Necromunda: The FAQ

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Hello everyone !!

Necromunda FAQ :

Page 76 – Stimm-slug Stash
Change the first sentence of the second paragraph to begin:
“Once per game,…”



created : about 1 month ago

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Forge World Pre Orders

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Hello everyone !!

Fw pre order today are :

Orc team Booster

Wtf, only one blitzer but one thrower is included ? So i need Varaag to get a set of 4.
Ps : Thrower are bad in an orc team, don't use them in league ! EVER !!!!!
edit : If you play in a tournament with rez and no XP it's different.

Cawdor Weapon set 1

Cawdor Weapon set 2

Denethor and Irolas

Denethor face is awesome ! On the other hand Irolas look weird (even if the painting is superb)


created : about 1 month ago

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Preview of the new Necromunda Rulebook !

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Hello everyone !!

A new 192 page (hardback) will be on pre order saturday.
It will compile all the gang wars released until now.

Contents are :
-Necromunda background
-Gang fluff
-Full game rules
-12 standard scenarios to play
-13 (including two multiplayer) scenarios in the Arbitrator Tools
-All the errata and Faq
-Full trading post with all the stuff from everywhere.
-Limited Edition will be available too

ex :with the dominion campaign

Also don't forget you can Dl :

Genestealer Cultists

Chaos Cultists

Very happy as i have waited for a long time for a complete rulebook with everything in it !


created : about 2 months ago

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Necromunda twitch transcript

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Hello there :

Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher made a full trascript of the necromunda twitch.

Go give them a like or a follow :

Start Here

Necromunda notes from the Twitch live stream on Delque and updated Rules with Andy and Johnathan.

2 Hardback Books, main rules and gangs, inc slipcase double book Edition.
Rules updated and reformatted.
All book rules so far (not WD gangs) plus new material, world map, FAQ and Eratta.
Large background section Inc new background and Necromunda history timeline.
Gang War books will no longer be for sale.
Supplements will come out as add ons for the new books. No plans for annual rulebook compendiums.

Model status and conditions changed to be easier.
Movement and terrain rules cleared up.
Cover helps vs template weapons.
Toxin / armour save updated and clarified.
Generally, loads of rules tightened up. Very few rules actually changed in what they do.
All fighters can take Wargear, still have weapon restrictions.
Some weapon traits added, others tweaked. Weapons have some stat/modifier changes.
Beasts Lair changed with full profile.
New gang equipment like one use ammo cache or melta traps.

House sub-plots added. Use card decks or roll on 4 tables. Extra objectives, like attack a leader or use Coup de Grace with extra rewards of Creds, Rep, Exp and Tactics cards.

Bounty Hunters updated to help claim Creds and possibly stay with gang for more than one game.

Quarterly releases still coming. Might not all be gangs.

No Gang War 5. But Delaque rules will be available separately.
Minimum Tactics card deck size.

Delaque inc male and female models. A little taller than other gangs.
Long-las heavy weapon. Plus a couple of others. Nothing too big.
Gun shrouds (silencers), web Gauntlet, web solvent, digi-weapons
FW- gravgun, heavy flamer, plasma, melta
Spyker, forced psyker Brute
Spekter, drone servo skull / pet

Delaque Gang specific tactics inc moving obstacles, Intel check for auto miss, swap model positions, can’t target Chosen model, pitch black rules for rest of game.

General gangs tactics inc change attack target, 3 fighters get free shot, Chosen model may not be played, -1 BS WS and Intel on Chosen model.

Guild allies in the future. Guild representatives join gang.
Phyrr Cat models getting reworked.

End Here

created : about 2 months ago

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House Delaque

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Hello there

DELAQUE for Necromunda :

Not to be outdone, the Necromunda team have been hard at work and can reveal the final House Gang – meet the insidious agents of Delaque:

Re-designed and re-born in glorious multipart plastic, your House Delaque gang will be available in a jam-packed kit that lets you build a host of sinister gangers armed with all manner of unique equipment – not to mention the best trench coats the underhive has to offer.

If you’ve been tempted to get into Necromunda, it’s about to get even easier. Two new books are on the way that take the content from the Gang Wars so far and compile it into a pair of concise guides to skirmish warfare in the depths of the underhive.

The Necromunda Rulebook is your essential guide to the game itself, combining the rules found in the Necromunda: Underhive boxed set with a host of content from Gang War and updated with the latest feedback from the FAQs and Errata. Meanwhile, the Gangs of Necromunda supplement contains rules for all six of the House Gangs, plus Hangers-on, Brutes, the trading post and more.

These books are your one-stop shop for rules and are perfect for both veteran fans looking for an easy reference for their battles and juves looking to take their first steps in the underhive. If you’re looking to get started, Necromunda: Underhive is still a great way to do so, but now, you’ve got the option of kicking off your first campaign with one of the other gangs who’ve joined the fray, like House Orlock or Cawdor.

created : 3 months ago

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New models from FW on pre-order

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Hello there !

New stuff to pre order from FW :


It may not be cute – but when you can tear a ganger's arm off in a single bite, you don't need to be. Add this scaly companion to your Goliath Gang today: (19€)


Enhance your Elven Union team with the latest expansions! Cheer your team to victory with a dedicated set of Cheerleaders, and get two Star Players in one with the Swift Twins:

The Swift Twins 30€

Elfheim Eaglettes - Elf Cheerleading Squad

A squad of Elf cheerleaders for Blood Bowl
4 models adding a bit of glamour (and rules) to your games 28€


created : 3 months ago

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Necromunda: The Sumpkroc

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Small thumb speedwaaagh oct12 badmoons 6jh

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

New cute Goliath pet from Forgeworld - a sumpkroc!

"What has four eyes, four legs, jaws that can cleave a man in two and a love of walkies? Why, a Sumpkroc of course!

The time for you to add this adorable critter/mutant deathbeast to your Goliath gang is almost upon us. You’ll be able to buy one of your own in the near future."

Soooo cute =)

Lady Atia

created : 3 months ago

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Kria the Huntress, House Escher Bounty Hunter - Pre order

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Hello everyone !!

Kria Escher BH on pre order
Price : 18£, 23€, 28$
Ship on 10/05/2018

Kria Kytoro died with a sneer on her lips and her blade buried in her rival’s throat. Single-minded in her pursuit of her enemies, Kria earned the moniker of ‘Huntress’ because none prey-marked by her crew, the Bittersweet Blades, ever escaped for long. When Kria tangled with Gorgon, boss of the Irontree Lords, she met her match in ferocity and cunning, the Goliath leader emptying his shotgun into Kria’s chest even as her knife opened up his throat. Kria’s story might have ended there, had the alchymyst fleshteks of House Escher not already had their eye on her. Hauling her body from the Sump, the fleshteks began the process to turn Kria into a death-maiden, a resurrected warrior of House Escher. Kria proved an excellent subject, and within the cycle, she was hauling herself from an amniotic tank, her veins pulsing with chems.

Pre order here :


created : 4 months ago

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Forge World Pre Orders

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Small thumb fwpreorder7sept

Hello everyone !

3 Van saar weapons pack are aviable for pre-order

shield set

Weapons set 1

Weapon set 2 (the link is with Euro price ^^)


created : 5 months ago

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Chaos Cult rules for Necromunda (free dl)

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Hello everyone !!

GW Com just released free and complete (with fluff) rules for Chaos Cult in Necromunda Underhive.
You can even get your cultist turned into Chaos Spawn !


created : 5 months ago

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