Mega gargant sons of behemat review

Hello everyone, welcome to the Mega Gargant sons of behemat review This post will regroup all the info and the news on this release

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Hello everyone !!

This weekend sees the sons of Behemat going on Pre-order. You can from now get The Mega Gargant, the MaCrusher Gargant box (with 2 inside) and the Battletome. Here comes a quick review on the Mega Gargat and his Battletome!

the review

Mega Gargat discount

The Mega Gargant Kit

Off course it's the main attraction of this week. A huge Giant! sold at a very high price (120€/150€) of course at this price you better get something nice.

Mega Gargant rules

Yes!! I built and (speed)painted a Warstomper this week. He's named Harry Grobber ! He have a weird Z scar on the forehead and a big magic wand !!
The building experience was very fun! The model is nice and big, but also very well-conceived. It's super easy to build him. Still, if you want a perfect result, (that I did not achieve at all) ^^ you have to use plastic cement, green and strategical placement of decoration bitz.

There are 3 ways to build the kit and each version uses a common body but has different heads, arms, weapons, decorations.

Once finished there still half of the box left in bitz. It's good if you want more bitz (who doesn't) but honestly, I would have prefered a cheaper price and 3 different boxes.

What about Magnet? yes, it's definitively doable, not particularly easy but I think that if you just magnetize the weapons and a few "themed bitz" it should be fine. My strat would be to magnetize from the inside as the model is hollow.

Hollow ? of course the model is hollow, very light and very stable. I don't know maybe it's stupid but for the price, I would have liked something Heavier.

So is it worth it? Is it money well spent? I don't know, but I am sure I would not buy it at the full price in a GW store. From Element Games and paying in pounds using Revolut to pay (around 105 €) I guess I would get one.
It's a big boi? yes kinda but kind of thin...Comparison size shot with my Imperial Knight.

Mega Gargant rules

Giant Mercenary

The sons of Behemat Battletome include rules to add a Named Mercenary to your army.
Rules: Only one, you can go over Mercs points, take one behemoth & leader slot and lost the first Command Point you gain turn1.

GW also decided to limit which Mega Gargant you can take based on Alliance :
Kracken is for Order (WHY ? this is kind of dumb choice)
Warstomper is for Chaos
Gatecrusher is for Death
Destruction can take anyone of them as a merc.

If you only want to use One Megagargant in your army, you don't need the Battletome. The warscrolls are free, Gargants cost 480 or 490 and there is only one extra rule for each...

But if you are in for more than rules the battletome is a very fine book.
Favourite Art in a battletome. I need to look into the artists because it's the best part of the book. I loved skimming through the book to look at all of them. Fluff is very mythical a mix of fantasy and Greeks legends.

Mega Gargant rules

Mega Gargant rules

Mega Gargant rules

Honestly, these are very neat! Warstomper mercenary ability is actually super good! Would be perfect in my Beastmen herd!

An army of Giant ?

Yes it's possible !! If you choose the sons of Behemat keyword you get this package of abilities :

Mega Gargant rules

The army building is very straightforward as you build a list like normal but with the notable exception of the ManCrusher Gargant being Battleline. Also, you can take them in a unit of 3 and then they count as 3 Battleline!

Mega Gargant rules

Not a big fan of being forced to play Small Gargant but if you combine this with the 3 Sub Factions you get some variation in your list.

Sub factions

3 Sub faction based on Mega Gargant Type of your General.
They all are very different but in the gameplay but the outcome is quite similar...

Taker-tribe: they get a free triumph each time they take out a Relic Holder and the count as 15 or 30 on objectives ^^

Stomper-tribe: +1 to dmg for small giant if targeting +10 units or +2 if +20 models units. Also they get 6 Commands abilities that only affect Mancrusher. It could be viable there are some neat command like this one :
Mega Gargant rules

a +1 to hit for the whole army against specific models (you choose or roll at the start)


The Mega Gargants are a very nice addition to the AOS verse..but the price and the low numbers of rules options is a bit unfortunate
Still it's a big landmark to have such a huge kit in AOS !

Mega Gargat discount