Warhammer 40000 9th points change

Hello everyone, welcome to the warhammer 40000 9th points change space marines This post will regroup all the info and the news on this release


Hello everyone !!!

I hope you had some luck getting the Indomitus box. This honestly was a mess :(
Anyway to cheers you up i started calculating points changes. It's an ongoing post as it's a bit soul crushing ^^


Space Marines
Other Codex Chapters
Blood Angels
Dark Angels
Space Wolves
Imperial Knights
Death Guard
Thousans sons
Craftworld Eldar
Chaos Marines
Genestealer Cult
Tau Empire
Grey Knights
Sisters of Battle !

warhammer rumour

Space Marines


Excluding Wargear !!!
Captain: +6pts
Captain with Jump Pack: +12ps
Captain in Cataphractii Armour: +0
Captain in Gravis Armour +15
Captain in Phobos Armour: +3
Captain in Terminator Armour: +0
Captain on Bike: +12
Chaplain: +8
Chaplain with Jump Pack: +15
Chaplain in Terminator Armour: +0
Land Raider Excelsior: removed from HQ list (maybe later in the list)
Librarian: +10
Librarian with Jump Pack: +7
Librarian in Phobos Armour: +8
Lieutenants: +5
- with Jump Packs: +12
Lieutenants in Phobos Armour: +3
Primaris Captain: +7
Primaris Chaplain: +8
Primaris Librarian: +5
Primaris Lieutenants:+5
Techmarine: -5

LR excelsior removed, Terminator no points nerf, techmarines points buff.
Huge point increase for threat range extender (Jump Pack and Bike)
Points increase on everything else (but it's the same for every army)


Excluding Wargear (but cost 0 often)

Incursor Squad: +2pts per model
Infiltrator Squad: +2pts per model(even helix)
Intercessor Squad: +3pts per model
Scout Squad: +3pts per model (ouch)
Tactical Squad: +3pts per model

I am not sure Scout deserved a +3 points upgrade but heh...

Dedicated Transport

Excluding Wargear

Drop Pod: +2pts
Impulsor: +25pts (this one is a real nerf ! and all his equipment got an increase as well ~+5pts)
Land Speeder Storm: -15pts
Razorback: +10pts
Repulsor: +15pts
Rhino: +10pts


Excluding Wargear !!

Aggressor Squad: +19pts per model(i guess weapons are included ?)
Ancient in Terminator Armour: +3pts
Apothecary: +5pts
Cataphractii Terminator Squad: +0
Centurion Assault Squad: +15pts per model (weapons cost 0 now)
Company Ancient: +12pts
Company Champion: +0
Company Veterans: +3pts per model
Contemptor Dreadnought: +17pts
Dreadnought: +10pts
Invictor Tactical Warsuit: +45pts (incendium canon lost 15pts but it still a big points increase)
Ironclad Dreadnought: +0
Primaris AncientPrimaris Apothecary: +0
Redemptor Dreadnought: +20pts
Reiver Squad: +2pts per model
Servitors: +2pts per model
Sternguard Veteran Squad: +3pts per model
Tartaros Terminator Squad: +0
Terminator Assault Squad: +0
Terminator Squad: +0
Vanguard Veteran Squad: +3pts per model
with Jump Packs: +2pts per model
Venerable Dreadnought: +5pts

Fast Attack

Assault Squad: +3pts per model
Assault Squad with Jump Packs: +2pts per model
Attack Bike Squad: +5pts per model
Bike Squad: +4pts per model
Inceptor Squad: +15pts per model (free weapons)
Land Speeders: +0
Scout Bike Squad: +4pts per model
Suppressor Squad: +15pts per model (free weapons)


Stormhawk Interceptor: +30pts
Stormraven Gunship: +48pts (both storm strike launcher are free now so -42pts)
Stormtalon Gunship: +5pts

Heavy Support

Centurion Devastator Squad: +20pts per model
Devastator Squad: +2pts per model
Eliminator Squad: +10pts per model
Hellblaster Squad: +15pts per model
Hunter: +20pts per model
Land Raider: -5pts
Land Raider Crusader: +15pts
Land Raider Redeemer: +60pts
Predator: +5pts
Repulsor Executioner: +35pts
Stalker: +20pts
Thunderfire Cannon: +30pts (nerf as the gun was free before, i guess blast is very good on a 4d3 weapons)
- Techmarine Gunner: +19pts
Vindicator: +5pts
Whirlwind: +60pts

Most the big points increase are due to weapons costing 0, and the small cost increase is for every faction.

