Deathwatch codex errata & FAQ

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Hello again !!

CODEX: DEATHWATCH Official Update Version 1.0 is released.
No dramatic change but a few clear up.
Solved the Aux launcher quantity ^^


created : 6 months ago

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Deathwatch codex review

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Hello everyone !!

This week GW sent us the DeathWatch codex for review (thx).
I'll start with the fluff/illustration and then the rules.

Illustration & Fluff

There are a lot of very fine artwork in the book. I know this is open to interpretation but i personally liked the visual of the book. Especially all the fighting scenes that look like early 2000 comics !



There are a few tidbits of fluff on how the DW works, stay vigilent and so on..

The most interesting part is of course the Primaris question :

Here a force organisation of a fortress.

Fortress description

They have Primaris : Watch captain, Librarian, Chaplain (spoiler, nearly all the Primaris released yet are present in the codex)

Let's jump to the rules part !!

The Rules !

This codex is first a space marines codex, so you get most of the options you would find in a chapter codex.
Chapter master, captain, librarian, chaplain, all the Primaris Marines entry (but lieutenant and gravis captain), Dread, LR, Corvus.
-They get the usual special rules : Combat squad and Atsknf.
-Special issue ammunition for every bolter.
-Troops get defenders of humanity if battle forged + mission tactics (reroll wound roll of 1 against a selected type of target)
-They get some nasty stratagem against xenos.
-Multiple stratagem grating +1 to wound rolls vs a type of target.

There 4 entry that i want to look closely : Veteran squad, Intercessor squad, Terminator squad, bike squad.

created : 7 months ago

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Building Primaris Kill Teams

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Hello again everyone !!

Building Deathwatch squad preview by WHTV.

You can build Primaris Kill team by mixing the different models.
Each one grant you a special rule to the whole squad.
They didn't spoke of mixed Oldmarines/Primaris.

-Intercessor : Bulk of the unit/ special ammo.
-Reivers : grant terror troops. (-1 ld)
-Agresssors : Relentless advance (no penalty to move/advance and shoot heavy or assault.)
-Inceptors : Fall back and shoot.
-HellBlaster : No rules.

Source :

created : 7 months ago

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Codex: Deathwatch Preview – Focused. Adaptable. Deadly.

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Hello everyone !!

Deathwatch first preview by Warhammer Tv.

-Primaris get special ammo too.
-New ammo on stratagem. (1d3 mortal on a vehicle hit)
-Chapter tactics is a reroll wound roll of 1, for 1 type of units (troop, fast attack..) choose at start.
-There are multiple way to adapt the chapter tactics and change it.

Seem interesting


we'll do our preview when the dex is here ^^


created : 7 months ago

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Next Week on pre-order !

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Morning everyone !!

Next week on pre order :

-Leviadon for AOS
-Death watch codex ( post coming when review material arrive)
-Made to order with Dark elves old models. (one week only)


source :

created : 7 months ago

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Painting tutorial video for Corvus Blackstar (By Dunkan)

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Hello all !

painting tutorial from Warhammer TV focuses on the new Deathwatch gunship, the Corvus Blackstar.


created : about 2 years ago

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You need Frag canon ?

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Hello everyone !!

Since the Deatwatch released the Frag Canon is hot stuff and the sneaky grot of
made one ! ^

This set contains three high quality resin Legionary Frag Launcher designed to fit futuristic 28mm heroic scale heavy armoured troopers. 3 for 6.99e

Pretty neat heh ?


created : about 2 years ago

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Small narrative video for deathwatch last wave ! (+ assembly video )

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Hello !!

Small intro video for the last deathwatch wave.
Very cool i must say :D

And a video for assembling a kill team.
Edit : Very instructive video.


created : about 2 years ago

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Pre order for this week

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hello all !!

Bunch of stuff up for pre order this week

-Corvus Blackstar of course !
- Bunch of KillTeam pack and variation.
- Command line up (chap + friends)

Corvus is so good looking !!


created : about 2 years ago

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Rumours: September - Deathwatch and Khârn

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

via a friendly raven ^.^

"First monthly white dwarf has the new Khârn in it (leaning forward charging).

Also a campaign type book with new rules for Chaos Space Marines. It's not a new Codex, but does have cool new rules.

Also included is the new Deathwatch Codex with Artemis Model and the new flyer for them. Looks like a mix between a tau and imperial flyer."

As always, take it with a tiny bit of salt but that one is usually pretty spot on =)

Lady Atia

created : over 2 years ago

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