Magnus 30k scenic base + Amon

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Small thumb russmagnusdiorama

Hello again !!

FW teaser: A Preview from Prospero

Scenic base for magnus + russ duel

created : 4 days ago

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Hello everyone !!

Pre order started for the new custodes grav tank variant : the ANNIHILATOR !!

Based upon the technology of the Coronus Grav-carrier, the smaller Caladius grav-tank is designed to utilise the firepower afforded by the heaviest elements of the Legio Custodes’ arsenal on a highly mobile, protected platform. Given the fusion of advanced systems and weapons, the Caladius is perhaps the most powerful battleline armoured unit of its size in the Imperium’s forces, utilising technologies and materials derived not only from the Dark Age of Technology, but from developments made as a result of the Great Crusade’s two centuries of warfare.

A particularly powerful variant was the ‘Caladius-Annihilator’ which featured an enhanced capacitor-fed Arachnus blaze cannon potent that is enough to pose a threat even to super-heavy armour. This complete, 39-part resin kit contains the components necessary to assemble that variant.

Featuring the same silhouette as the other Caladius Grav-tank variants, but with an especially aggressive-looking turret profile featuring the above-mentioned Arachnus blaze cannon, the Annihilator is appropriately named. Covered in extra detailing such as the cooling flasks that dissipate the immense energies unleashed whenever this tank attacks, photonic accelerators, visible engine and two lastrum bolt cannon on the front of the hull.

Rules for using a Caldius Grav-tank Annihilator as part of a Legio Custodes army can be found in The Horus Heresy Book Seven - Inferno.

The kit is supplied with a 170x105mm oval base.

Once we get custodes v8 rules i start an army of them they look so good : !!


created : 7 days ago

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Horus Heresy and 8th - it's in the works!

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Howdy Guys and Girls - little update on 8th edition and the Horus Heresy:

"Warhammer 40,000 is being updated soon and we'll be releasing updated rules for playing games set during The Horus Heresy shortly after. Though the rules in this title won’t be compatible with the updated version of Warhammer 40,000 or the upcoming Horus Heresy rules, all of the great hobby content and background narrative will be as valid as ever.

Of course, until the new Horus Heresy rules are released, you can continue to use the existing Warhammer 40,000 rules for games set in the Horus Heresy."

Lady Atia

created : 23 days ago

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Magnus the Red, the Crimson King, Lord of Prospero

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Small thumb fwcomingsoonmagnustheredcontent

hello everyone !

Magnus by FW, after the 40K version meet the 30K version !

Magnus the Red, the Crimson King, Lord of Prospero – famous and infamous in equal measure for being perhaps the second most powerful psyker in the Imperium, after his father the Emperor.

You can pick him up for the first time at Warhammer Fest (which, incidentally, is also hosting a Horus Heresy Grand Tournament).

which one do you prefer ?


created : about 1 month ago

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Forgeworld pre-orders: Inferno, Bloodbowl and Hobbit

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Small thumb 60040187055 hh7inferno01

Hello everyone :)

Inferno is on pre order here :


Let's burn these weird pyramids (Edit from Atia: Let's kill these wet dogs!)

edit again, there is a vid but the format is not supported on Safari unless you installed the vlc plugin.
link :


created : 3 months ago

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Dispatch delay for Zug and Galatus

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hello all !

some announcement by gw about super high demand (go figure ^^)

Due to exceptionally high demand, we're working the Forge World servitors hard and production has gone into overdrive on The Mighty Zug and the Legio Custodes Contemptor-Galatus Dreadnought. This means that right now if you order either of these models, you might experience a delay of up to two weeks before they are dispatched. Rest assured, we will get those incredible models to you just as fast as we can.

Thanks for your patience.

The Mighty Zug:
Legio Custodes Contemptor-Galatus Dreadnought:

Can i survive 2 extra week without Zug ?


created : 4 months ago

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30k magnus face

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hello again !

30k magnus face.


created : 4 months ago

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Thousand son automata

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Small thumb received 380425605652178

Hello again

Magic robot ^^


created : 4 months ago

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HH book seven + new Thunderhawk?

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Small thumb inferno

hello everyone !

Warhammer community made a nice preview of inferno.
They linked the fluff with Burning of Prospero.
Emperors talon : custodes + sos
And what look like a new thunderhawk.
Check the bunnies for the details :

So plastic thunderhawk ?


created : 4 months ago

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Horus Heresy Weekender planning

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Hello again (again)

Horus heresy weekender planning.

-Adeptus titanicus hype !!!
If the image is not good enough to read get the original here :


created : 4 months ago

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