Warhammer 40000 9th : indomitus box review

Hello everyone, welcome to the Warhammer 40000 indomitus box review This post will regroup all the info and the news on this release


Idomitus review summary

The Rules Book review
The Terrains Review
The Missions & Objectives Review
Lists of Changes from 8th to 9th

Hello everyone !!

NDA was lifted 3 days earlier because of leaks reaching the internet ^^
consequently, I can start reviewing the box/9th right away

I plan to update this post with more and more content until the release date (and maybe after). Expect rules, fluff and models being reviewed here.
Each update to this thread will be signalled by a new post.

The first thing that impressed me was the quality of the Rulebook included in the Indomitus Boxset. It's easily the most remarkable book ever made by GW! No contest.

Like, everyone, I wasn't particularly inspired by the cover with Abbadon and Gulliman. But I revised my judgment as it looks fantastic on the book in real life.
Also, artists drew plenty of new & excellent arts inside the Rulebook, providing a really classy finish.

The Cover

warhammer rumour

I know my pic doesn't do justice to the quality of the book, but the image-only cover they chose is splendid. Just for that, I think the Indomitus box is an excellent deal as the cover of the regular book is not as great!


Covers are lovely, but what about the content?
Glad you ask! It's 356 pages so it's quite big and you get a lot of stuff to read!
The tome is divided into 3 important sections: Fluff, Rules, Games mode (with matched, narrative, Open)

warhammer rumour
warhammer rumour


The fluff section is made of 5 parts, each one focusing on a different aspect of the Warhammer 40000 universe.

  • Dark Imperium

  • General stuff about the Imperium and the setting.
    warhammer rumour

  • Saga Imperialis

  • Is a chronological review of what happened from start to now and also into the future...
    The Age of Witch represents the future of Warhammer 40000 Imperium post-Psychic Awakening. Not too many details, but it's interesting.
    warhammer rumour

  • Warriors of the Emperor

  • The forces of the Imperium are detailed here. One page or double page for each faction: Astartes, Custodes, Deathwatch, Astra...

    warhammer rumour

  • Lost and Damned

  • Chaos, Daemons and stuff. Each main faction gets a presentation, so you learn a bit on everyone. Chaos Daemons, Black legions,
    Renegade Chapters, Warzone Vigilus...it's neat.

    warhammer rumour

  • Xenos

  • Encompass all the Xenos. Each faction get a single or double page some nice drawings and maps.
    warhammer rumour

The quality of the drawing and illustration is really top-notch, even my non-hobbies friends find the book beautiful.


The rules are available for free on the GW site here: https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Lw4o3USx1R8sU7cQ.pdf

Don't expect to be able to play without the book; as the free rules miss 26 pages on how to build armies, stratagems, command points, TERRAINS. The free rules include one mission to test the water, but if you are a veteran player, it will not really satisfy you! To be honest, it's dickish to not include the terrain rules in the free rules.

Anyway, this section of the book is neat, nice layout, great illustration, lots of bullet points. It's a bit easier to read in the book, but it's the same content.

The terrains and battlefield chapter of the book are super helpful to create balanced battleground. You get examples of terrain, battlefield, after reading the book you know what you should aim/expect to play on.

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

These 2 pages are not the only example as you get a lot more info on how to build a battlefield.

Games Mode

Last parts of the Warhammer 40000 9th Core rulebook is the Game modes, there are 3: Open, Crusade(narrative), Matched. Each of the 3 modes (or at least 2) will be reviewed in more details.

You'll get missions for all sizes of games, crusade mission, crusade Exp table...it's all very exciting, very well presented and represent very well the base the game is going to be built upon in the next 2 to 3 years.

One Matched play mission for 2k games :

warhammer rumour

Crusade Missions et Weapons Enhancements.
These Weapons upgrades are dreamy ^^

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour


Book Quality is incredible. It's such a great item may be the best they ever made in GW history.
I really wish this would be the new official quality.

This small review is just the starting point of the Indomitus box review. I'll add more material soon!



warhammer rumour

Hello everyone !!!

In today review, prepare to be Amazed because everything changed! Terrain should be an essential part of the game. Sadly the 8th missed the mark with them, but this is over! The 9th Edition of Warhammer 40000 is smashing everything you know about terrains!

Terrain in the 9th

The terrain rules are the big game changer of the 9th editions. No game in the eight will ever resemble what is going to happen in a 9th Matched game.
Off course, all the rules displayed in this review, should are balanced by the mission, forcing you to move out of cover to try to win the game.

