A New Rulebook for the Horus Heresy

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Hello everyone !!

It's a bit late i know, but there is an article on warhammer community talking about the new HH rulebook.

quote of the lead design :

here won’t be any major changes to the game. Instead, the rulebook is designed to be a better resource for Horus Heresy players dedicated to your needs during a game and filled with information relevant to you. A good example of this is the Special Rules section; rules not present in the Horus Heresy like And They Shall Know No Fear won’t be featured, while common rules like Legiones Astartes and Agile will be, making this section, and the book as a whole, much easier to use as a reference guide for Battles in the Age of Darkness.

The book will also include rules from now out-of-print expansions like Stronghold Assault in the book. You’ll be able to protect your Legions with Aegis Defence Lines and other fortifications from the previous edition of Warhammer 40,000.

If you’ve never tried Battles in the Age of Darkness and have always wanted to, this book is your perfect way to get on board, while seasoned players finally have a rulebook exclusively for the Horus Heresy.

Some good initiatives, ppl loving the 7th will be happy ^^


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Hellforged Chaos Predator

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Hello everyone !!

Unit focus by the community website about the Hellforged Deimos Pred. (it's a relic tank but for chaos.)

Truck load of options on the warscroll !

created : 8 days ago

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Forge world pre order

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Hello everyone !

40k :
Forge world pre order :
-Index xenos (release is 23)
-Index Astra militarum (release is 23)
-The other two index are still on pre order but are released 17.

created : 13 days ago

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Forge world points are back in order !

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Hello again !!

Points for matched game by forge world (without the bug !)


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Blood bowl on pre order (from forge world)

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Hello again everyone !!

Blood Bowl pre-order from fw :


Find all the new fw products here :

ps: Starter teams are plastic
Team booster are resin
Star player are resin
Big guys are resin


created : 20 days ago

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Hello everyone !!

This is the day, Thunderhawk gunship new version is up for pre order !

What an awesome mini !


created : 20 days ago

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AOS matched point update for Forge World monsters

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Hello everyone !!

Points for FW monster are updated and they added a lot of new monster and exalted daemon and skin wolves !!


created : 21 days ago

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Forge world preview !!

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Hello again everyone !!!

Forgeworld released some warscroll !!

created : 23 days ago

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Bring the big guns ! (FW index pre order)

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Hello again again !

First 2 forge world books are on pre order too (15£)

Added index page to see the full list !!


created : 26 days ago

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Thunderhawk kit pics

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Hello everyone !!!

BingBong sended images of his new Thunderhawk ,plus info about the quality and the ability to pin it to a flying stand !
Thank you very much for sending these, it's much appreciated !!!!

The kit is really well cast and crisp - haven't seen a single void or air bubble - really nowhere! All of the large pieces are cast with thick section walls and overlapping joins for a really solid model. When Tony Cottrell joked that 'this one should be easier to put together' he really wasn't joking, this is really good work by FW. Nothing is warped to the naked eye so far, but I haven't done any work on it yet, so that remains to be seen, but so far I get the feeling everything is pretty damn good!

I spent a while talking to Daren Parrwood on Sunday (@ the fest) about his pattern making work on the kit. He pointed out that he gave some consideration to the centre of gravity of the kit and mounting it 'flying'.

It's worth noting that he calculated this and made this area of the underside fuselage particularly thick and incorporates overlapping pieces to give a really solid area when drilling through the underside of the model for those that want to make a flying base.

In the last I have placed a 5 pence piece on the Manuel page over the 'sweet spot' for drilling as outlined by Daren for anyone interested.

created : 28 days ago

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