Imperial Knights: Building Your Champion

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Hello everyone !!

More Gw reveal on the Knight codex.

Warlord Trait

Lots of option here as you have 9 house specific traits + 6 generalist.

Some exemples :


There are 22 choice here, nearly all weapons get a relic version (Harpoon is the exception)

(there is a 2+ armor save suit that you can stack with the warlord trait for a 2+/4++)


When you’re adding an Imperial Knight to your army, you’re free to take advantage of the new Knight Household Traditions – but we reckon you’ll find it equally rewarding (not to mention fun) to create a Freeblade.

Freeblades are Imperial Knights without households – some left of their own volition, some have undertaken long, personal crusades and some are the sole survivors of once-great knightly houses.

Codex: Imperial Knights contains tables for generating one of these legendary heroes. For each, you’ll be able to pick one Quality – a powerful ability that represents their unique form of heroism – or you can roll on a table for two. But in return, you’ll have to pick two Burdens (or roll for one) to represent the eccentricities and flaws of each Freeblade. Burdens don’t apply all the time – you’ll test your Leadership at the start of each turn to see if they have an effect.

Freeblade is the only way to upgrade BS in the codex and it's only on a 6 so kind of rare but imagine a BS2 Castellant !

That it for now !!


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Household Vulker

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Hello everyone !!

This house get the only shooting Reroll tradition.
I don't know if it's good enough but that one of the few way to reroll knight attacks !!


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Dominus-class Knight

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Hello everyone !!

Warhammer community released an article about the new knight class : Dominus Class !


There is 2 patterns for now :
Castellan (long range support, the blue one)
Valiant (short range support, the red one)


Both have the same statline :


Castellan use a Plasma decimator and a Volcano Lance

Valiant use a Conflagration Canon and a Thundercoil Harpoon

Relic version of these weapons are aviable in the codex.

Both version have 3 supports slots for Siege Breaker cannons or Shield Breaker Missiles

note : Castellan start with 2 canons and 1 missile rack (2 missiles per slot)
note : Valiant start with 1 canons and 2 missile rack (2 missiles per slot)
note : Missile can be fired once per game and once per turn (meh)


3+ & 5++ is ok on a T8 W28 but you can get to 2+ / 4++ with the right choice (pretty much mandatory)


The conflagration canon is my favorite !!! By stacking with the new scenery (max random shot) you can get 18 hit ^^ (ouch)

source :


created : over 1 year ago

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House Griffith !

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Hello everyone !!

House Griffith special rules !


ps : Kind of like the paint scheme !

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Price for the knight release + few infos

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Hello everyone !!

Chapter Master Valrak (the Primarch Lover) shared this price sheet (with salt)

Edit : Price in $ from Naftka the game builder !

Armiger Helverins $75
Knight Valiant $170
Knight Castellan $170
Renegade $195
Codex: IK $40
Datacards: $15
Datasheets: $15
Battle Gauge $12.5
Dice $20



Can't say too much but :

-Price seem about correct but i am not 100% sure as i don't get them.
-Castellan and Valiant are no dual kit !
-Sir Hekthur price is missing (but i am not sure of the release date anyway)
-I guess he's going to be released in dual set (hero/generic). Maybe we will get a lower priced box if they only include the laser weapon and the melee options (one can dream ^^)

Sorry can't say much more without risking a visit from the Inquisition :D


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Meet Sir Hekhtur - a new legendary Freeblade!

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Ready for a new special character for your Knights ;)?

Lady Atia

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Adepticon News Overview - Knights, Sisters, Deepkin

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Quick notes from the Adepticon Seminar:

- There will be an upcoming AoS Card Game, called "Warhammer Champions"

- Idoneth Deepkin - surprise, surprise, Aelfs with an underwater theme, including sharks, cute seahorses and a turtle with a boat
- Next Codices for 40k will be Imperial Knights (including a new big one - the Imperial Knight Castellan!), Deathwatch and Harlequins
- "Combat Roster" - new app for building your lists in Warhammer 40k

- Plastic Sisters of Battle! 2019!!!
- Previews and Beta rules are planned!

- "The Grand Necromancer is far from finished, though, and there’s much more in store for the legions of Shyish this year ..."

created : over 1 year ago

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