Brad Glover's Skaven Skyfleet

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Small thumb skavenarmy aug15 feature 9kf

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Just sharing a cute and very nice converted Skaven Army from Warhammer Community :)

Festival Lady Atia

PS: If I find the one who played that annoying song all night next to my tent - you wish the Inquisition had found you. Grrrrrr

created : 3 months ago

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Shadespire Skaven review

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Small thumb 60120706001 spiteclawsswarmeng01

Hello everyone !!

Gw was nice enough to send us the Shadespire release, alas there was some bug in in the machine and 2 Skavens packs arrived and 0 Fireslayer warband.

So let's get started !

Warband game play

Before checking the composition of the warbands i need to talk about the main trick of the warband.
Skritch in his inspired or normal version have an action that allow him to spawn skaven grunts (Lurking,Hungering, or Festering skaven) on any starting hex ! anywhere on the map ! Off course it's a really powerful ability. The bread and butter of the skaven !

Skavens gets inspired when you have to "choose" the target of a ploy cards (your or opponents).
1) It add extra value to a ploy on an uninspired skaven !
2) Ploy not choosing skaven target have less value.
3) Offer a little bit of protection against enemy ploy.

In a nutshell Skavens are fast , numerous so you need to use this to their advantage an isolate out of position warriors.

created : 9 months ago

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Warband Focus: Spiteclaw’s Swarm

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Small thumb whuwwarbands skavenfeb7 warband6wbh

Hello everyone !!

Shadespire Skaven preview by WC

The skaven warband look interesting, they are fast with rez-able grunts.
The Leader action allowing the rez seem strong as you can spawn a rat anywhere and hold or contest objectives easily.

On the other hand their stats are weak and the inspired version are only small upgrade.
Will have to see all the cards to get a better understanding but playing ploys seem like the bread and butters of this team.

source :


created : 9 months ago

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Next week Pre-orders.

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Small thumb preorderpreview feb04 feature0ft

Hello everyone !!

GW just revealed their planning for next week :

Skaven (with Krrk The Almost-Trusted ^^)

Orlocks + accessories
New tiles for Underhive : Bad Zone Delta

Source : Here


created : 9 months ago

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Small thumb bbpreorderglartsmashrip

Hello everyone !!!

GLART SMASHRIP is on pre order on FW website here(18£) :

Awesome !!This time the model look very well casted ! hope it start a new trend ;)


created : over 1 year ago

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Hakflem Skuttlespike & Warpgnaw Verminlord

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Small thumb 99550906002 hakflemskuttlespike01

Morning everyone !!

2 new release by FW :

Hakflem Skuttlespike :
Warpgnaw Verminlords:

warscroll :


created : over 1 year ago

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Temporal Distort: Jes Goodwin's original Space Skaven Artworks (~1991)

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Small thumb skaven 1

Howdy Guys and Girls - and welcome to 2017's first Temporal Distort - a look back at the past of Citadel and Games Workshop!

Today I would like to look back at the work of Jes Goodwin, and some of his original design work. The stage is set for ..... Space Skavens!

created : almost 2 years ago

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The skaven team !

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Small thumb cuwr1ltwgaavoyy

hello all !

just sharing the new skaven team !

from what i see :

6 lineman ( m7 s3 a3 arm7)
2 Stormvermin (+1 arm and block)
2 gutter runner (-1 str, +2 move, +1 AGI,dodge)
2 thrower (Sure hand and pass)

too bad there is no new positional like an assassin :/


created : about 2 years ago

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