Titan Hunter ! (and free models !)

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Small thumb gigamanta

Hello everyone !!

Redesigned Tau Shark on pre order. If you order today you get 3 free pilots

created : 4 days ago

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Forge World Talk !

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Hello everyone !!

Thread about the the FW talk (Specialist game studio)

created : 5 days ago

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Legion vehicle doors !

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Small thumb 99020187327 sonsofhorusdeimossquadron01

Hello everyone !!

Forge world Pre Order are up !
This week, they offer a whole bunch of different doors options for Legion tanks/rhino.

Pre order page !

Hmmm i really like these sons of Horus Doors !


created : 11 days ago

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Death Korps Return !

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Small thumb unnamed  1

Hello everyone !!

Forge World put a lot of Death Korps on pre order today !

(re release of old models iirc)


created : 18 days ago

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2 new flyer hit the spaceport !

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Small thumb 99560108193 oriondropship01

Hello everyone !!

2 new flyer are on pre-order on Forge World today !

Arvus transport ship :

Custodes Orion Assault Dropship :


created : 25 days ago

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Bloodbowl pre orders !

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Hello everyone !

Forge world pre order are up, and it's for bloodbowl !!

Minotaur !!
Chaos pact team : (missing the DE and the Orc )
Chaos pact Tokens :

Honestly the Mongrel horde pack missing de DE lineman really sux :/


created : about 1 month ago

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Forgeworld pre order: Custodes and Sisters

Tags : forge world custodes sister of silence

Small thumb unnamed

Hello everyone !!

FW pre order are up :
-Aquilon terminators (unit of 3)
-Sister of Silence prosecutor cadre (dual pistol wielder)
-Upgrade pack for SoS, pistol + arms (10)


created : about 2 months ago

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Rogue Idol on pre order

Tags : forge world age of sigmar

Small thumb 99560209003 orcrogueidol01

Hello everyone !!

Rogue idol is back on pre-order :

Shipping date is 25/08/2017, price is 65£.


ps: Tune in at 12am for the General Handbook 2017 review ;)

created : 2 months ago

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Forge world Masterclass !

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Small thumb fw newfrom aug4 content3lr

Hello everyone !!

New forge world pre-order and surprise, the master class is back book on pre order !!

Hyped to the max :D

Model Masterclass Volume One deals with advanced techniques for modelling and painting your Forge World and Games Workshop models, including a guide to working with resin. Written by two of Forge World's studio team – Phil Stutcinskas, winner of many model competitions including the prestigious Euro Militaire 2006 Best of Show, and multi-Golden Daemon award winner Mark Bedford – the book is a 128-page full colour softback, lavishly illustrated with high quality photos, featuring numerous advanced modelling and painting techniques for making your Warhammer 40,000 models truly something special.

Whether you are building and painting a centrepiece model for your army or constructing a detailed diorama for display, this book is packed with innovative techniques for construction and painting to help you create stunning models. All the techniques are demonstrated, in step by step detail in extensive construction and painting sections that range from painting tanks to constructing a diorama, to building wargames scenery and terrain.

- An overview of the tools and equipment used in this book.
- Advanced painting and modelling techniques outlined below:
- Cleaning up resin kits
- Battle damage
- Weathering
- Airbrushing
- Painting vehicle camouflage
- Using Brass Etch
- Creating dioramas

Miniatures shown in step by step guides:
- Renegade Medusa
- Cadian Stormsword
- Krieg Macharius

Dioramas shown in step by step guides:
- 'D-Battery' 45th Artillery Company
- Typha IV Imperial airbase
- Siege of Vraks 'Sector 577-449' terrain boards

Miniatures shown in gallery:
- Krieg Macharius Vanquisher
- Marauder Destroyer
- Marauder Bomber
- Valkyrie
- Thunderbolt
- Tau Barracuda
- Tau Tiger Shark AX-1-0


created : 3 months ago

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Prosecutor Cadre Upgrade Kit

Tags : forge world sister of batlle

Small thumb fwpreviewsistersprosecutors1kr 500x441

hello everyone !!

Gun fighter dual bolt pistol for sisters Prosecutor.

Cool looking ^^


created : 3 months ago

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