Aos 3.0 + dominion review new features and enhancement

Hello everyone, welcome to the Dominion AOS 3.0 Review new features and enhancement This post will regroup all the info and the news on this release


Hello everyone !!

Review and Cards for Dominion and AOS 3.0


warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

28pt each is steep but with 3+ sv, MW on 6+ and range 2" !
Also lovely model !

warhammer rumour

300pts ! with only 8 wounds but !

3+sv and 4+ fnp (now named ward save in aos 3.0.

Rez Stormcast wolly within 12" , Prevent Battle Shock for SCE and COS !

Huge damage as well !

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

That Bodyguard rule is kind of strong ! Hit point Pooling with YnD, will do math tomorrow get 8 wounds for her and 9 wounds from Praetors so 17 + 17*1/3 (for 5 & 6 result) so you need 22 wounds to kill them. But YnD ward on 4+ so you add 1/2 * 1/3 * 17 (2.8) so 25 wounds BUT Ynd Rez Preator each turn ! gaining 3 extra + 1/3 + (1/2 +1/3)



warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

18 pts per model ? Wow that is bad even with the -1 to hit taunt

warhammer rumour

Killa boss have an nice battleshock fixer.

warhammer rumour

200 pts is ok as you have 10 wound with a 3+, on charge with finest hour (heroic action) you can be 2+ 2+ and save 2+

warhammer rumour


warhammer rumour

Auto Include if you play Kruleboys

warhammer rumour

Run and shoot with a decent ranged weapon ? very neat !

warhammer rumour

Hasty shot with a +1 to hit from Command make them strong. Sad they don't have a champion so you need someone to babysit them !

Rules Change

-Unit Coherency changed to be like 40k (nor more conga)
-Endless spells : Only the cast can move them, no more than one per mage in the roster, if the caster die it goes back to old ES rules.
-Priest can dispel endless spells
-"Stack" rules (from MTG) added to the game to resolve trigger and simultaneous effects.
-Max +1 / +1 to hit and wounds
-Max +1 to save
-Ward save is "ignore wounds" new name
- No +1 to Bravery for every 10 models

Command points

-Each turn they are reset
-First player get 1 second get 2
-Unit Champions can commands but only their unit.
-Heroes can commands to units wholly within 12
-Generals can commands to units wholly within 18
-Totems can commands to units wholly within 18
-each model can only issue a single command per phase
-each unit can only receive a single command per phase
-cannot use the same command ability more than once per phase

Command abilities

Rally : return model on a 6
At the double : Run 6 but declare before rolling
Redeploy: 1d6" reaction move
-Forward to victory : Reroll Charge
-Overwatch (unleash hell) : shot someone that charge within 9"
-All out attack : +1 to hit
-All out Defense +1def
-Inspiring Presence : No Battleshock

Heroic action

warhammer rumour


No real change (boooo)

Monster Action

warhammer rumour

Arcane Bolt and Mystic Shield

-Shield back to +1 to armor ! (YAY)

warhammer rumour

basic magic is useful again (but there are more ! )


Have 2 base prayers :

-Bless : 6+ wards and 4+ to cast
-Smite : d3 MW on 2+ at 48" against PRIEST only !

Amry building

So now in matched play you can only use Basic Battalion.
All get you some abilities.

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

Renforced Unit

You have a limit (see table) on the number of time you can increase the base size of an unit :

warhammer rumour

Going to Change the whole game !

Grand Alliance are dead

warhammer rumour

One faction is contained in one table. So unless GHB has an order/Chaos/des... table grand alliance army are removed from the game.


Core term for traits Artefacts and Lores. So if you want to can pick these instead of the one in the Battletome !
Some Battalion grant you extra choice.

So i guess the forced Trait and relic from battletome are getting purged (yay)

When you create your army you gain one of each (trait, relics, spells, prayers, triumph)


Battle-lust: Re-roll run & change

Skilled Leader: extra command point in your hero phase on a 5+ (each turn)

High Priest: Re-roll prayers rolls

Heroic Stature: +1 Wound

Master of Magic: reroll 1 cast, dispel or unbind roll once per phase


Amulet of Destiny: 5+ Ward save on the bearer (AUTO PICK !)

Manticore Venom: +1 to wounds with one weapon

Arcane Tome: becomes a Wizard, if they are a wizard they can cast an extra spell

Seed of Rebirth: re-roll heroic recovery rolls

Spell Lores

pick an extra spell for each wizard in your army (instead of picking one from battletome, i guess vampire are happy)

Flaming Weapon: Casts on a 4+ and improves the damage of one of the casters weapons by 1 – really good on a combat character with magic!

Levitate: Casts on an 8+ gives a target unit within 18″ Fly

Ghost Mist: Casts on a 5+ and causes a terrain feature to block line of sight.

Ghost mist is AUTO INCLUDE if you want a way to protect heroes from ranged meta ^^. It's awesome to have these spells as an option for everyone !


Guidance: 5+ to gain a command point

Heal: within 12″ D3 wounds on a 3+

Curse: 4+ an enemy unit suffers a mortal wound in addition to any other damage for each hit of 6 against them. Curse is STRONK !

Matched Play

-Use Battlepack now like 40k
-If you finish deploying first you MUST start now.

Grand Strategy

Pick one out of 3 before the battle for extra VP(3)

Sever the Head : complete this if you kill all enemy heroes

Vendetta : complete this if you slay the opposing general but yours stay alive.

Hold the Line :complete this if you have any battleline units on the battlefield at the end of the game

Combat Objectives

Pick one each turn, if you complete it you gain 2 vp. Only one of each per battle.
Should force better rounded army !

reak their Spirit – Destroy a unit in enemy territory

Broken Ranks – Destroy one unit from the enemy’s starting army

Conquer – Control a specific Objective Marker that your opponent controlled at the start of the turn

Repel – Destroy one unit in your territory

Seize the Centre – Have more models than opponent within 6″ of the centre of the table

Slay the Warlord – Slay the opponent general


Pick one at army creation, you can use it if you are lower in points.

Bloodthirsty: Once per battle reroll charges on a friendly unit

Inspired: Once per battle +1 to wound on a friendly unit

Indomitable: Once per battle do not take battleshock on a friendly unit

I Will update with GHB 2021 when it arrive!