Vostroyan Firstborn Made to order next week only !

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Small thumb mtochristmasday dec23 vostroyantroopers content 1

Hello everyone !

On Christmas Day, a new wave of Made to Order miniatures will appear – and they’re dressed in red and wearing big hats. What could be more appropriate for the day? They are, of course, the classic Vostroyan Firstborn Astra Militarum miniatures, and a whole range of them will be available for one week only.

created : about 1 month ago

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Next Week: Beasts of Legend

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Small thumb mtobeasts 11nov feature 13iv 320x320

Hello there !!

The next set of made to order from 17Nov

-Gorthor The Beastlord

-Ghorros Warhoof

-Wargor Standard Bearer



-old metal Warhounds


A pdf Beast Battletome for narrative and Open play

That Hype !!


created : 2 months ago

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Beast of chaos Made to Order

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Small thumb preorderpreviewchampionsofchaos sep30 morghurmto

Hello there !

On made to order next week :







created : 4 months ago

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Made to Order: Heroes of the Old World

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Small thumb mtoheroes sep2 feature 10cv

Hello everyone !!

Next week on made to order (from 8 to 15 september)

Fay Enchantress

Louen Leoncoeur

Kurt Helborg

Ludwig Schwarzhelm

High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer

Thorek Ironbrow – plus the Anvil of Doom.

Chameleon Skink chief Oxyotl

Tenehuain, priest of the mysterious god Sotek…

Damn seeing Louen LeonCoeur and Thorgrim here is painful ^^
Don't miss this last chance !


created : 5 months ago

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Dragons to Order

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Small thumb dragontoorder

Hello again !!

In the Tumulte of the Titanicus release i wanted to make a post about this 3 dragon that go on Made to order for 7 days only (deliveries 35 days later.)
-Prince Imrik
-Sisters of Twilight


created : 6 months ago

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Made to order !

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Small thumb mtosettratheimperishable jul8 content12di

Hello everyone !!

This is it, Settra the Imperishable Made to order is upon us :'(
To be honest i was secretly hoping that at the end of the Malign Portent Settra was saving the day with his army ! But finally it was a group of gutter runners ^^

-Only 7 little days to order them
-Resin or Metal depending what the final cast was


created : 7 months ago

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Kal Jerico and Donna Ulanti

Tags : made to order

Small thumb kalandmad

Hello everyone !!

Don't forget you only have this week to order these models !

created : 11 months ago

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Made to order (bloodbowl)

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Small thumb 99110999088 vampireteammto01

Hello everyone !

Don't forget that some classic team are on made to order this week :
Wood elves
Vampires counts
Halfings + treeman
Treeman big guy (solo)


created : over 1 year ago

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Goblin Bloodbowl Team ! + Necromantic Teams

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Small thumb may7bbgoblins1

Hello again

-Goblin announced on the Community web site ! Holy shit they are awesome but where are the secret weapons ?
-Necromantic team will be on made to order next week

source :


created : over 1 year ago

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Made to Order: Blood Bowl

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Small thumb fb img 1491207370428

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

New made to order wave - this time it's all about Blood Bowl!

Lady Atia

created : almost 2 years ago

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