Ranged Weapons

Some weapons points change :

Accelerator autocannon -10 pts
Assault plasma incinerator -15 pts
Auto boltstorm gauntlets: -12pts
Bellicatus missile array : +3pts
Bolt Snipe Rifle : -3pts
Boltstorm Gauntler: -12pts
Centurion Missile Launcher : -5pts
Combi: 10 pts (All)
Cyclone : -7pts
Flamestorm Canon: -25ts
Flamestorm Gauntlets: -14pts

Ok, you get the gits of it, if it's a named weapon used only by one model the cost is 0 now.


include Wargear :

Captain Sicarius: +5
Chaplain Cassius: +10
Chief Librarian Tigurius:+5
Marneus Calgar: +10
Roboute Guilliman:+30
Sergeant Chronus: +5
Sergeant Telion: +5

Chapter Ancient +5pts
Chapter Champion +15pts
Honour Guard +4pts
Tyrannic War Veterans +2pts
Victrix Honour Guard +0

warhammer rumour

White Scars

Khan on bike +10pts
Kor'Sarro Khan +5pts

Iron Hands

Iron Father Feirros: +30pts (wow this one is real !)

Imperial Fist

Captain Lysander +10pts
Pedro Kantor +5pts
Tor Garadon +5pts


Adrax: +5pts
Vulkan: +5pts

Raven Guards

Shrike: +5pts


Helbrecht: +5pts
Emperor's Champion: +5pts
Grimaldus: +5pts

warhammer rumour

Blood Angels

Ha, the blessed sons!

Sanguinary Priest:+5pts
Sanguinary Priest with JP : +20pts (whattttt !)

Astorath +5
Brother Corbulo +7
Captain Tycho +15
Chief Librarian Mephiston +25
Commander Dante +20
Gabriel Seth +30
Lemartes +30
Sanguinor +10
Tycho the lost +15


Death Company +4pts
Death Company with Jump Packs +3pts
Death Company Dreadnought +15pts
Death Company Intercessors +5pts
Furioso Dreadnought +15pts
Sanguinary Ancient +20pts
Sanguinary Guard +4pts
Sanguinary Novitiate +10pts

Heavy Support

Baal Predator +10pts

warhammer rumour

Dark Angels

Interrogator-Chaplain +5pts
Interrogator-Chaplain in Terminator Armour +5pts
Interrogator-Chaplain with Jump Pack +15pts
Ravenwing Talonmaster -18pts (cool)

Ravenwing Black Knights +6pts
Ravenwing Darkshroud -8pts
Ravenwing Land Speeder Vengeance +15pts

Deathwing Ancient +6pts
Deathwing Apothecary +15pts
Deathwing Champion +5pts
Deathwing Knights +8 pts (maybe weapons are free now)

Asmodai +5pts
Azrael +10pts
Belial +0pts
Ezekiel +5pts
Lazarus +5pts
Sammael in Sableclaw +10pts
Sammael on Corvex +0

Nephilim Jetfighter +15pts
Ravenwing Dark Talon +20pts

warhammer rumour

Space Wolves

Bjorn the Fell-Handed +5
Iron Priest +0
Primaris Battle Leader +12pts
Primaris Battle Leaders in Phobos Armour +3pts
Primaris Rune Priest +5pts
Primaris Wolf Lord +12pts
Primaris Wolf Priest +8pts
Rune Priest +10pts
Rune Priest in Phobos Armour +8pts
Rune Priest in Terminator Armour +5pts
Rune Priest with Jump Pack +7pts
Wolf Guard Battle Leader +5pts
Wolf Guard Battle Leader in Terminator Armour +10pts
Wolf Guard Battle Leader on Thunderwolf +4pts
Wolf Guard Battle Leader with Jump Pack 12pts
Wolf Lord 9pts
Wolf Lord in Cataphractii Armour +0
Wolf Lord in Gravis Armour +15pts
Wolf Lord in Phobos Armour +3pts
Wolf Lord in Terminator Armour +0
Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf +5pts
Wolf Lord with Jump Pack +12pts
Wolf Priest +8pts
Wolf Priest in Terminator Armour +5pts
Wolf Priest with Jump Pack +15pts

