Kill Team Arena !

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Hello again !!

Kill Team: Arena is designed to transform Kill Team into a tournament-ready competitive skirmish wargame. Inside the expansion, you’ll find rules designed to offer a tightly balanced gaming experience that’ll test your tactical abilities to the limit, plus guidelines for running events of your own. Pre-constructed maps provide a consistent gaming experience for all, while a set of missions ensure a varied and exciting challenge.

That’s not all – Kill Team Arena also features terrain, as well as rules for fighting in ultra-close confines, representing battle fought in endless corridors of Space Hulks or the caverns of an underground base. What’s more, it’ll be released alongside two new sets – Starn’s Disciples and Theta-7 Acquisitus, both featuring all-new Commander miniatures – each a brand-new unit for their faction, for both Kill Team and Warhammer 40,000.

The Kelermorph is a gunslinging hero capable of cutting down enemy Characters in a blaze of high-calibre revolver fire, while the Tech-Priest Manipulus specialises in dealing devastating damage at range with the magnarail lance:

Lastly, we’re bringing you a brand-new Killzone to battle over – the far-flung Sector Fronteris! This battlefield lets you recreate the high-stakes action of a frontier shootout with a distinctly Warhammer 40,000 flair – we can’t think of anywhere better to put your new Genestealer Cults gunslinger to the test…


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New White Dwarf format and Kroot mercs for KT

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Hello there !!

GW just anounced an update to the WD. During the presentation video

you could see that Kill Team will have soon Kroots Mercenaries.


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Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress join kill team !

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Small thumb ktcommandroster dec5 janusdraikdatasheet content

Hello everyone !!

It was a matter of time :

That’s right, the question that many of you have asked can now be answered. The cast of explorers in Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress have now been made available as Kill Team Commander datasheets, and are able to join their appropriate Factions. In fact, Rogue Trader Janus Draik can join the Adeptus Astartes, Astra Militarum or Adeptus Mechanicus Faction by virtue of his Warrant of Trade!

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Kill Team Command Roster

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Hello everyone !!

GW released Command Roster to help you manage your KT :

Command Roster enables you to easily build your kill teams and keep track of their progression in campaigns. You start off by picking your kill team’s Faction, after which the Command Roster unlocks all of the available options for you on both the Roster and Kill Team tabs.

details here :

Link :

Really Helpfull


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Kill Team: Blackstone Fortress and Command Roster

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

PDF for the Blackstone stuff is here:

Aswell as the new Kill Team Command Roster feature:

Lady Atia

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Blackstone Fortress kill team on the way !

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Small thumb darkilteam

Hello there !

Gw announced that Blackstone Fortress cast are getting Kill Team profile !

Super cool info i wonder how and when. (Jan WD ?)


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Kill Team Commanders Review

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Hello everyone !!

It's time for our Review of the commander box set.

As you surely know tomorow the second Kill Team extension : Commanders will hit the shelves. Do you want to include Heroes and Leaders into you kill team game ? You want equip them ? give them trait ? or even levels ? You can do it with the commander boxset.

My first impression when I heard about this xpack wasn't super good. does Killteam that is already a great Game workshop games (my favorite right now) really need multi wounds/super strong heroes ?

I am not sure, let's find out !

What's in the box ?

There is no model included.
Soft cover book (120 pages)
1 tactics cards deck (~35 cards)
6 psychic cards
1 Deck of blank commander cards.
1 punchboard with life token and some other stuffs.

What are Commanders ?

Commanders are a special kind of Kill Team unit, representing the very best of the best. Made up of everything from talented leaders to deadly solo combatants, each Commander is the equal of multiple ordinary troops. Commanders can be used in special open, narrative and matched play missions that allow higher points limits than ordinary games of Kill Team, enabling you to include a Commander alongside your normal kill team or field a larger kill team against them.

Every single Kill Team faction has a commander or two to choose from, with each drawing from a brand-new pool of specialisms, customisable traits and, in some cases, psychic disciplines. Unlike ordinary members of your kill team, Commanders don’t gain experience or level up – instead, you’ll be able to buy levels for them using points when you add them to your Kill Team, making them incredibly customizable.

Let's now look at the details

Rules of commanders

Commanders differ not only by their power but they also have some special rules on how to play them.

Including commander

-You can have only one commander in the kill team.
- You can only choose a commander in a mission where they are allowed. (and you MUST pick one)
-You can have more than one commander on the roster but only one in the kill team.

So yea in a non commander mission you can't select it. All commanders allowing missions are 200pt limit and MUST include one. So in a sense it's more designed like a mission feature than an optimisation option.

-When you select a commander he get to choose a specialty that does not count toward the Max limit for them. These are new specialisms reserved to them.
-If you have more than one commander on the roster they can't have the same specialism.

