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Hello everyone =)

Update for the Golden Demon competition:

- 28th May in Conventry.
- Few tweaks in the entry guideline
- Categories :
1) 40k single miniature, no more base restriction (just the miniature size is restricted), Primarch for exemple are in the single miniature category.
Single miniature mounted on bike are now inside this category.
2) 40k squad, unit size limitation was changed, you don't need to make it a legal unit in games term anymore. New min number is 3 (from 5)
3) 40k vehicle, no changes just lost jet bikes and bikes that when to single.
4) 40k large model, new place for the bigger kits as they removed a lot of single models from there.
5) Single AoS, same as 40k but for medieval stuff.
6) Aos units, same as 40k, min is 3 for big models. You can present 3 skaven slaves it's legal but not appropriate, but it's down to the painting in the end. Doesn't need to be legal just to fit the background and be cool.
If you use a display base, FIX YOUR MODEL TO IT (they tend to make them fall)
7) AoS large model , Nagash, demons, ...Hyped category for this year.
8) Diorama/battle scene, "think like a book cover" with cool models, NO SIZE LIMIT anymore.
9) Duel: no more size limit but the important is the interaction between 2 models. rules are : 2 mini fighting each other. Size doesn't matter.
10) LOTR/hobbit category : Single mini no size limit (even a Balrog)
11) Heavy metal paint master. New category. One model is imposed, on the stock base, no kitbash or conversion. The model chosen this year is the "plastic eldar farseer" (see pics). All the heavy metal team are participating.
12) Bloodbowl team . New category. 11 players minimum

12 golden demon categories, if you win one you are in a contention for the slayer sword.

Side event :
13) Youngblood : -15 year old, single model, no size limit, vehicle

created : about 2 months ago

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