Blood Claws +3pts per model
Grey Hunters +3 pts per model
Wolf Guard Pack Leader +3pts
Wolf Guard Terminator Pack Leader +0

Stormfang Gunship +5
Stormhawk Interceptor +30pts
Stormwolf +5pts

Arjac Rockfist +5
Canis Wolfborn +10
Harald Deathwolf +10
Krom Dragongaze +15
Logan Grimnar +10
Logan Grimnar on Stormrider +10
Lukas, the Trickster +5
Murderfang +10
Njal Stormcaller +10
Njal Stormcaller in Runic Terminator Armour +15
Ragnar Blackmane +25
- Svangir and Ulfgir : Removed
Ulrik the Slayer +15

Cyberwolves +0
Fenrisian Wolves +1
Thunderwolf Cavalry +5

warhammer rumour


Allarus Custodians +0
Custodian Guard +4pts per model
Custodian Wardens +4pts per model
Shield-Captain +5tps
Shield-Captain in Allarus Terminator Armour +5pts
Shield-Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike +25pts
Venerable Contemptor Dreadnought +40pts (free weapons)
Venerable Land Raider +95pts (i guess his weapons are free now)
Vertus Praetors +15pts
Vexilus Praetor +5pts
Vexilus Praetor in Allarus Terminator Armour +5pts

Captain-General Trajann Valoris +10pts

Custodes weapons

Balistus grenade launcher +0pts
Castellan axe -1pts
Combi-bolter -2pts
Guardian spear -4pts
Hunter-killer missile +1pts
Hurricane bolter -10pts
Kheres-pattern assault cannon +2pts
Multi-melta +3pts
Salvo launcher -15pts
Sentinel blade +0pts
Storm bolter +1pts
Twin heavy bolter -17pts
Twin lascannon -50pts (make up for the LR increase)

Dreadnought combat weapon -20pts
Interceptor lance +0pts
Misericordia +0pts

Storm shield (Character/other model) +0pts
Vexilla Defensor +0pts
Vexilla Imperius +0pts
Vexilla Magnifica +0pts

Very little increase in points and 12 cp min to spend on the best Stratagem in the game ! Nice

warhammer rumour

Imperial Knights

Armiger Helverin +25pts
Armiger Warglaive +5pts
Knight Castellan +35pts
Knight Crusader +110pts
Knight Errant +25pts
Knight Gallant +25pts
Knight Paladin +25pts
Knight Preceptor +30pts
Knight Valiant +35pts
Knight Warden +110pts
Sacristan Forgeshrine +5pts
Canix Rex: +30pts

Armiger autocannon
Avenger gatling cannon -75pts
Conflagration cannon
Heavy flamer -14pts
Heavy stubber +3pts
Ironstorm missile pod -1pts
Las-impulsor +0
Meltagun -4pts
Multi-laser +0pts
Plasma decimator -40pts
Rapid-fire battle cannon +0pts
Shieldbreaker missile -2pts
Stormspear rocket pod +0pts
Thermal cannon -1pts
Thermal spear +0pts
Thundercoil harpoon +0pts
Twin Icarus autocannon +10pts
Twin meltagun +0pts
Twin siegebreaker cannon +0pts
Volcano lance -60pts