Before starting, I am puzzled that the free rules online don't have terrain or cover rules (unless I missed them), it such a dick move. You offer free rules, but not the interaction with the battleground? Wtf is that?

Anyway, let's start the terrain review with the rules included in the Core book.

4 types of terrains

There are four types of terrains in the 9th editions. All terrains must be from one of these big assortments.

Specific types of models gain cover or not depending on the terrains types. Note that having cover doesn't do anything ! but receiving cover from a terrain get you a bonus or malus depending the Keywords it has.

The 4 types of terrains are :

  • HILL




warhammer rumour


The hill is the first type of terrain described in the book. They can be free-standing or modelled into the battlefield itself.

They don't grant cover but can potentially break los if you are behind it.

This is los rule by the way is :

warhammer rumour

So, in a nutshell, the hill type of terrain doesn't do much; however, if the hill model is big enough, you can break or gain LOS. Note you can decide to grant your hills with keywords as will see soon.


Obstacle includes barricade, walls, statues, debris, box, container. This type of terrain regroups all the solid and limited in zone terrain. Models move over an obstacle using regular rules (1" or less ignore the Obstacle or move over if more than 1").

warhammer rumour

So, you can't attack Obstacle, use standard rules for LOS and MOVE. Grant cover if you are within 3" of it and the shooter has to shoot through the Obstacle.
Though the cover bonus is limited to Infantry, Beast, Swarm, so Vehicles don't get any cover from obstacle terrains.

Area Terrain

I am happy to see Area terrain rules back.

Area terrain represents a zone of terrain with a defined limit, like woods, a swamp, craters. When you deploy such a terrain, players must agree on the terrain limit. Most of the time it's easy, but with some ruins terrains, you may have to define the area to be 100 sure.

warhammer rumour

Like Obstacle, area terrain uses standard rules for LOS and MOVE. Models receive benefits of cover while within. So you solely need one "toe" in the section to get the full advantage.

Again the benefit of cover is limited to INFANTRY, BEAST, SWARM. So bye-bye cover for vehicles ^^


Buildings are paid with points by players, and their rules are on their corresponding Datasheet.

warhammer rumour

Buildings are units, you can attack them, you can't move through them, and you use regular LOS rules to see through them.

We have no details yet, but buildings should benefit from friendly aura if they have the right keyword?

After reading this portion of the rules, it looks like You CAN'T move over an enemy tau shield wall?

We'll have to wait for the online errata & the rules update dropping the 11th to get the complete rules.

Now that we understand what the four types of terrain are let's get to Terrains Traits !!!

Terrains Traits

Each terrain not only has a type (hill, Obstacle, area, building) but also have Traits. Each trait has specific keywords granting particular abilities.

There is no limit to the number of traits you can give a terrain. Both players have to agree on the traits before the battle.

    The trait list

  • Defensible

  • The first trait of the list only applies to INFANTRY. IMO it's the most exciting keywords as it allows a new charge reaction in place of Firing Overwatch.
    The trait gives the unit +1 to hit in melee if you don't shoot or if you choose to overwatch you'll hit on 5+.
    warhammer rumour

    Note the wording: +1 to hit for the melee reaction (so don't stack with your other modifier) but the overwatch is hit on 5+ so if you get a +1 to hit overwatch somewhere you can stack it. (as you know in the 9th Warhammer 40000 editions, you can't benefit from more than a +1 or -1 to a roll)

  • Defence Line
  • The intent is to be able to charge a unit behind a small wall even if you can't reach it physically with your models (the plan is to prevent abuse I guess ?)

    warhammer rumour

    I think there is an imperfection with the rule. The charge target has to be within 1'' of the terrain to benefit from it. But if the charged unit can be 1.1'' away from the defence line terrain, it still gets the cover bonus and defensible benefit without the defence Line rule allowing a charge against you.

    Note it also applies to vehicle standing behind a defence line terrain.

  • Breachable
  • Pretty simple if the terrain has this keyword, like ruins, for example, Infantry, Beast and swarm can move through it without losing movement.

    warhammer rumour

  • Difficult Ground
  • Minus 2, speed malus that applies to everyone but units with fly keywords! Wood is a difficult ground, craters as well, swamp could be too.

    warhammer rumour

  • Dense Cover
  • The name of this trait is chosen poorly and bound to cause errors. Dense cover has nothing to do with being in cover (see types of terrain at the start).

