Forge World Previews: Blood bowl Halflings and Necromunda heroes

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Hello again everyone !!

Next week on Pre orders

Halflings Blood Bowl Team

At last Halflings are getting new models and new positionnal !!!! this is such a good news.

Models are awesome !! Tokens are even better, maybe i get the team just to use the tokens :D


created : 2 days ago

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Blood Bowl Mutated Minotaur on Forgeworld

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Hello everyone !!

This Blood Bowl Mutated Minotaur was an exclusive model during Warhammer Fest (or so i thought).
But you can Order it on the Forgeworld website. Honestly it's a very cool model for Blood bowl. Only available online until June 29th, this model may take up to 35 days to dispatch.

I think i am going to take 2 ^^, one for blood bowl and one for age of sigmar and include him in my Warherd army (Beast of chaos Battletome)

links to order :

Blood Bowl Mutated Minotaur US 31$
Blood Bowl Mutated Minotaur UK 20£
Blood Bowl Mutated Minotaur EU 25€


created : 3 days ago

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New Blood Bowl Edition in 2020 ! & Blood Bowl 3 Videogame

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Hello again everyone !!!

Bigben interactive just announced Blood bowl 3. yay good news !!!

Nothing incredible, Blood bowl online sold well and the game is well made. It's is expected they release a new one at some point. But the interesting part is :

Blood Bowl 3 will coincide with the release of the new paper edition in 2020, which is being revamped with all-new game rules."

Wait what ? Whaaaaaaaaaat ?

created : 5 days ago

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Forge World : Specialist Games Warhammer Fest thread

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Hello everyone !!

The 3 big news are from Forge World are :

-Necromunda : Palatine Enforcer (Not arbiter but works do police work for the Halmwar House)

-Aeronautica Imperialis : Could be a stand alone game, or Titanicus expension or Both

-Blood Bowl : First woold elfs player (3d render)

Also :


More info on the Halfing release spread, Really happy that Forge World added some positionnal to the Halfling team. I totally agree they are supposed to be the most challenging team to play but it's good to have some profile variation. Good job Forge World !

Willow Rosebark

Could also work as a Dryad hero or leader in a Sylvaneth army (for Age of sigmar game)


Even if i Bad mouthed recent models made by Forge World, some of the Necromunda miniature presented here are awesome.

ps : Necromunda video title is Helmawr 's justice (the ruling family of Necromunda world)


Titanicus game is growing on me these days, i really need to convince a few friends to start playing !!.
To bad this game is so expensive i would have loved that Games Workshop helped reduce the price a bit more at least for starter pack. Right now the entry price is high.

Super Hyped by Titanicus release. but can't wait for the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Seminar !

I really like that Games Workshop is allowing Forge World to support a full line for Titanicus. The game grow deeper by the day. Now i just hope we will get warhammer 40 000 units to integrate into the Titanicus Game.


created : 9 days ago

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Star Player Deeproot Strongbranch and FW exclusives at warhammer fest 2019

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Hello everyone !!

Deeproot Strongbranch soon on pre order and available at Warhammer Fest this saturday.
Kind of like the Barbarian Groot feel but ....

Controversial hot take : FW quality/design is lagging behind GW and it's hard to ignore now.

Warhammer fest buy list

-Mutated Minotaur.
-Yar Umbra and the Deserter
-White Scars and Blood Angels new heroes and units for Horus Heresy.
-Rare IK head (which one ?)
-Ixion Hale
-Horus Heresy Praetor and Traitor Librarian, both in Cataphractii Armour
- Sanguinius + Diorama base


created : 13 days ago

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Blood Bowl: Rotspawn

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Resin Rotspawn by Khorbier over on facebook - it's such a cute baby beast!

Lady Atia

created : 8 months ago

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Forge World Pre Orders - Dark Elf Players!

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Hello everyone !!

Starting Today you can pre order on the FW website :
-Roxxana Darknail

-Dark Elves Assassin.

created : 9 months ago

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Forge World Open Day

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hello everyone !!

Forgeworld Open day info :

Titanicus !

The release of Adeptus Titanicus is drawing closer, and at the Open Day, Forge World are showing off what you can expect as your battles in the Horus Heresy grow to encompass a whole new scale of warfare.

The release will see a variety of different ways to get your hands on the new game, the ultimate one being the epic Grand Master Edition. This includes two(!) Warlord Titans, six Questoris Knights, a set of Adeptus Titanicus buildings and much more – including the rulebook, of course, plus Command Terminals for your Titans and Knights, Weapon cards, Mission cards, Stratagem cards, Battlefield Assets, templates and dice – literally everything you need to get started.

Middle Earth is Back !

Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game: The Battle of Pelennor Fields is a new boxed game based on the climactic battle from The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King™. Inside it, you’ll find plastic models for two armies and a brand new edition of the game rules. The Middle-earth team are remaining tight-lipped on the details, but they’ve been hard at work on updating the game while keeping everything you love about the current edition.

The armies feature a whopping 84 Citadel miniatures – including a brand new version of Theoden, King of Rohan on foot and horseback. This model is the first in what will be a range of new plastic characters for the setting. The model is incredibly detailed – a faithful depiction of the king, during his glorious last charge.

Alongside the boxed game will be a book called called Armies of Middle-earth. This tome will be your guide to the various forces of Good and Evil during the War of the Ring.

On top of that, there are plenty of new Forge World kits on the way to expand your Middle-earth armies, starting with some fabulous new models of Knights of Dol Amroth and some Gondorian and Orc Heroes.

Horus Heresy


There’s a fantastic array of Blood Bowl models, including Cheerleaders for no fewer than three teams – Humans, Orcs and Chaos – along with Elven Star Player Eldril Sidewinder and the long-awaited Human Team Booster, with alternative poses for various Human players.


The denizens of the underhive are in on the action too, with awesome Orlock Weapons Sets on sale today, and the team are showing off more weapons coming soon for Van Saar gangs. The models for House Cawdor are also here, along with Gang War 4 and a new hired gun, Kria the Huntress. A Gang Leaders Accessory Pack will also be providing you with gang rosters, Scenario cards, tokens and a quick reference guide to make keeping track of everything even easier.

Wow lots of new models and info.
The return of the Middle Earth Franchise is surprising ^^


created : 10 months ago

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Some Blood Bowl infos for Q4

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Small thumb troll

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Some info bits about upcoming Blood Bowl stuff:

Blood Bowl, AoS and 40k are doing so well they actually had to increase stock levels in their warehouses across the globe.

Elven Union is coming out Q4. Forgeworld will release additional stuff like cheerleaders and more pits for older teams. Also more weather themed pits are coming!

Blood Bowl did so well, they can now do more multi-part styled kits for it (and Necromunda). Expect to see more options with the Elven Union kit, aswell as female players! The second Troll will f.e. have different head options because of this.

The plan is to release four plastic teams per year now, one for each quarter. They have enough designs and production for an ongoing release schedule, including dice, boards, single miniatures and accessories :)

Lady Atia

created : over 1 year ago

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Some informations regarding Specialist Games (Update - Necromunda)

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Small thumb specialsit

- Necromunda is next (surprise surprise!). Full plastic support. First two gangs maybe end of this year! They will make all old gangs.
- Adeptus Titanicus sometimes next year.
- Battlefleet Heresy after that (surprise, surprise). New scale.

Lady Atia

created : almost 2 years ago

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