Orlock Weapon Set

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Small thumb orlockset

Hello everyone !!

Orlock weapon set at now on pre order.

created : 4 months ago

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Dynamic Duo !

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Hello everyone !!!

Cyber Mastiff soon on pre-order :D

The dog model is fucking awesome !!


created : 7 months ago

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Review of GW2 and orlock sprues

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Hello everyone !!

This morning we received the Necromunda release (better late than never ^^).

This review is going to look at :
I) The Orlock models
II) Orlock fluff and rules
III) Hired guns, Hangers on, Bounty hunters.

created : 9 months ago

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Andy Hoare on Gang War 2

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Hello everyone

Transcript of the WHTV with HH on Necromunda.

-Tyranids DID NOT ate the squats it was a running joke of the studio 15 years ago !
-The squat in Necromunda : Is a member of Vega Rams (old merc units wrote by HH in a CA long time ago)

-In Hive Primus, being part of a gang is like a rite of passage. Everyone spend some time in it.
-The houses are industrials groups fighting Proxy war through their gang.
-Bounty Hunter Gang in white dwarf, can be composed of 100 % Squats ! (7 squats mercs !!!)


-One of the Orlock face is Adam (Lord of ring designer manager).
-All the 6 houses never had a lot of fluff. Orlock had a bit of fluff in an old Fanatic book. The other houses have their fluff derived from their models.
-Orlock house have massive mining operation on the surface. But the gang is not part of the house per se. They are more riders/guards to the mining convoy, at the fringe of the house. That's why orlock look like riders.
-Orlock gangers were at first Orlock slaves. they revolted and got promoted to low rank military (Origine of the rebellious spirit of the Orlock gang.)

Harpoon launchers : in the fluff useful to drag gangers/Loot down in their MaD MaX wars. it's a bit utilitarian.
Don't use Laz weapon, very rugged they love solid ammo, Bowie Knife. Functional and Tough .
Heavy Bolter in the book !

Hired Guns

Extra fightesr you can hire for one game.
Plan for rules allowing them in gangs as permanents members.
2 types : Bounty hunters (strong), Hired guns (weak drek)

Bounty hunters :
3 Profiles, up to 5 weapons, Skills options.
You can hire them just before the game after you know the enemy gang.
They can have everything (skills/weapons ) you want and you can design them to be the nemesis of the opposing gang (countering enemy skills/setup). Off course they are expansives !
If you capture an enemy the BH have a chance to increase the money you gain.

The Esher Bounty Hunter
Yolanda challenged the previous leader of their gang , lost and was banned instead of killed (because she is crazy)

Hangers On
Support cast (like bloodbowl : apo, assistant coach, wizard..) Dont take part if the game.
Only field-able if you are attacked on your home turf.
Last week they decided to make models for Hangers on. Non gang specific so generic one.

Help healing between gamse.

Armor Jack
Make weapons better/reliable.

Rattling scout

Cook, make food, (model could be a rattling chief)

Cyborg Bounty Hunter (ayrios)
Looted archeoteck transformed him in Water Vampire.
Once drained he purify the water into super rare purified waters.
The model was shown at the weekender (the Gunm cyborg with the circle hat)

Dangers Zone
9 double sided tiles.
In the next WD new scenario using 9 tiles in a line.
Firing arcs for larger models.

Goliath outcast bounty hunter
Clever Goliath so was kicked out !

The deserter
Old crazy IG deserter, member of a famous IG regiment during rogue traders.
Plastic IG model from the 1990 inspired him !


Edit : Ntg now i'll add the Owen talk later


created : 9 months ago

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