Angel Blade formation and stuff

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Afternoon everyone

Angel blade in french.
Thx Nick(but i guess the original source is french ?)
astropath :
Imgur Link :

Traduction :

Red thirst : +1 init during charge round if main detachment.
Sanguinus son : Zealot if under 50% starting strength (2 models for 5men)

Chapter Ancient :
Minuted strike : Mini feat warmachine style, Once per game at the start of the turn the dread of the formation can shoot, or go to ground + melee, instead of moving. Each dread can choose to mov, or shot or melee

Orbital intervention :
Rapid deploy : All the units in the formation must be in reserve. Make 1 reserve roll.
Intervention : Termi can shoot twice or charge (assault term only and unruly charge)

Stormraven squadron :
Annihilation strike (mini feat) : start of turn choose ennemy unit, all SR in 72" can shoot missiles. they can shoot again in the normal shooting phase (missile doesn't count to the number of weapon usable per turn)

Baal Predator :
Reroll 1

Death comp detachment :
Red thirst (like the other one)
Very angry at the enemy : 6" free move during deployment.

Archangel demi comp :
reserve roll during first turn.
reroll reserve and -1d6 deviation
Reroll trait.

battle demi comp :
red thirst
reroll trait.

Lucifer armoured task force:
All preds and Raider got supercharged engine !


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Diamor system map

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Hello all !

GW released the campaign map + a bit of fluff

"A prologue to the 13th black crusade"


When the Blood Angels arrive in the Diamor System, the forces of Chaos have already established a solid foothold on several planets. With most of their Chapter still preparing the Baal System for the oncoming advance of Tyranids, can the 1st, 2nd and 5th Companies of the Blood Angels blunt the assault of the traitor vanguard?


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