Dungeon of Doom (kickstarter)

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Hello again everyone !!

Amazing dungeon kickstarter is closing in 9 days they got 1.724.388 of a 100k goal ^^

To be honest there is too much stuff in there to make an accurate summary but :

It's not a bland dungeon

Modular LED pieces and Magnetic walls !

Terrain Tray with anchor magnet

Modular and Painted option

Setup Example

15 Encounters Area

This is so awesome !!!

The Presentation video is gold :

(all this could be very handy for using our next GW preview ;) )

Backer guide
Because it's needed lol


created : 23 days ago

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Iron Golems - Fantasy Football Elf Team (kickstarter)

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Hello everyone !!

Last week wood elves were on made to order and a few ppl asked for alternative.
On could be this Kickstarter (closing in 4day already funded) by Iron Golems.

The teams aviable are Wood and Pro elves, in metal or resin.
You also have some premium option/addon (ptich, dugout, box, treeman)
This is their Third BloodBowl crowfunding they have enough exeperience to avoid hiccup.

You can check the details and different stretch goal here :

It's worth mentioning that the sculptor is Lucas Pina !! he's famous for his witch trio (that was painted by Komets on his patreon it's his Patreon banner right now ^^)

It's going to be good stuff ! don't miss it.


created : 26 days ago

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Something cute something sneaky and a kick starter

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Hello everyone !!

Some cute Skaven assassin proxy from greebo games, aviable this summer !!!
(this one is for Atia ^^)

They have a lot of funny choice for your BB teams (and more)

created : about 1 month ago

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Last call for Burn Out

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Hello again !!

Last day for the Eden extension Burn out !

Burn Out is the first expansion for Eden, the post-apocalyptic skirmish game. Be careful, the world of Eden is violent and ruthless !

Burn out is the campaign mode "Necromunda like" were you get to upgrade and change the stuff on your models. The burn out models have quite a number of swap-able part to build the gang you want !!

Eden is a really great game and this campaign mode is going to kick ass !


created : 3 months ago

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Burn Out - Fight, survive, evolve!

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Hello everyone !

Big shout-out to the happy game factory new kick starter : BURN OUT ! (funded in one hour !)
based on the Eden game, it expand the game and the universe in a very interesting way !

Eden is a skirmish game (a great one !) :
Models design are unique and the quality is great.
The universe is rich and colorful, there are very few games as creative as EDEN.

The Happy Games Factory team is proud to present this new project : Burn Out.

Burn Out is the first expansion for Eden, the post-apocalyptic skirmish game. Burn Out gets the better of Eden the game. It starts with its original universe and its efficient gameplay, and it adds what it is necessary to get into the game by another aspect.

Now they add new aspects to the game : XP ! and a campaign !!

Campaign :

With the campaign, Burn Out allows you to link your games together. Your fighters are going to win experience and, for luckiest ones, will become real war machines ... but the suffered wounds will be able to put them off for a time or even lead them to the death !

Lot's of fun in perspective !

One the men behind Eden is Mohand, a very talented sculptor and painter !!
Check his youtube channel for vids (in french) :

Check the kickstarter it will worth it !

you can dl the rules for free here :


created : 3 months ago

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Greebo Games: Florence Knights - Bret and Humans Kickstarter

Tags : kickstarter fantasy football bretonnians

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Just a quick head's up in case you missed it - there is a kickstarter for bretonnians/humans for fantasy football, made by Greebo Games.

created : 5 months ago

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Willy Miniatures: Chaos Pact Team Kickstarter

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Little preview for the next Willy Miniatures Kickstarter for your fantasy football games - the Chaos Pact. The scultpers are Fausto Gutierrez and Pedro Gutierrez, from GT Studio Creations, and it already looks quite awesome!

PS: It will go live in roughly 30-40 days!

Lady Atia

created : 5 months ago

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Luxumbra: Infinity Collectors (kickstarter)

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Hello everyone !

The Luxumbra Kickstarter just opened :

Angel Giraldez (infinity cover painter) is presenting a set of 4 busts and one 75mm figure from the infinity setting for our painting pleasure. There are a lot of options on the kickstarter page, you can even pledge to spend 3 days painting with the team in spain !

Better check it !


created : 5 months ago

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Gnomes & Associates kickstarter

Tags : kickstarter boardgame indy

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Morning everyone !!

Today i want to talk about a kickstarter that is an entry door in the miniature world !

Welcome to the Gnomes & Associates Kickstarter, the miniatures game that all the family could enjoy!

Gnomes & Associates is a fun family game with miniatures. It stands as the ideal gateway to discover the universe of fantasy miniatures. It offers a simple rules system, featuring a wide variety of powers and objectives to attract all players. In Gnomes & Associates, each player controls one of Marveland’s Guilds and tries to become the most influential guild in the kingdom. Each player controls from 2 to 4 miniatures and attempts to achieve the missions that will lead them to victory. The game uses color dice whose successes are clearly identifiable. Besides the miniatures, a card system allows to specialize and greatly vary the gaming experience.

basic gameplay video here :

Only 55hours to go and a lot of bonus have already been unlocked !


created : 9 months ago

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Wood elf proxy by Hidden Dreams on Indiegogo

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Hello everyone !!

Before the week end i'd like to share the work of a small studio in poland, releasing a kickstarter on indiegogo.
They plan to make wood elf models for the 9th Age ! (but can be used in AOS too)

btw : 9th age is the independent Warhammer battle community, a bit like blood bowl 10 years ago !

My review of the models :

-The forest Prince look very cool (very nice cape)
-The eagles are stunning !!! really like the idea of the tree base.
-The thicket standard bearer is interesting and would make a great dryad leader.
-I am not sure about the Wardancer, i need a better pics !

Check their kickstarter and pledge something if you want help them living the dream !
For 15$ you get the Shapeshifter Forest Prince with all the optional weapons !! very good value to me !

Thx everyone !


created : 10 months ago

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