No change on melee weapons points

warhammer rumour

Death Guards

Biologus Putrifier +5pts
Blightlord Terminators +1pts
Chaos Cultists +2pts (wow)
Chaos Land Raider -5pts
Chaos Lord +6pts
Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour +0pts
Chaos Predator +5pts
Chaos Rhino +10pts
Chaos Spawn +3pts
Daemon Prince of Nurgle +4pts
Daemon Prince of Nurgle with Wings +15pts
Deathshroud Terminators +7pts
Defiler +0pts
Foetid Bloat-drone +16pts
Foul Blightspawn +8pts
Helbrute +10pts
Lord of Contagion +5pts
Malignant Plaguecaster +5pts
Myphitic Blight-haulers -5pts
Noxious Blightbringer +5pts
Plague Marines +2pts
Plague Surgeon +6pts
Plagueburst Crawler +30pts
Possessed +3pts
Poxwalkers +2pts
Sorcerer +10pts
Sorcerer in Terminator Armour +5pts
Tallyman +5pts

Mortarion 20pts
Typhus +10pts
Beasts of Nurgle +4pts
Nurglings +2pts
Plaguebearers +1pts
Plague Drone +4pts

Heavy blight launcher -10pts

warhammer rumour

Thousand Sons

Ahriman +19pts
Ahriman on Disc of Tzeentch +19pts
Magnus the Red +20pts

Daemon Prince of Tzeentch +4pts
Daemon Prince of Tzeentch with Wings +0pts (nice)
Exalted Sorcerer -12pts
Exalted Sorcerer on Disc of Tzeentch -12pts
Sorcerer +10pts
Sorcerer in Terminator Armour +5pts

Rubric Marines +2pts
Tzaangors +1pts

Helbrute +10pts
Scarab Occult Terminators +4pts
Tzaangor Shaman +3pts

Tzaangor Enlightened +5pts

Chaos Vindicator +5pts
Forgefiend +5pts
Maulerfiend +20pts
Mutalith Vortex Beast +10pts
Heldrake +10pts

- Blue Horrors +2pts
- Pairs of Brimstone Horrors +2pts
- Pink Horrors +1pts
- Iridescent Horror +1pts
Screamers +3pts

Hades autocannon +5pts
Heavy warpflamer -2pts
Helbrute plasma cannon +4pts
lascanon -5pts
power sword +1

warhammer rumour
Autarch +15pts
Autarch Skyrunner +10pts
Autarch with Swooping Hawk Wings +10pts
Crimson Hunter +12pts
Crimson Hunter Exarch +20pts
Dark Reapers +26pts
Dire Avengers +5pts
Falcon +15pts
Farseer +5pts
Farseer Skyrunner +5pts
Fire Dragons +15pts
Fire Prism +30pts
Guardian Defenders +2 pts
- Heavy Weapon Platform +7pts
Hemlock Wraithfighter +30pts
Howling Banshees +8pts
Night Spinner +10pts
Rangers +3pts
Shining Spears +15pts
Spiritseer +5pts
Storm Guardians +3pts
Striking Scorpions +5pts
Support Weapons (including crew) +5pts
Swooping Hawks +10pts
Vypers +5pts
War Walkers +5pts
Warlock +5pts
Warlock Conclave +5pts
Warlock Skyrunner +5pts
Warlock Skyrunner Conclave +7pts
Warp Spiders +9pts
Wave Serpent +10pts
Windriders +4pts
Wraithblades +11pts
Wraithguard +15pts
Wraithknigh +30pts
Wraithlord +20pts

Asurmen +10pts
Avatar of Khaine +15pts
Baharroth +10pts
Eldrad Ulthran +10pts
Fuegan +10pts
Illic Nightspear +5pts
Jain Zar +10pts
Karandras +10pts
Maugan Ra +10pts
Prince Yriel +15pts

Aspect weapons like reapers launcher cost 0 now (was 22 before for exemple)

warhammer rumour

Chaos Lord +6pts
Chaos Lord in TerminatorArmour +0pts
Chaos Lord with Jump Pack +12pts
Daemon Prince +4pts
Daemon Prince with Wings +30pts
Dark Apostle +8pts
Exalted Champion +5pts
Lord Discordant on Helstalker +30pts
Master of Executions +5pts
Master of Possession +15pts
Sorcerer +10pts
Sorcerer in Terminator Armour +5pts
Sorcerer with Jump Pack +7pts
Warpsmith +15pts

