Chapter approved tactical deployment review

Hello everyone, welcome to the Chapter Approved Tactical Deployment review This post will regroup all the info and the news on this release


Hello everyone !!

Starting today you can pre-order the Chapter Approved Tactical Deployment Mission Pack! The book aims at matched play gamers and introduces a new Building block for your army: Terrains! yes, this book is supposed to have the rules to build a terrain list and use them in a matched play game. Also included are missions for all 4 sizes of games and Basic rules from the core rule book.

The book itself is A5, 100 pages and wire-0 bound. The pages feel a lot sturdier than usual so it would be a good book for travelling to tournaments. Yes the container is top-notch, as usual, but what about the content?

6 questions about what's inside this Chapter Approved !

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1) What is this tactical thingy?

The goal of this Chapter Approved Mission pack is to integrate Terrains as a part of your army. It also provides Missions at all size to be used with the terrain. It makes sense if you remember the 9th presentation by Stu Black. The terrain is the third players in your games, and now literally, you have to build a terrains collection, make a list with them and bring them to the game ^^

2) How does it work?

Each player must gather a Tactical Terrains Collection. Only official terrains with Datasheets are accepted (for now). All the terrains from your list must come from the Same Battlefield. It's a Keyword, the boxset on pre-orders rights are from Manufactorum.
So all of your Tactical Terrains must be from Manufactorum, note that 2 players will be able to bring Terrains from different Battlefield (when we get more of them)

Each game size have 5 Tactical terrains requirement :

  • Minimum Number of Terrains Datasheet per player

  • Number of time each player can bring the same terrain

  • Number of time each player can bring the same Critical terrain

  • Minimum Terrain Points & Maximum Terrain points
  • Each player must build a terrain list between min & max.

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In a standard 2k game 150 to 200 points with minimum 4 terrains per players, no repeated critical and max spam 3 on non-critical.

Honestly, it's very interesting, a bit harsh to impose official kit on us but i'll wait to see what the TOs are going to do. Maybe players will be able to Make/print/convert terrains to meet the size and shape of officials terrains?

3) How are the terrains deployed :

There is a workflow and it's supposed to help you place the terrain in a fair way :
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It seems fine to me, you deploy terrain in your own territory and follow spacing rules. you start deploying biggest terrain piece first and on the terrains markers (see map)

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- terrain marker shows the spot where you must deploy terrain. But once all-terrains markers are occupied you are free to choose where to deploy terrains.
- Combined Terrains and Objectives markers mean you must deploy a terrain under an objective.
-All missions in this missions pack split the board in 2, one half for each player.

3) Where are the terrains Datasheet?

Not in the book! yes there is only one Tactical Terrain datasheet in the chapter approved book...wrong, isn't it? :(

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So stingy from gw!
There are 5 new pages of rules needed in the book. Why do you even need to buy this one already?
Yea the mission pack I get it... but damn it feel like a gimmick cash grab. The 9th edition is 3 months old, how the F.... the tactical terrains general rules were not included in the big rules book? ....

4) How are the missions?

Missions look very fine to me. It still takes and holds only but all the missions include the rules needed for Tactical Deployment. Secondary Objectives are added to fit the terrain theme.

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Numbers of missions are the usual 3 6 6 3. So 18 in totals.

5) What left in the book?

The rules. that's it...

6) Is it worth it?

Honestly at 25£ or 32.5 €, it's a big no from me. If you really need the rules or want a small booklet for travel and can order from Element Games it's not that bad. 32.5€ is very steep for the 5 pages that should have been in the core book and the 6 missions you need to play at 2k...Cards and terrains are fine to get and anyway if tournament start to use Tactical CA you are going to need the terrains!

In the end, it's a bittersweet review. I love the idea of including terrains in your list, it's going to ensure a "Fair" game every game. Over ! are the day of loosing just by seeing the table setup ...On the other hand, the rules should have been included in the Corebook and the Terrains datasheet should have been made available on the app or something.

App update: I didn't found a way to add the chapter approved to my app...

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