    The rule applies to Vehicles even if they can't get cover!

    warhammer rumour

    For example, Woods get the dense cover rule, so if you shoot at something inside the woods or if the shoot has to go through a forest, you get -1 to hit.
    Doesn't apply to AIRCRAFT target or with a Wounds Characteristic of 18+
    Note, AIRCRAFT is not a unit with the keywords fly but a unit from the AIRCRAFT list!

    No link to the cover rule, just lousy naming. Something like: "hard to hit" would have been clearer.

  • Unstable Position
  • Cant end the move on the terrain

    warhammer rumour

    Don't want to spend more time on this but, Fuel pipes are defence line and unstable. I fear some exploit where my unit can stand 1.1 " behind the pipes. That implies you can't charge/attack my unit from the other side and can't finish your charge move on the terrain...

  • Exposed Position
  • Applies to box and container terrain, love this idea !!!

    warhammer rumour

  • Obscuring
  • Terrain Block Los if the target on the other side.

    warhammer rumour

    All ruins example have this trait (but not wood ?) it should help lower LOS line turn 1. Apply to vehicles as while they are not AIRCRAFT or with 18+ wounds.

  • Light & Heavy cover
  • warhammer rumour

    If you get to cover and the terrain has this trait you get +1 against melee or ranged depending on the trait.

    You NEED benefit of cover to claim this bonus (so only inf, swarm, Beast) it's different from dense cover ^^

  • Scaleable
  • It's a perfect addition to the terrain rules & huge boost to melee Beast. All ruins have Scaleable & Breachable. It's excellent and going to fix a lot of exploits.

    Again tanks, while buffed by the rules, are getting nerfed by terrains rules.
    Note that antigrav vehicle with the FLY keywords can still deploy on the top of ruins ^^

    warhammer rumour

  • Inspiring
  • warhammer rumour

    Great for adding interested to status and chaos icons ^^

TERRAIN example

Gw included examples of what trait should have certain terrains. They are the only guideline so you can do what you want.

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour

NOTE: In "matched play", these are not guideline but are mandatory!

Battle field exemple

Gw included example of what a good and fair battlefield should be :

warhammer rumour

warhammer rumour


Time to conclude this review of the new terrains rules !!! It's the most ambitious change in the 9th editions. There are a lot of unanswered questions for now, but I find this method smart and new (for GW). I think it's going to work very well and create a much more compelling battlefield than in the 8th !!

That's it for now.

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Hello everyone !!

Today review is the third examining the Indominatus Box if you want to read the two previous reviews (book & terrains) check here

I prefer to focus this part on the matched play mission because it's "usual" standard you expect when you play a 40k game.


The core book comes with the Eternal War Mission pack. Each mission pack is a "Meta" with a specific theme. We can expect future mission pack (a new one is coming with the matched game companion on release day) that could change particular rules.

The book includes rules for four games size: 500/1000/2000/3000.
The review will focus on 2000pts games setup, the mission and the scoring to determine the victor.

Missions Set up

There are 13 steps before the battle start!
Step 14 is the actual start of the game.
Step 15 & 16 are "ending" and determine the victor.

    Road the Battle the fourteen steps!

  1. Select Battle size

  2. The First step is choosing game size: 500 / 1000 / 2000 or 3000. You usually agree on points before you show up at the table. For the review, we are going to choose 2000 pts.

  3. Musters Armies

  4. Each player must use a battle forged armies. All units in each detachment must have a common keyword, but it cannot be: Chaos, Imperium, Aeldari, Ynnari or Tyranids unless it's a fortification Network.

    warhammer rumour

    Note Use Roster Changing Stratagem now!

  5. Determine Mission
  6. Agree or Roll it's up to the players. For the 2000 points level there is 6 missions :

    warhammer rumour

    The theme of the Eternal War Missions Pack is Capture and hold. All missions revolve around keeping some objectives.

    In this case, imagine we rolled a three we would play the Four Pillars Mission.

  7. Read Mission Breafing
  8. warhammer rumour

  9. Place Objectives Markers

  10. Set up Objectives markers.

  11. Create the Battlefield
  12. You set up terrain as explained in the terrains rules 266-269. Not that in Matched play, terrain feature serving as an example on page 264-265 is mandatory. So all woods have the same rules in Matched Play, same for ruins.

  13. Select Secondary Objectives
  14. You can secretly select three and (more details later), but you can also choose from the mission.

