Angel giraldez is streaming right now !

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Hello everyone !!

Giraldez is streaming right now is air brush lesson in NaKama (spanish)

Click on the image to start de video


created : 6 days ago

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Angron part 1 by kujo painting !

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Small thumb angron

Morning everyone !!

Kujo painting released the part 1 on 2 tutorial for his amazing Angron !!
very cool and instructive NMM method.
Watch it !


created : 18 days ago

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Painting Ultra Smurf with Kujo painting !

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Morning everyone !!!

With all the new row bou tee marines it's time to learn the shinny blue !!
Kujo painting released 2 videos of his technique. The video are really well made and the instruction are very clear !

hope you like it and learn something new :D

his facebook :

his youtube :


created : 25 days ago

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Fabrice tran is streaming !

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Small thumb lucius b

Hello everyone

Fabrice tran a good friend of me (have like 12 golden demon) is streaming.
It's in french.

Quick explanation of his method :
He do a pre shadding with an air brush.
he use very diluted and very small touch of paint and glaze everything !

Hope you like it

his blog :


created : about 1 month ago

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Golden Demon is changing!

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Small thumb goldendemon logo3  1

Hello everyone =)

Update for the Golden Demon competition:

- 28th May in Conventry.
- Few tweaks in the entry guideline
- Categories :
1) 40k single miniature, no more base restriction (just the miniature size is restricted), Primarch for exemple are in the single miniature category.
Single miniature mounted on bike are now inside this category.
2) 40k squad, unit size limitation was changed, you don't need to make it a legal unit in games term anymore. New min number is 3 (from 5)
3) 40k vehicle, no changes just lost jet bikes and bikes that when to single.
4) 40k large model, new place for the bigger kits as they removed a lot of single models from there.
5) Single AoS, same as 40k but for medieval stuff.
6) Aos units, same as 40k, min is 3 for big models. You can present 3 skaven slaves it's legal but not appropriate, but it's down to the painting in the end. Doesn't need to be legal just to fit the background and be cool.
If you use a display base, FIX YOUR MODEL TO IT (they tend to make them fall)
7) AoS large model , Nagash, demons, ...Hyped category for this year.
8) Diorama/battle scene, "think like a book cover" with cool models, NO SIZE LIMIT anymore.
9) Duel: no more size limit but the important is the interaction between 2 models. rules are : 2 mini fighting each other. Size doesn't matter.
10) LOTR/hobbit category : Single mini no size limit (even a Balrog)
11) Heavy metal paint master. New category. One model is imposed, on the stock base, no kitbash or conversion. The model chosen this year is the "plastic eldar farseer" (see pics). All the heavy metal team are participating.
12) Bloodbowl team . New category. 11 players minimum

12 golden demon categories, if you win one you are in a contention for the slayer sword.

Side event :
13) Youngblood : -15 year old, single model, no size limit, vehicle

created : 3 months ago

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Miniature painting stand with finger stabiliser

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Small thumb handstand3

Hello again everyone !!

Hobby stuff review: I bought this painting stand and it finally arrived today. After testing it for a few hours I'd like to share my impression.

First, it's 3d printed in Honk Kong and I got it for 15$ postage included (by plane in 5 or 6 days)
The components look solid enough but they got a small flex common to 3d printed parts but that should cause no problem unless you are a troll (editors note by Atia: aww Trolls!) or something.

The utilisation is really interesting and really helps when you focus on a small part of the model and want to get good transitions. It took me a good hour of adaptation but once used I find it very relaxing.

Check their video for instructions :

you can order there :

For a such cheap price it's a great deal !


created : 3 months ago

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Painting tutorial : Feathering (pirate monkey painting)

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Small thumb feathering display

Morning everyone !

Today it's Monday paint technique and i want to share with you a very good tutorial about feathering.

To me feathering is one of the most important technique a painter can have ! ( with Layering and glazing)
I know there a lot of different interpretations about painting technique, but feathering is roughly : using your brush to draw-out paint pigment.

It's really important to really understand the feathering because it's the door to using paint consistency as a way to paint. And it was really the "click" that changed me from scrub to painter. And i am not even talking about my painting level, i am saying that before this "click" it didn't felt like i was painting.

By pirate monkey painting :

Why is this technique important? Once it is learned properly it gives someone the ability to create very nice transitions very quickly. It is also helpful in creating high contrast more quickly as well.

There is 3 way to feather and you can train one or all of them (do as you want !)
-Drawing the paint (or feathering without cleaning)
-Spit feathering :
-2 brush blending (From mike mcvey and Privateer Press)

One extra way of feathering is the : Loaded brush technique by ben Komets but it's really hard i will not touch this.

This tutorial by pirate monkey painting (new american painter that crossed France on a bike ^^) is really well made an touch all 3 techniques.
It's a great start into feathering !

His patreon :

To your brush !!


created : 3 months ago

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Thousand Sons - A look behind the 'Eavy Metal scheme

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Small thumb tzaangor warheard

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Since I noticed that many of you were interested in the new 'eavy metal studio-scheme for the Thousand Sons, I thought it would be cool to share an article about it from the WD, for these of you who haven't read it yet, aswell as a slighty different approach to Duncan's recipe!

Lady Atia

created : 6 months ago

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Dilution helper by Mojo

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Small thumb 01 dilution white 1000x1000px 2 600x600

Morning everyone !!

Today i want to talk about dilution ! I always struggled with the dilution level i should use when : layering or glazing.
2 month ago, while i was watching a ben komet tutorial, he spoke about the dilution helper tool he made to check paint consistency. The idea interested me and ho boy i don't regret it ! this little tool really helped me get glaze right.

Bough from mojo workshop :

ps : The dilution helper is coated with soft plastic so you can erase paint once used and the sheet dont absorb paint like paper.
ps2 : i guess you could DIY by printing it and using a transparent sleeve (the one for magic card for exemple)


created : 7 months ago

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Painting mini from A to Z by Angel Giraldez volume 2

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Small thumb az0002 1

Hello everyone !!!

Today the Painting Miniatures From A To Z - Angel Giraldez Masterclass Volume 2 is on pre order
on the corvus belli website !!

145 pages price is : 45e with an exclusive miniature (scroll down to see it)

vol1+vol2+both mini+ signed by angel :


created : 7 months ago

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