Hallowe'en Special - How to Paint a Colour: Orange

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Small thumb tutorial

hello everyone !!

Sharing an Orange tutorial by Brant Benoit !
I really like this painter and i find his tutorial very accessible.
his method "Two brush blending" is not too hard and quite fast once you get the hang of it ^^

check his youtube channel :

Or his patreon page if you want to support him (you can win models painted by him) :

ps : Atia or me have no direct or indirect link with him, i just happen to follow his tutorial (and patreon him)


created : 6 months ago

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How blending works ? by Mike Mcvey (part 1 and 2)

Tags : painting tutorial 2 brush blending

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Hello !!

Today i want to share 2 old videos from McVey studio. Even if they are old, they are still awesome to watch.
They explain a very simple way to blend paint, it's called feathering or two brush blending (name varies).

I) What do you need.
-2 brushs : one with paint, one with "Spit' (water works too but spit is better).
- Paint a bit thicker than usual.

II) How i do it ?
-apply shade or highlight with the first brush, then quickly blur the paint edge with the second brush.

Don't trust me ? check this 2 vids !
ps : There is another post coming with 2 more video on this technique.


created : 7 months ago

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