Extract of the Logistic Specialism

Extract of the Stealth Specialism

Commander Level

when you select a commander you choose his lvl 1 2 3 or 4. off course a lvl 4 commander is super expensive. But if you want a lvl 4 primaris captain it's possible and only cost 154 points. Some other commanders are weaker but a lot more affordable


In addition to any tactics the warband can already use, the commander can use :
-3 common tactics
-1 to 3 for your specific commander.

Thats a lot of tactics, better to have cards to remember them all !
When you think about it you have : Tactics from core, tactics from faction choice, tactics from specialism, tactics from commander, tactics from commander faction and lastly tactics from commander specialism, tactics from kill worlds...

Commander Traits

When you select your commander you can also buy a commander trait. There are some very interesting choices but it cost a few extra points (5 to 20). Like most traits options there is 6 choice.

Aura tactics

Kill Team : commander includes a new type of Tactics, called aura tactics.
Aura tactics are 'passive' abilities that once activated grant a bonus until end of turn or phase.

Psychic power

There are 6 psychic power available. To get one you have to exchange Psybolt or another psychic power present on the profile against one from the list (you can choose if you want)

Lot of different Commanders

There are 41 (excluding named).
Most of them are super strong but limited to certain missions where the opponent get to bring a Commander too. This way no one is disadvantaged.

Here some example :


This review is kind of short because the content is limited (and I am eager to start on the Speed Freeks Review ^^)

My take on Commander : When we heard of commander. I was wondering how to not break the game with super strong Multiwounds models. Now I that read the book i think that : Sure some of the commanders are super strong or supports their teams with strong buff. But they can only be included on specific mission where everyone MUST bring one commander.
If everyone must have one, it's more a mission feature than a list building opportunity. It's like playing a 40k scenario where you can get one (strong) scenery piece for free and it's fine.

In definitive Commander is a good idea spice things up, I hope they make a consolidated tournament/mission document that organiser can download with a special table for generating missions.

Sorry for the delays on this review.


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Speed Freeks – Da Roolz

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Small thumb speedfreeksrulespreview oct15 boxcontents4tc

Hello everyone !!

GW made a big presentation of the Speed Freeks rules.

In a nutshell it's a bit like Xwing but with orcs and wagons !


Review this week end.

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Kill Team: Xenos Commanders

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Small thumb ktxenoscommanders oct10 feature 62uf 320x320

Hello everyone

Enormous spoiler for kill team on the GWCT website.
Covering most of the Xenos commander.

Full review this weekend


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Kill Team: Commanders of the Imperium

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Small thumb ktimpcommanders oct8 feature 25we 320x320

Hello there !

Kill Team: Commanders introduces a whole new level to Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team – specifically, the top level! This expansion introduces some of the most powerful leaders of each Faction, including senior officers, deadly alpha-beasts and heroic warriors. The addition of a Commander to your kill team offers a whole new wealth of possibilities. For starters, there are loads of customisation options that can be applied to each Commander, including a set of useful trait abilities and a choice of up to 10 new specialisms, but they can be also be upgraded to level 2, 3 or 4 right from the start. Many Commanders can also utilise powerful Aura Tactics – inspirational abilities that, once activated, have a large area of effect.

Only Primaris Marines

Get access to specials tactics as such :

Or psy power

There are also named characters

Torrvald Orksbane : His Level 3 ability, The Icy Kiss of Fenris, ensures that any model that suffers a mortal wound from his Psybolt psychic power, but isn’t taken out of action, is automatically shaken – a debilitating ability which is great for keeping multi-wound enemies (and especially rival Commanders) at bay!

Deathwatch players can field a mighty Watch Master or a Primaris Captain, Chaplain or Librarian. The Primaris Commanders are taken from the Adeptus Astartes faction but, as members of the Deathwatch, gain the Special Issue Ammunition ability.

Gaius Acastian Commander set – If you upgrade him to Level 2, his Instinctive Strategy ability earns you a Command Point on a roll of 5+ each time your opponent uses a Tactic!

Whether you choose a (Lord) Commissar, a Platoon/Company Commander or a Tempestor Prime, the Astra Militarum Commanders not only add some solid resilience and close-combat hitting power to your kill team, but their Aura Tactics are a gift from the Emperor Himself!

Lord Commissar Feodor Lasko is your Commander set of choice if you’re looking for a suitably stoic and brave addition to your kill team – his True Grit ability at Level 1 means he’ll be Toughness 4 from the get-go

the Commanders of the Adeptus Mechanicus are Tech-Priests. The Enginseer offers a useful and cost-effective Commander with the nifty Repair Artisan Aura Tactic, whilst the Tech-Priest Dominus is a nigh-unkillable powerhouse who can self-repair and augment the firepower of his allies.

Magos Dalathrust Commander set – at Level 3, you can add 1 to the Damage characteristic of his ranged weapons (imagine that on a macrostubber)!

Source :


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