  15. Determine attacker and defender
  16. There is no mention of attacker or defender in the missions ??? the winner of the roll-off choose to be attacker or defender.

  17. Choose deployement zone
  18. Defender chooses his deployment zone first.

  19. Declare reserve and transport
  20. A crucial step, you must decide who to go in reserve before rolling for initiative & it's the same for transports.
    No more than half the army can be kept in reserve.
    After turn three if they have not joined the battle unit kept in reserve count as a loss!

  21. Deployement
  22. Alternate deployment until you deploy everything.

  23. Determining first turn

  24. Roll-off, the winner chooses if he starts or go second.
    Weirdly, the initiative has no link to the Attacker roll at step 8.
    I hope for a FAQ or clarification as it seems weird...

  25. Resolve Pre Battle ability
  26. Use all the before battle start rules and stratagems. Note that stratagem modifying the roster (like transforming a unit into veterans.) are not allowed now.

  27. Begin Battle !!

  28. Start first turn

Playing to wins

In the 9th editions, Primary objective Worth up to 45 pts and each secondary up to 15 pts. The last 10pts depends if you painted your army!

Note that this is only true for the Eternal War Mission Pack and we don't know how the next Mission Pack manage points.

Your max score from play is 90 pts. Each Primary Objective can score up to 15pts a turn (max 45), you can then reach max points from Primary Objective in 3 turns. The game lasts five rounds, and each mission has ONE primary Objective.

Each Secondary Objective scores up to 15 points, and you can choose 3 (List at the end of the post). There is a large variety of Secondary Objectives, and you pick them during Step 7 of the pre-battle phase.

That Mean you already have some info on your opponent's army, terrain, missions at this points in time. Choosing the right Secondary will be VITAL if you want to wins games.

Also, having no models on the table doesn't count as an instant loss. It just means that the surviving army can play until round 5 without opposition. But with the scoring limits per turn, it's imperative to start scoring ASAP or prevent easy scoring and then crawl back...Imagine getting tabled end of turn three after focusing on getting full points. With two turns left and only 30 pts to score on the Primary Objective, maybe you already won. The Secondary scoring is harder to predict, but it's 3 to 4 per turn up to 15 per Secondary.

>What is important in this mission pack ?

Objective Secured, durability and movement these three stats are the most important in this mission pack. All six missions Primary Objectives are about securing objectives; of course, Objective Secured ability is essential.
Most of the time, there are multiple objectives to hold at the same time, so you probably need MSU (multiple Small Unit)to perform well.

warhammer rumour

Without Objective Secured units on an objective, the opponents can just come and take it with one model ^^

Choose Secondary Objectives

Choosing Secondary is going to be tricky and exciting (I think). Off course I don't know what the Secondaries of the next mission pack are going to be. I hope they are the same for this season. It's hard knowing 25+ secondary and their interaction this early in the 9th.

Anyway, there are five categories!

  • Purge the Enemy

  • warhammer rumour

  • No mercy No respite

  • warhammer rumour

  • Supremacy

  • warhammer rumour

  • Shadow Operation

  • warhammer rumour

  • Warpcraft

  • warhammer rumour

But that's not all, each mission offer a secondary that you can select :

Four Pillar Secondary Objectives

warhammer rumour

Purge the enemy, and other Objectives that you score automatically at the end of the game are from my experience the most desirable unless you have a particular plan. (it's like any Recent Euro Boardgame, scoring at the end of the game is regularly the top strat if it allowed you to play other objectives during the games)

Secondary Objectives needing actions are ok if you have units that don't have great weapons like five space marines or Necron. But if you only have super kill-ly Eldar units or Elite stuff better use these actions on attacks. In that case, don't choose the Secondaries Objective that uses the new Action Mechanism.


I am Hyped to try Warhammer 40000 competition, more than in many years. This Mission Pack Meta seems excellent! Can't wait to try it with: new small board + points updated + terrains + all rules updated for 9th!

Off course this is only the matched aspect of Warhammer 40k, and there is much more to do!

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warhammer rumour

Hello everyone !!!

Tomorrow you will be able to pre-orders the Indomitus Box !!
A huge Value box, also, stock maybe not that big, so better order fast!
Today review is all about all the change that I found in the core book.
This is Part 1, Part 2 is coming about weird interaction!

Let's get to it!

Command Phase

Command Phase is a new phase. You gain 1 CP if your army is Battle-forged. Missions scoring often happen in this phase.


