One rumor engine solved

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Small thumb rumor engine

Hello everyone !!

One visitor of the blog just solved this one !

GG jonathan Montes !


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SHADESPIRE : New Universal Cards you HAVE to Try

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Small thumb image

Hello everyone !!

GW team just revealed some new universals cards for Shadespire.

Two of them are going to retain attention for sure !

That's official now, Shadespire is a cards game ;)

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Shadespire Nightvault FAQ

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Hello everyone !!

FAQ for nightvault here :

Still no answer on the Chainrasp push debate :(


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Warband Focus: Eyes of the Nine

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Small thumb whuweyesofthenine oct02 minis 13pq

Hello there !

Warband focus Eyes of the Nine !!


The Eyes of the Nine are, first and foremost, a control warband, focused around capturing objectives while maintaining decent ranged damage throughout the game. With a number of fast-moving fighters, and the ability to summon a Blue Horror on any starting hex (including those in your opponent’s territory), you’ll have an enormous amount of control over the board. This is complimented by an appropriately tricksy set of cards that let you shift fighters with ease and score plenty of glory in the process:

Where the Eyes of the Nine really stand out is in the power step – you’ll be able to use your activations to move and soften up enemies before annihilating them with all manner of devastating spells. Choices like Ravenous Flame and Wracking Change are great ways to deal damage, while upgrades like Piercing Bolt and Empowered Sorcery transform Vortemis into an even deadlier ranged fighter.

Pre order this week end !


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Shadespire leak from new WD

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Small thumb 42730908 1917094075076626 9022314657699856384 o

Hello everyone !!

WD leak are everywhere.
These come from John WR on FB


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Next Week: Warbands for shadespire !!!

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Small thumb preorderpreviewwhnv sep30 eyesofninezarbagsgitzboxes e1538155772813

Hello there !!

Next week on pre order :

The Eyes of the Nine

The Disciples of Tzeentch are a fan-favourite faction in Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and with the rise of wizards and spellcasting in the Mirrored City, it was only fitting that the Chaos God of Magic’s forces should receive a Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault expansion. The Eyes of the Nine are an ambitious pack of seekers hunting for forbidden knowledge, made up of a varied band of the Changer of Ways’ followers.

Led by magister Vortemis the All-Seeing, the Eyes of the Nine are an unusual and dynamic warband, capable of casting magical spells and even summoning Blue Horrors to the field, turning the rules of Warhammer Underworlds on their head and offering exciting new challenges for you to master.

Zarbag’s Gitz

Shadespire has faced magical calamity, invasion from forces beyond the comprehension of man and the Shyish Necroquake itself – but is it ready for the Moonclan grots?

Zarbag’s Gitz are Warhammer Underworlds first-ever NINE-fighter warband, a rampaging pack of goblins who make up for their individual frailty with overwhelming numbers, squig allies and fungus-fuelled determination.

Following on from the Fungoid Cave-Shaman earlier in the year, this warband brings the classic and much-loved aesthetic of the Moonclan to life in stunning detail, featuring new takes on iconic classics like squigs as well as all-new miniatures that shed light on the madcap world of the grots, like armoured squig-herder Drizgit.

Steelheart’s Champions and Garrek’s Reavers Return!

With the Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Core Set replacing the old one, you may be wondering just where you’ll be able to get Steelheart’s Champions and Garrek’s Reavers if you didn’t get them the first time around. Well, good news – both are being transformed into fully-fledged expansions, containing all the fighters and warband cards you need to play them.

What’s more, these sets feature brand new cards for Nightvault, with new gambits and upgrades usable by any warband. Don’t worry if you’ve already got these warbands, or you don’t fancy them – we’re also making all the universal cards from these sets available in a pack of their own:

With so many new universal cards this week, we’ll be taking a look at what they mean for your decks and previewing some in detail next week, so keep an eye out…


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Averon Stormsire painted

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Small thumb bobpaintingfar

Hello everyone !!

I know Nightvault is releasing today and as i just finished painting Averon Stormsire i wanted to share my joy :D
Such a fun model to paint. The details are super crisp easy to pick out a real painting treat !

When you think about the Stormcast evolution over the last 3 years. The first liberator weren't that great but now a days the sacrosanct chamber is really an improvement. I could totally start a sacrosanct army now !

Tell me what you think :D

In case someone ask color used are :

Nmm gold :
-Base : Mournfang brown
-highlight : Flash git yellow
-highlight 2 : Flash git yellow + white
-highlight 3 : white
-Shade 1 : Rhinox hide
-Glaze shadow with serapin sepia

-Base : Altdorf Guard Blue
-highlight : Teclis Blue
-highlight 2 : Teclis Blue + white
-highlight 3 : white
-Shade 1 : Macragge Blue

-base : P3 Menoth white base
-shade : Cryx bane highlight
-highlight : P3 Menoth white highlight
-highlight2 : scale 75 white

Weapon nmm (scale75)
-Base : Caspian blue
-highlight : Electric blue
-highlight 2 : Bering blue
-highlight 3 : white
-Shade 1 : Abyssal blue
I basically used the scale75 NMM set.


created : 25 days ago

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Night Goblin warband

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Small thumb gobbo

Hello everyone !!