Chaos Cultists +2pts
Chaos Space Marines +3pts

Chosen +3pts
Dark Disciples +0
Fallen +3pts
Greater Possessed +5pts
Helbrute +10pts
Khorne Berzerkers +2pts
Mutilators +0pts
Noise Marines +3pts
Plague Marines +2pts
Possessed +3pts
Rubric Marines +2pts
Terminators +0pts

Bikers +4pts
Chaos Spawn +3pts
Raptors +3pts
Warp Talons +8pts

Noctilith Crown +5pts

Chaos Land Raider -5pts
Chaos Predator +5pts
Chaos Vindicator +5pts
Defiler +0pts
Forgefiend +5pts
Havocs +2pts
Maulerfiend +20pts
Obliterators +10pts
Venomcrawler +15pts

Chaos Rhino +10pts

Khorne Lord of Skulls +35pts

Helldrake +10pts

Bloodletters +1pts
Daemonettes +1pts

Abaddon the Despoiler +10pts
Cypher +5pts
Fabius Bile +10pts & 5pts for acolyte
Haarken Worldclaimer +3pts
Huron Blackheart +5pts
Khârn the Betrayer -5pts
Lucius the Eternal +5pts

Autocannon +5pts on non inf
Autogun /
Baleflamer +0
Battle cannon +0
Blastmaster -2pts
Blight launcher +0pts
Bolt pistol +0
Boltgun +0
Combi-bolter +1
Combi-flamer +2
Combi-melta -5
Combi-plasma -1
Daemongore cannon -10pts
Demolisher cannon +0pts
Doom siren +2pts
Ectoplasma cannon +0pts
Excruciator cannon +0pts
Flamer -1pts
Fleshmetal guns +0pts
Gorestorm cannon -44pts
Hades autocannon +5pts
Hades gatling cannon +0pts
Havoc launcher -1pts
Heavy bolter +5pts on non inf
Heavy flamer -4/+1pts
Heavy stubber +3pts
Helbrute plasma cannon +4pts
Icarus lascannon Removed ?
Ichor cannon +0pts
Inferno bolt pistol +0
Inferno boltgun +0
Lascannon -10/-5pts
Lashing warp energies +0
Magma cutter -1pts
Meltagun -4pts
Missile launcher -5/+0pts
Multi-melta -2/+3pts
Plague belcher -2pts
Plague spewer -5pts
Plasma gun -1pts
Plasma pistol +0pts
Predator autocannon +0pts
Quad-gun Removed ?
Reaper autocannon +0pts
Reaper chaincannon +0
Shotgun +0pts
Skullhurler +0pts
Sonic blaster +1pts
Soulreaper cannon +0pts
Twin heavy bolter +13pts
Twin heavy flamer +2pts
Twin lascannon +0pts
Warp bolter +2pts
Warpflame pistol +2pts
Chainaxe +0pts
Chainfist -1pts
Chainsword +0pts
Crushing fists 0
Daemon jaws -8pts

Daemonic axe +0pts
Daemonic mutations +0pts
Defiler claws +0pts
Defiler scourge -2pts
Eviscerating claws +0pts
Flail of corruption +5pts
Fleshmetal weapons +0
Force axe +0
Force stave +0
Force sword +0
Great cleaver of Khorne+0
Great plague cleaver +0
Helbrute fist (single/pair) +0+0
Helbrute hammer +0
Heldrake claws +0
Hellforged sword +0
Hideous mutations +0
Horrifying mutations +0
Impaler chainglaive +0
Lasher tendrils -2pts

Lightning claws (single/pair) -1/0
Mace of contagion -2
Malefic talons (one set/two sets) 0/+5
Maulerfiend fists +0
Mechatendrils +0
Plague knife +0
Plaguesword -1
Power axe +0
Power fist +1
Power maul +1
Power scourge +0
Power sword +1
Soulflayer tendrils +0
Techno-virus injector +0
Thunder hammer (Characters) +0
Thunder hammer (other models) -1pts

warhammer rumour

Genestealer Cult

Abominant +5
Acolyte Iconward +7
Jackal Alphus +5
Magus +5
- Familiars +3
Patriarch +10
- Familiars +3
Primus +8

