3. Sad that rend is staying a -1 but you get -2 during the waaagh. Mortals are now fixed at 2 for both weapons.

Voice of Gork : 3 friendly units, very good with Kragnos, in a big waaagh.

Strenght from Victory: Same.

Destructive Bulk: Changed a lot, now it's a damage bonus on monster rampage action. So it's a flat 2+ for 1d3+4 mortal wounds, also it's during your turn and the enemy turn. If you clear your 3" zone you can move 1d6 and do it again... Can be super strong if during the enemy turn your monster rampage clear the zone, you can at the end of the charge phase use the IronSunz command to charge someone else (all this happen at the end of the charge phase)

Maw Krusha gained one damage to dmg 3 it's nasty if you bump it to 4 with Warchanter and increase the rend to -3 during the Whaaag.

Mega Boss On Maw Krusha

-15 pts

warhammer rumour

Gained 1 attack no both versions and 3 wounds.

You can choose to have a 3+ base armour save but only 7 attacks or 9 attacks with a 4+. Honestly, 3+ and 5+ for amulet with 18 wounds is tasty (loose only one attack compared to the last battletome)

Ranged is fixed to 4 attacks.

Totem Keywords is neat but only Affect IronJawz with the multi-order power.

Destructive bulk on unnamed Maw Krusha is +3 dmg, but 1d3+3 each turn is neat with the mount trait it's 1d6+3.

Orruck Mega Boss

-20 pts at 140 points (cheapo)

warhammer rumour

+2 attacks and kept the 3+ save.

grant order to 2 IJ units and have totem keywords.

Can fight even if killed before fighting.

Neat at 140 points!


5 points discount to 115.

warhammer rumour

Gained +1 to hit, and damage is now d3.

Lost totem and dual hit on 6+

All warbeat are on 3+ now.

Still the best support in the game!

The first pick is always Killabeat! You can use killabeat before using Mighty Destroyer!


-30 pts discount! he's now at 90pts, Cheapo!

warhammer rumour

Brutal power was nerfed and green puke doesn't have much interest now that IJ lost mad as hell :/ But it's good to transform into a monster for Battle tactics, can choose from one of the great spells from the lore of Weirdz.

Orruk Brutes

+10 pts at 160 but for 15 wounds it's 10.66 per wounds.

warhammer rumour

They are the new black of the IJ army.

Both ranges 2" weapons are now rend -2 ! And we love rend in AOS 3. What do we also love ? range 2", to fight on 2 lines with the new coherency rules.

So for 320 points, I get one unit of 10 with one boss Choppa and 2 gore Choppa. Everyone can fight, rend -2, built-in +1 to hit against bigger targets (and there are a lot of them). Neat!

Also, there is a new hilarious power where models with 1 wound within 3'' can't contest objectives!

Also rallying unit of 10, 3 wounds model is cool.

Love these now and even more in Da Choppa sub-faction.

Orruck Ardboys

Became cheaper at 85pts for 5.

warhammer rumour

Lots of change here. Their attack line went from :
2x 3+ 3+ -1 1
3x 4+ 3+ 0 1

Dmg Before :

warhammer rumour

Dmg Now :
warhammer rumour

It's a small nerf to the damage (like 6 or 7% and a bit less under violent fury)

Also, the musician bonus to the charge is down to +1 from +2.

Champion only get a +1 attack (was +2 before).

Drawn to the waaagh: Another synergy with a Warchanter, 4+ rallying is good! If you play DaChoppa sub faction with 10 brutes X 2 + 15 Ardboys. One warchanter get the buffing and the rallying done just fine. It's a decent combo.

At 85 pts it's not that bad for 255 pts you can fill your 3 battlelines if you want!

Orruck Gore Grunta

down by 20pts to 150 (neat ! )

warhammer rumour

Mounts attacks are 3+ 3+ now.
Gore Hacka +1 +1 removed on charge and didnt got the rend bonus brute got :(

MW is now on 3+ after a charge and 2+ if you have gore hacka. It's still all enemy units within 1" of a said model so you can hit multiple heroes or units.

They are battleline in Bloodtoof.

The bloodToof power trigger at the end of the fight phase. So while you manage to clear the zone with multiple unit, they are eligible for another charge after the fight. Each model deals one mortal on a 2+ each time he charges. I don't know yet what the best setup is.
Is it 6 unit of 3 or 3 units of 6 ? Both have merits and it's going to be fun running around ^^


There are a lot of changes. I know that monsters are all the rage but it's because we don't have good units in the new ruleset. But honestly Brute and Gore grunta are great. Brutes get a +1 to hit vs large target, you don't even need an all-out attack, your brutes are going to eat those Zombie dragons and other big targets like it's nothing !!!

Maybe I am wrong but I think IronJawz are not dead and infantry could make a return!

Back to painting now and will do the other 3 factions this week as well...


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