The nine night goblin warband (with special spawn rules ^^)

Thx jonathan for the info ;)


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Shadespire website updated for season 2

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Small thumb newwebsite

Hello everyone !!

warhammer underworld website has been updated for the new season.

Improved with :

Becca scott video
Updated cards library
Top meta deck
Organised Play Info
and more...

Go visit it


created : 26 days ago

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Shadespire Nightvault review (partB)

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Small thumb images

Hello everyone !!!

Second part of the Nighthaunt Set review, the cards !!!

I'll start with the SC then the Nighthaunt and i'll finish with the universal.

EDIT : PS if you can't zoom on your device i added the pics at the end of the post.


Before talking about cards and stats let's examine the rules and the Magic dice.

Spells attack action

Spells attacks actions are both : Spells and attack action

Spells include spell attack action.
Attack action include spell attack action.

Each : Dice have 1 crit symbol, 2 swirls symbol (focus), 3 lightnings symbol(channel).
Spells succeed when you have enough of the corresponding symbol.

Weird rule : When CASTING a SPELL, The critical symbol is a joker and count as a any symbol you need. But the crit only count as one success. Double But, on a SPELL ATTACK ACTION the critical symbol count as a crit like normal attacks and must be defended by a crit.

Math : Each dice have 1/2 chance to get a focus or 2/3 chance to get a channel (this include the crit symbol joker)

Stormsire’s Cursebreakers

Sacrosanct Stormcast are wizard and off course use the new magic mechanism of the Season 2.

Before looking at their cards look first at their warrior cards :

lvl2 mage (got 2 dices)
Super tanky once inspired
Range 3 dmg 2 magic attack once inspired (stat wise it's like a 2D Hammer symbol attack)
Inspire by casting a spell.

lvl1 mage
Weird magic guard rules (does it ignore cleave?)
3 hammer 3 dmg attack !!!
Empower, 1d succeed 2/3 (count as a spell and so inspire). Obvious combo is cast empower, get inspired , then charge for profit.

lvl1 mage
Weird magic guard rules (does it ignore cleave?)
Less flashy but very consistent in his inspired form

Cards included in the Base deck


(Sorry for the weird lightning and alignement.)

Concerning the cards, Off course Tempest might and Lightning whip look stronger than the others.

Tempest might only work on spell attack action so i guess it's only for Stormsire as there is no upgrade to get an Spell attack action on the other 2 or on anyone else. But a 2d 3damage 3range attack is crazy good. Don't forget that spell attack action are attack action and can benefit from other cards as well, like fuelled by fury (reroll next attack) or lethal strike for the giggle. Off course it get crazy bonker good with ready for action. Ready for action allow you attack after upgrading ^^ (fun time)

lightning whip Bring Ammis in the 4 dmg range very strong.

the other one are cute but nothing super crazy


Stormstrike allow Ammis to deal a 5dmg attack if you have lighting whip

Lightning assault allow extra Stormsire attack if you fail ^^

Other spells gambit are trash tier but are here to inspire you.


harness the storm is the gem : Leader attack with spell attack action (count as a spell) get inspired an gain 1 glory, upgrade the +1dmg, then play ready to action for a second attack (dealing 3dmg). Ok you need to have the perfect hand to pull this off but imagine sniping a Grimnir before he get inspired ^^

The 4 others are ok but nothing special.

Thorns of the Briar Queen

Lvl2 mages
Very strong inspired attack.
Super hard to inspire (i think)

Strong attack
Good defence
VERY STRONG ACTION ! moving all rasp by 2. Perfect for objective play deck, really help inspiring the Rasps.

Weak defense until inspired and only 3 life, benefit from being a Rasps.
If you can inspire him with the push 2 power he could be good.

Weak but once inspired if they outnumber an enemy they are a lot more tricky to kill than you imagine.

Cards included in the Nighthaunt Base deck


Yea meh.
Strangling and Sadistic could be usefull if you can inspire.
Curse of the Briar queen is good vs sacrosanct and could be auto include in the future if all other warbands are magic based too ^^


I like "drifting advance" is help a lot to inspire and surround
Endless Malice help too.


Ha it starting to be good ! All but execution are worth to have.
So maybe the strategy with the Briar queen is getting easy glory points that you waste on upgrade ^^
But still with the 5 numbered Objectives and these 4 it could be very strong.

Tbh i don't like horde warbands in this game.

Universal cards

Some Universal cards included in the starting decks.
Determined effort was already previewed by GW but it sound super nasty with lethal strike and can turn game around.
note : Briar queen with determined effort and Lethal strike have 52% to get a crit. you get 1 reroll with Commanding strike (for 60%) to pull it off (before defense.)

That's it for the review of the starting decks.
I'll do a third post about the Extra cards tomorow.
Super exited to try the Sacrosanct even if i'd like some rules FAQ before getting in Overhype mode ^^
An you what do you think ?


created : about 1 month ago

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