Acolyte Hybrids +1
Brood Brothers Infantry Squad* +1
Neophyte Hybrids +0.5

Cult Chimera +5
Goliath Truck +0

Aberrants +3
Biophagus +5
- Alchemicus Familiar +3
Clamavus +5
Hybrid Metamorphs +4
Kelermorph +5
Locus +5
Nexos +5
Purestrain Genestealers +2
Sanctus +5

Achilles Ridgerunner +5
Atalan Jackals +4/+5

Cult Armoured Sentinels +0
Cult Scout Sentinels +0

Tectonic Fragdrill +5

Brood Brothers +0
Heavy Weapons Squad
Cult Leman Russ +23
Goliath Rockgrinder +12

Bonesword +2
Chainsword 0
Cultist knife 0
Drilldozer blade 0
Familiar claws 0
Force stave 0
Heavy improvised weapon +5
Heavy power hammer -1
Heavy rock cutter +2
Heavy rock drill +0
Heavy rock saw +0
Hypermorph tail +0
Improvised weapon +0
Injector goad
Lash whip and bonesword +0
Locus blades +0
Metamorph claw +1
Metamorph talon +1
Metamorph whip +0
Monstrous rending claws +0
Power axe +0
Power hammer +1
Power maul +1
Power pick +1
Power sledgehammer +0
Purestrain talons +0
Rending claw(s) +0
Sanctus bio-dagger +0
Sentinel chainsaw +0
Toxin injector claw +0

Atalan incinerator +1
Autocannon +0/+5
Autogun +0
Autopistol +0
Battle cannon -2
Blasting charge +0
Bolt pistol +1
Cache of demolition charges +0
Clearance incinerator +10
Demolition charge +0
Eradicator nova cannon +0
Exterminator autocannon +13
Flamer -1
Frag grenades +0
Grenade launcher +2
Hand flamer +1
Heavy bolter +2/+7
Heavy flamer +1
Heavy mining laser +0
Heavy mortar +7
Heavy seismic cannon
Heavy stubber +3
Hunter-killer missile -1
Jackal sniper rifle +0
Lascannon -5/-0
Lasgun +0
Lasgun array +0
Laspistol +0
Liberator autostub +0
Mining laser -2
Missile launcher -+5/+10 (ouch)
Mortar +1
Multi-laser +0
Multi-melta +10
Needle pistol +0
Plasma cannon +10
Seismic cannon -2
Shotgun +0
Silencer sniper rifle +0
Storm bolter +1
Twin autocannon +10
Vanquisher battle cannon +0
Web pistol +1
Webber +4

warhammer rumour


Cadre Fireblade +6
Commander in XV8 Crisis Battlesuit +13
Commander inXV85 Enforcer Battlesuit +14
Commander inXV86 Coldstar Battlesuit +20
Ethereal +10
Ethereal with Hover Drone +10
Longstrike +48

Breacher Team +2
- DS8 Tactical Support Turret +0
Kroot Carnivores +2
Strike Team +2
- DS8 Tactical Support Turret+0

TY7 Devilfish +5

XV8 Crisis Battlesuits +6
XV8 Crisis Bodyguards +6
Firesight Marksman +9
XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit +40
Krootox Riders +3
Kroot Shaper +5
XV104 Riptide Battlesuit +65
XV25 Stealth Battlesuit +4

Kroot Hounds +2
Pathfinder Team +6
TX4 Piranhas +11
Tactical Drones /
Vespid Stingwings +3

MV62 Command-link Drone +4
MV33 Grav-inhibitor Drone +2
MV36 Guardian Drone +2
MV1 Gun Drone +0
MV17 Interceptor Drone +0
MV7 Marker Drone +0
MV8 Missile Drone +0
MV31 Pulse Accelerator Drone +2
MB3 Recon Drone +3
MV4 Shield Drone +3
MV52 Shield Drone +4
MV84 Shielded Missile Drone +5
MV71 Sniper Drone +4
MV5 Stealth Drone+4

XV88 Broadside Battlesuit +10
TX7 Hammerhead Gunship +55
TX78 Sky Ray Gunship +20

