Shadows over Hammerhal is a lot more RPGish !

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Hello everyone :)

After a quick look at Warhammer Quest - Shadows over Hammerhall we have some info about the Gameplay/rpg aspect for you:

1) The game is played with a GM, it's a great step forward. You play it with 1-4 players and 1 gamemaster. The GM options are increased and there are quite a few nasty actions you can do (ambushes, getting reinforcements, retreating..)
2) You can buy/sell stuff, visit the town between missions and try different activities (common stuff for PC in a town ^^)
3) Equipment, skills and artefacts look more interesting.
4) The cute Archimaine has to be found if I read correctly (check one of the pics)
5) There are 10 npc stats, they are retro compatible with the silver tower.
6) Check the pics about adversary actions, you see you can ignore the behavior table and play the monster as you decide.
7) 3 levels of difficulty (heroic, legenday, hardcore) hardcore is group wipes = you die
8) A lot of the levels are linked by staircases where you can go deeper or go to the Cinderfall district.
9) You can use all the silver tower heroes.

If you look closely at the different images you can notice the changes, the possible actions etc...

Honestly the game seems 100 times better than the first version (which was good too), and I'm super hyped to try it as a GM. The first campaign is interesting and has a good duration.

The rules look easier and have more depth at the same time!

I think it will be super easy to create extra campaigns/maps as the layout is completely different than the Silvertower.

With the awesome community we have now, I am sure a lot of homemade campaigns are going to spawn!!
Official Expansion packs are easy to imagine too.

I don't say this everyday but, BUY THIS GAME ASAP ^^

next : the models, the books and the map. ( will not spoil the gm only stuff of course)


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