Review: Blades of Khorne

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Hello everyone !!

Blades of Khorne is the new Khorne Battle Tome going on pre-order this week.
It's a 152 pages hardcover book.

What I liked :

- Lots of illustrations.
- Bunch of fluff and stories.
- Regrouped Bloodbound, mortal and daemon armies.
- Bloodtithe system for Khorne only armies! (you get points by killing or be killed and you can use them for extras)
- Extra prayers for Khorne Priests.
- Large collection of Warscrolls battalions for Mortals and Daemons ( Some are very very very good).
- 4 new types of chapter like battalions (see the image down there).
-There is a 3-8 Bloodthirster only formation ^^ (Council of Blood, my new life goal !) .
- Daemonic gifts (weapons and adornments).
- Extra banner options for "Totem" hero.
- Artefacts of power for mortals, Trophies for Bloodbound.
- 18 command traits (6 for Bloodbounds, 6 mortals, 6 daemons).
- Bloodreaver got a save now 6+ but cost 1 more point.
- Heavy metal section is well furnished ;)

What I miss/dislike :

- A Beastmen of Khorne section :'(
- Old mortal Warscrolls (but it's on the App anyway)
- The big battalion are a bit too big to use them. The Stormcast Chamber battalion were more reasonable.

Conclusion :

The book is very fun to read with loads of great ideas ! My khorne motivation is at 100% now !!
It's not a quick money grab and it's very nice. They took their time to update Stormcast and Khorne battletomes.
If you are a khorne player it's a very solid buy.


created : 27 days ago

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Khorne battletome content

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Hello everyone !

GW just released the content of the new khorne dex.
Not allowed to say much for now but the book is really good, lot of illustration, fluff etc..

gw fb :


ps: bloodreaver got a save now ;)

created : 28 days ago

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April release AOS

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hello everyone !!

Khorne v2 for AOS (as for stormcast) no new models.

It brings new allegiance abilities for daemonic and mortal followers of the Blood God, as well as new magic weapons (probably some axes…), Battalions, command traits and prayers

Kharadron : is the other big release of the month.

created : about 1 month ago

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FW new release

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Hello again !!

New FW release :



I need Varag !


created : 3 months ago

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FW Khorne Dragon

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Pictures from Trish's newest finished dragon - he is soooo cute *_*

Thanks @ Rictus (

Lady Atia

created : 4 months ago

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Forgeworld Puzzle ....

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This years FW puzzle is ....

already revealed as ...

created : 4 months ago

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GW Made to Order second wave - the Glory of Chaos

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Just a quick heads up for the next 'Made to Order' wave (up for pre-order next weekend):
- Emperor's Children Lord
- Sorcerer with plasma-pistol and staff
- Lord of Khorne with axe
- Juan Diaz Daemonettes (10)
- Juan Diaz Daemonettes on Steeds of Slaanesh (5)

Lady Atia

created : 6 months ago

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Khorne Dominion Battle mat

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Hello again !!

Khorne battlemat !!!
Fun vids by rob.
Look like a nice neoprene battlemat.


created : 7 months ago

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Lava bases for the GoreChosen heroes

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Morning everyone !!

This week there is only gorechosen pre order and yesterday Alex shared with us his amazing Khorne priest conversion "url". I really liked the lava affect and asked a tutorial for it.
The plan is to make Lava base for the GoreChosen Heroes. (And maybe start a khorne Army !)

So here the Tutorial, Not too hard, Not too long and very efficient.

The only technical part is the glazing, google it but it's nothing more than VERY thinned down paint and using very little at a time (let it dry 30 sec after each layer)

Thx again alex from prometian painting :


created : 8 months ago

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This week is Gorechosen

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hello everyone !

thx @grot orderly

This week pre-order is the Gorechosen board game -£35.00
Horus Heresy: Echoes of the Imperium (audio drama) - £15.00


created : 8 months ago

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