AX3 Razorshark Strike Fighter +40
AX39 Sun Shark Bomber +30

Tidewall Droneport +5
Tidewall Gunrig +55
Tidewall Shieldline +5
-Tidewall Defence Platform +5

The Eight +130

KV128 Stormsurge +120

Aun’Shi +5
Aun’Va +5
- Ethereal Guard +0
Commander Farsight +20
Commander Shadowsun+25
Darkstrider +15

Airbursting fragmentation projector +0
Burst cannon +0
Cluster rocket system +0
Cyclic ion blaster +0
Cyclic ion raker -20
Destroyer missile -10
Flamer -1
Fusion blaster +1
Fusion collider -20
Heavy burst cannon -35
Heavy rail rifle +0
High-output burst cannon -1
High-yield missile pod +0
Ion accelerator -35
Ion cannon -30
Ion rifle -2
Kroot gun+0
Kroot rifle +0
Longshot pulse rifle +0
Markerlight +2/ or free
Missile pod +0
Neutron blaster +0
Photon grenades +0
Plasma rifle +0
Pulse blastcannon -20
Pulse blaster +0
Pulse bomb +0
Pulse carbine +0
Pulse driver cannon -20
Pulse pistol -1
Pulse rifle +0
Quad ion turret -30
Rail rifle -2
Railgun -30
Seeker missile +0
Smart missile system +0
Supremacy railgun -50

warhammer rumour


Biovores +10
Broodlord +10
Carnifexes +13
Exocrine +15
Gargoyles +2
Genestealers +5
Harpy +25
Haruspex +20
Hive Crone +20
Hive Guard +22
Hive Tyrant +12
Hive Tyrant with Wings +10
Hormagaunts +1
Lictor +2
Maleceptor +10
Mawloc +21
Mucolid Spores +2
Neurothrope +5
Pyrovores +3
Raveners +3
Ripper Swarms +1
Screamer-Killers +15
Spore Mines +0

Sporocyst +6
Termagants +1
Tervigon +38
Thornbacks +10
Toxicrene +25
Trygon +12
Trygon Prime +22
Tyranid Prime +5
Tyranid Warriors +3
Tyrannocyte +15
Tyrannofex +39
Tyrant Guard +3
Venomthropes +3
Zoanthropes +5

Deathleaper +5
Old One Eye +20
The Red Terror +5
The Swarmlord +20

Acid spray -15
Barbed strangler +0
Bio-electric pulse +0
Bio-electric pulse with containment spines +0
Bio-plasma +10
Bio-plasmic cannon +0
Bio-plasmic scream +0
Choking spores +0
Deathspitter with slimer maggots +3
Devourer +0
Devourer with brainleech worms +3
Drool cannon +0
Flesh hooks +1
Fleshborer +0
Fleshborer hive +0
Grasping tongue +0
Heavy venom cannon +2
Impaler cannon -15
Massive toxic lashes +0
Rupture cannon -15
Shockcannon -21
Spine banks +3
Spinefists (Ravener and Tyranid Warrior) +1
Spinefists (Termagant) 0
Spinemaws +1
Spore mine launcher +0
Spore node +0
Stinger salvo +7
Stranglethorn cannon +0
Tentaclids +0
Toxic lashes +0
Venom cannon +3

Adrenal glands ( Monsters ) +0
Adrenal glands (other units) +0
Chitin thorns +0
Enhanced senses +0
Extended carapace +0
Spore cysts +0
Toxin sacs (Hormagaunt) +0
Toxin sacs (Hive Guard, Mawloc,
Termagant, Tervigon, Tyrant Guard
and Tyrannofex) +5
Toxin sacs (Trygon and Trygon Prime) +2
Toxin sacs 5

