Community Integrated Development is going well !

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Hello again everyone !

A little update on the CID (open beta using player feedback) by Privateer Press.
There was a lot of doubt and whine after PP closed their forum (general and faction section) and created a new open beta forum (with very strict rules). But now that rage settled down Will Shick comment on how the CID is going and announce the next phase of the CID :

Going into open beta :
-Battle engine UP (more power and more box 30-38)
-Bane theme

-Steam Roller 2017

To be honest i am actually surprised at the quality of the exchange on the CID forum, the feedback is real and tester are super invested. It look like a huge success but i prefer to wait to see how ppl behance when we go into faction specific buff and nerf.

Insider :

What do you think of this as a player ? could it be adapted to 40K ? Aos ? We already have some sort of beta with the AOS points value from general handbook2.


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Privateerpress launch the Community Integrated Development today !

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Hello everyone !!

Something big is happening today, an event that could change our world forever or destroy us !

Open beta & play testing for miniature games by the community !!!

Yea you heard it right, PP (Warmachine creator) is trying a open beta for their new limited faction (a small independent faction) .

Insider explaining it :

Forum :

Pdf file "How to play test"

My 2cents on CID

It's good because you can easily find broken or completely OP units combo, in not even 10 days you get this sorted and can focus on the fine tuning.

It's bad because everything strong could be make too bland by forum warriors (every forum have them ^^) that are not even playing/testing actively .

Anyway, we will see how it goes ...


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Privateerpress stance change on copyright

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Hello everyone !

Maybe you know it, PrivateerPress released an errata 15 days ago !
The big news was the Community Integrated Development announcement and the abandon of the physical cards.

What does this mean ?

1) Rules + stat are free
Yea for reals you can dl the rules already and the units stat should be aviable soon.
PP plan to implement a "print on demand service" for ppl that really want physical cards. (And there is a number of them).

2) They want to consult the community with buff/nerf.
Yea it's true the "big chimere" of the game development, patching with the players ^^
I am not sure how it's going to work but heh they are trying hard to make their game the best possible.

Basically : They conceded that even by taking 3 years of dev and doing testing non stop, they can't get everything right.
The number of interaction and the different meta make it very hard for them. As a result, one of the faction (Skorne) was dead on arrival, and the number of their viable list was very limited.

Tonight they posted this quote explaining that you can post unit stats on the web.


From the desk of Brent Waldher, the Director of Legal Affairs

With the significant changes to the presentation and production of WARMACHINE and HORDES stat cards, we have received many questions regarding how the audience may use the information or copyright-protected content presented on those cards. This document provides you with guidelines regarding how you may utilize these materials without getting in trouble with Privateer Press.

First and foremost, it is critical that we maintain the integrity of the cards for the games of WARMACHINE and HORDES. So, for the purposes of official competitions the only valid formats for the cards during a WARMACHINE or HORDES game are those available through the official War Room™ 2 app or as supplied by Privateer Press in unaltered format. Cards that have been modified from the original format presented by Privateer Press will not be valid for tournament play (e.g., cards with any changes made after download from the Privateer Press website). Cards that have been physically produced by players from the official documentation provided by Privateer Press should be examined by their opponents and/or event organizers to determine that the information on the cards is correct. Players may not use third-party sources of information to play WARMACHINE and HORDES in tournament settings.

How you may use the information presented on the WARMACHINE and HORDES cards

In the past Privateer Press has been very strict as to where rules may appear outside of materials offered by the company itself. This was done for a multitude of reasons, legal and otherwise, which this document will not explore, and some of those reasons still absolutely apply. However, we realize that the ability to discuss the game in places other than the Privateer forums is critical to the success of Community Integrated Development. Therefore, Privateer Press will be modifying its stance on this policy. (Please keep in mind that Privateer will likely update its policy periodically as the program evolves.)

The following are the new guidelines to using the materials presented in the stat cards, with the understanding that Privateer may revoke these privileges from any given individual or individuals at any given time:

You may:
• Use the copyright-protected written materials presented on the cards and the rule books to discuss the models in their entirety, in whatever medium you may wish to use. That means forums, blogs, podcasts, vlogs, and other forms of media are all open for discourse.
• Archive the copyright-protected written materials presented on the cards to preserve them in physical format or in an electronic database.
• Replicate the stat cards, in their entirety and intact as presented by Privateer Press, for non-commercial use only. Privateer Press will have a collection of print-on-demand vendors in the near future to serve your needs for physical card reproduction—stay tuned for that news. You may also use your personal home printer or local print-on-demand sources such as FedEx Office (f.k.a. Kinko’s). Mass production of the cards for the purposes of selling them is prohibited (see below).

You may not:
• MAKE MONEY. Do not monetize any offering created through the use of any trademark- or copyright-protected materials presented by Privateer Press, including but not limited to the rules and stat cards for WARMACHINE and HORDES. All community-created assets derivative of Privateer Press intellectual property and products must be free to the public. Attempts to trade on or profit from Privateer’s intellectual property is a willful violation of Privateer’s intellectual property, and as a matter of law we would be forced to end any violation immediately through legal notice or civil and/or criminal litigation. Third parties that wish to monetize intellectual property created by Privateer Press must license with Privateer Press first.
• STEAL ART. Do not use any of the art presented on the stat cards for any other purpose. The artists that created these works did so with a specific purpose in mind. Please honor their contribution and preserve it in its original format only.
• STEAL BOOKS. Do not duplicate the entire contents of any books that Privateer creates, and do not post them online in any format. Specific rules should absolutely be referenced in the context of explaining the rules for a model presented on a card, but use common sense about how much of the rules are necessary to make your point.
• HIJACK TRADEMARKS. Do not use the trademarks without clearly indicating who owns the marks and clarifying that your use is unofficial. If you need guidance on this point, simply look at the legal line on any product we produce.
• TRY TO BE US. Do not attempt to create any official materials. That’s our job or the job of our legally authorized licensees.
• CREATE APPS. Do not create any electronic applications that replicate any function or service that War Room 2 already provides or that, in actuality or in spirit, violates anything written above. Creating an application, for instance, that turns a rule book into a searchable database is effectively copying an entire book. Seriously, if you want to make an application for one of our games, just e-mail me at to get permission before you even start—please don’t make me shut down something that took you hours or days to produce.

What to expect in the future ?
A new faction is being released and pp want to use the CID (Community Integrated Development) for it ! we will see then !!


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