  • Coherency rule change: If the unit is 6+ models, you need to be within 2" of 2 models from the same unit and in a single unit. (so no multiple packs of 2 models)
  • Engagement Range: The 8th rules didn't define what was the engagement range. Now it's 1" horizontally and 5" vertically so no more debate! (or less at least ^^)
  • Fall Back: Only titanic can now shoot after falling back! Flying units lost this ability. (Note that Airplane can still shoot after leaving melee, but not all flyers are airplanes.)
  • Staying Stationary is a movement option now.


  • Disembark is now wholly within 3".

  • If the transport is Destroyed, you can charge or Heroic intervention the same turn! (it's turn and not Battle round).
  • That sux for the Heroic intervention :/


    • Can leave the battlefield and come back next turn anywhere on the board, more than 9" but can't charge.
    • Ignore Engagement range of non-flying unit during move phase.
    • Aircraft models don't count to select the closest model for Heroic intervention or pile-in.
    • Special reserve rules for Aircraft now :
    • warhammer rumour

    Psychic Phase

    • Fall Back Psyker can't cast psychic powers unless Titanic.

    • You can use Psychic Power in engagement range.

    • If Perils of the Warp kill the caster, the power fails.


    • Only Inf gets -1 to hit for moving and shooting with Heavy Weapons.

    • Vehicles and Monster can shoot in melee but with -1 for Heavy weapons.

    • Tank and Monster can't use Blast Weapons in melee.

    • Blast is now : 3 shoots minimum vs 6+ units and max attack vs 11+.

    • Look out sir: Have to be within 3" of a friendly unit to benefit from the rule.


    • Charging with fly allow to ignore other models but not terrains.

    • You can go over terrain but have to pay the move ^^.

    • Multi Charge: You need to succeed your charge against every target units.

    • Overwatch is now a Stratagem.

    Heroic Intervention

    • Charge sub-phase.

    • Must be within 3" and 5" of enemy units.

    • Not if already in engagement range.

    • Move 3".

    • Aircraft (not flyer) can trigger an HI but doesn't count as closest model.

    • (weird, huh ?)

    Rolling Attacks

    • Modifier on DICE ROLLS don't stack, so it's +1 or -1. Note that you can use a +2 to cancel a -1 and still have a +1.

    • Six always hit or wounds.

    • Target controller assign hit.

    • Must assign first on a model that has been wounded or have been a target this phase.


    • Models can fight if in Engagement range of the target (1"/5")

    • Second ranks models can fight if within 1/2" of a friendly model within 1/2" of the target unit. So second ranks can't attack target on the

    • second floor ! only the first rank!

    • After charger attacked, the opponent is first to fight!

    • Must always use equipped Melee weapons! (to avoid wiping a unit)


    • Roll morale like in the 8th, if you fail you, loose 1 model no more no less.

    • If the check is failed: Roll a dice for each model, on a 1, you lose one extra model.

    • If a unit is below half strength subtract one from the D6 (so you loose model on 1 or 2, nasty)

    Coherency Check

    • Subphase of the Morale phase.

    • Check if the unit is in coherency, if not remove models until everyone is in coherency.

    • It's brutal, especially if you charged with the units! Don't mess up your consolidating move!

    Battle Forged Armies

    • Must use BFA for matched play.

    • Can't use Imperium, Nids, Eldar, Chaos, Ynnari keywords.

    • Get 12 CP +1 each turn if the army is battle forged.
    • warhammer rumour

    • Detachment will cost you CP instead of granting you some.

    • Detachment Cp cost is refunded if it includes your Warlord.
    • warhammer rumour

    • Auxiliary Support/Super-Heavy Auxiliary and Fortification don't gain Detachment abilities.


    • There are 7 Stratagems now.

    • Charge reroll nerfed as you must reroll both dices & reroll limited to what's in the list.

    • Insane Bravery is once per game.

    • Fire Overwatch is one per phase. (like all stratagem)

    • warhammer rumour

    Strategic Reserve

    warhammer rumour

    • It's new allow to place up to 50% of army in reserve, cost CP.

    • No reserve on turn 1

    • Flanking on Turn 2+

    • You can Deploy in melee range of an opponent if you are within 1" of your deployment zone table edge & unit count as having charged.

    warhammer rumour


    Entirely new concept! In a nutshell, one unit uses his turn to make an action and score/do Something in relation with the mission.

    warhammer rumour
    warhammer rumour

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