Acid maw +0
Biostatic rattle +0
Blinding venom +0
Bone mace +3
Boneswords +1
Claws and teeth +0
Crushing claws -2
Distensible jaws +0
Grasping talons +0
Lash whip and bonesword +1
Lash whip and monstrous bonesword +0
Massive crushing claws +0
Massive scything talons +0
(Tervigon and Maleceptor) +0
Massive scything talons +0
(two or more pairs) (Trygon and Trygon Prime)
Massive toxic lashes +0
Monstrous acid maw +0
Monstrous boneswords +0
Monstrous crushing claws 15
Monstrous rending claws +0
Monstrous scything talons (Carnifex) +1
Monstrous scything talons (Hive Tyrant) +5
Monstrous scything talons (two pairs) +0
Monstrous scything talons (two pairs) (Hive Tyrant) +0
Powerful limbs
Prehensile pincer tail
Ravenous maw
Rending claws 0(genestealer)/2 others
Thresher scythe -2

Nom Nom Nom

warhammer rumour

Grey Knight

Apothecary +5
Brother-Captain +5
Brotherhood Ancient +10
Brotherhood Champion +0
Chaplain +5
Dreadnought +15
Grand Master +5
Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight +30
Interceptor Squad +3

Librarian +5
Nemesis Dreadknight +30
Paladin Ancient +0
Paladin Squad +6
Purgation Squad +3
Purifier Squad +3
Razorback +10
Rhino +10
Servitors +2
Strike Squad +3
Terminator Squad +3
Venerable Dreadnought +10

heavy incinerator +1
Heavy psycannon +1
Psycanon +3
Psilencer +1
incinerator +6

Crozius arcanum +0
Dreadfist/two Dreadfists 0/5
Dreadnought combat weapon +0
Nemesis Daemon greathammer +0
Nemesis Daemon hammer +2
Nemesis falchion +1
Nemesis force halberd -1
Nemesis force sword -1
Nemesis greatsword +0
Nemesis warding stave -1
Power axe +0
Servo-arm +0

warhammer rumour

Sisters Of Battle

Junith Eruita +5
Celestine +10
Geminae Superia +2
Triumph of Saint Katherine +10

Canoness +5
Missionary +7

Battle Sisters Squad +2

Dominion Squad +2
Seraphim Squad +4

Arco-flagellants +2
Celestian Squad +2
Crusaders +2
Death Cult Assassins +0
Dialogus +5
Hospitaller +5
Imagifier +0
Preacher +5
Repentia Superior +5
Sisters Repentia +2
Zephyrim Squad +2

Exorcist +60 (but weapon cost included)

Mortifiers -6
- Anchorite -7
Penitent Engines -8
Retributor Squad +2

Blessed Blade +1
Power Maul +1
Power Sword +1

Condemnor boltgun +4
Exorcist conflagration rockets -40
Exorcist missile launcher -40

warhammer rumour


Anrakyr the Traveller -10
C’tan Shard of the Deceiver +10
C’tan Shard of the Nightbringer +10
Illuminor Szeras +35
Imotekh the Stormlord +10
Nemesor Zahndrekh +10
Orikan the Diviner +10
Trazyn the Infinite +10
Vargard Obyron +5

Catacomb Command Barge +40
Cryptek +15
Destroyer Lord +15
Lord +15
Overlord +15

Immortals +10
Necron Warriors +1

DeathMarks +2
Flayed Ones +1
Lychguard +13
Triarch Praetorians +7
Triarch Stalker +10

Canoptek Scarabs +2
Canoptek Wraiths +3
Destroyers +25/+23
Tomb Blades +3

Ghost Ark 20

Annihilation Barge +25
Canoptek Spyders Removed ?
Doomsday Ark +20
Heavy Destroyers +23
Monolith -30
Transcendent C’tan+15

Doom Scythe +20
Night Scythe +20

Obelisk +40
Tesseract Vault -16

Death ray +0
Doomsday cannon +0
Gauss blaster -7/+8
Gauss cannon -15/-20
Gauss flayer +0
Gauss flayer array +0
Gauss flux arc +0
Heat ray +0
Heavy gauss cannon -20
Particle beamer +0
Particle caster -2
Particle shredder +0
Particle whip +0
Rod of covenant -4
Staff of light -10
Synaptic disintegrator +0
Tesla cannon -13
Tesla carbine -7/+8
Tesla sphere +0
Transdimensional beamer +0
Twin heavy gauss cannon +10
Twin tesla destructor +0