TODAY !!!!!!! (FAQ)

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Hello everyone !!

It's the day you were waiting for ! The FAQ is out today :D
Facebook live on warhammer tv at 16h30 (bst) (will add the video inside this post if possible)

Click on the image to start the stream
EDIT : Stream crashed / Site crashed


created : about 1 month ago

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Daughters of Khaine FAQ updated !

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Hello everyone !!

AOS FAQ updated to include the DOK question :


created : 2 months ago

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FAQ, Errata & Pets ! for Necromunda

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Hello again everyone !!

Necromunda Errata & Faq is aviable :D

They also posted a small piece about pets in Necromunda.
Really like the Bomb rats !

Original article : Link


created : 3 months ago

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Shadespire FAQ

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Hello everyone !!

First FAQ already for Shadespire HERE

Extra Language here :

Nothing ground breaking but good clarification on sequencing !


created : 7 months ago

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New FAQs and Errata for the Astra Militarum and beyond

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Hello everyone !!

FAQ release sunday

Today, we’re releasing an FAQ and Errata for Codex: Astra Militarum, Index: Xenos 2 and Imperial Armour – Forces of the Astra Militarum designed to make sure your army plays smoothly, models work as intended and the game remains balanced and fun for every player.

Biggest changes :

All Leman russ get Grindin Advance.

Commissar nerfed, Summary execution changed to a reroll (from an auto pass)

Codex : Astra Militarum

Index : Force of the Astra Militarum


More language options HERE


created : 7 months ago

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Chaos FAQ for AOS !!

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Hello everyone !!

AOS chaos grand alliance FAQ !






Source :

hype :

Page 283 – Bloodscorch Bulltribe
Change the second bullet point under the Organisation
header to: ‘3 units of Bullgors’


created : 7 months ago

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New FAQs for Codex: Death Guard, Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus and more

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Hello everyone !!

FAQ for DG , Mechanicus and friends !

Mechanicus FaQ

Death Guard FaQ

Index Chaos FaQ

Index : Imperium 2 FaQ

Source and language option :


created : 8 months ago

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FAQ: General's Handbook 2017

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

The FAQ for the General's Handbook is now up - check it out!

Lady Atia

PS: Nurgle Daemons got allies^^

"Page 90 – Daemons of Nurgle
Add the following to the table:
‘Allies: Brayherds, Chaos Gargants, Everchosen,
Monsters of Chaos, Hosts of Slaanesh, Slaves to Darkness
(excluding units with mark of Tzeentch), Warherds’"

created : 9 months ago

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New FAQ are UP (sorry orKs)

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Hello everyone !!

FAQ released

Load of stuff changing (shield drone, orc rerolling charge...)


created : 10 months ago

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40K FAQ !

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Hello again !!

FAQ are up







other languages :







created : 11 months ago

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