Japanese Space Marines Heroes review (full set!)

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Hello everyone !!

I'd like to share a post Christopher sent us.
It's an amazing review of the Space marines heroes (the japan ones).
From this point onward it's him speaking :


Recently I got hold of a Japanese Space Marine Heroes display and since
there is a big interest in the Space Marine Heroes I wanted to share
every information I have with the community.

The display is Beautiful. As you can see, it looks like a Rhino. It
contains 24 Space Marine Heroes miniatures. Important detail: You get a
pair of every miniature pro display, so if you are in Japan and want to
buy all twelve Space Marine Heroes, try to get a sealed display, because
otherwise there is the possibility that you won’t get the whole
collection. The Box says „Series 1“, so maybe there will be a Series 2,
who knows?

The Heroes are clearly a starter product. They are snap fit, come with a
custom scenic base and it is possible to remove the parts from the sprue
without a knife, though I would recommend using some tools for doing
this. The quality is standard GW quality. The details are nice and
crisp. The poses are quite dynamic with a few exceptions. Every model
has the option for a head with helmet or without, so there will be some
heads to customise other Space Marines or if you go full Warhammer
40.000 nerd I guess you could paint both so you could interchange them.
The Squad is an Ultramarine squad fluffwise, but since the chapter
details are not modelled, you can paint them in any way you deem fit.
The boxes do not contain any decal transfer sheets.

Each box contains an assembly guide for the miniature as well as a card
of the specific Space Marine. It has some stats like Firepower or
Armour, which do not fit with the 40k rules. I guess this is mostly to
give children which start with the hobby some idea to compare the
miniatures or make up some game to trade their double Miniatures. The
back of each card contains the background for the brother in question,
which I cannot read, cause its Japanese, but google translate ist really
good in translating it.

Each Space Marine Hero costs 750 Yen which is 5,40 €, so it is clearly a
starter product. The Display would cost you 18.000 Yen, which is 137,- €
but I don’t know if they would sell you a whole display in Japan.

The Squad consists of:

Brother-Sergeant Sevastus, who is equipped with a Grav-Pistol and a
Brother Dolor, who has a quite dynamic pose looking at his auspex
Brother Calistus, who is equipped with a Flamer
Brother Remus, who is equipped with a Rocket Launcher
Brother Castus, who is your standard Bolter Space marine
Brother Titus, who looks a little bit like the iron hands guy from Kill
Team Cassius since he is reloading his Bolter in the same pose
Brother Gaiun, who is a standard Bolter Space Marine running
Brother Venial, who throws a grenade
Brother Garus, who is shooting his Bolt Pistol
Brother Aethor, who runs and looks from the Pose like the Space Wolf
from Kill Team Cassius

There are two more Space Marine Heroes, Brother Toriad with a Heavy
Bolter and Brother Promethor with a Plasma Gun. I guess their purpose is
to be able to exchange the Heavy and Special Weapon within the squad.

Bonus: GW wouldn’t be GW if there wouldn’t be a 13th miniature which is
not contained in the display. Brother-Captain Thassarius is on the back
of every assembly guide. There is some Japanese printed above him which
says „Limited edition miniature“. There is no information on how to get
him. I could only speculate that there will be a special Japanese event
where they sell him or there will be maybe a scheme like get all of
series one and you will be allowed to buy the brother captain. But to
make it clear: I have no information on that and can only speculate.

I’ve also made a Video of some of the Boxes where I explain what I wrote
down here. Please excuse the shitty quality, since I’m not doing this
normally. If you like the Video and want to see all of the Space Marine
Heroes please let me know.

If you have questions write them in the comments, I’ll try to answer them.

If you want to use information from the video or from this post, please
be so nice to link this article or the video.

I hope you have fun with the information I could provide. Since GW said,
they will release the Space Marine Heroes in the rest of the world too
there is some hope that you will be able to get them yourself some day.



P.s.: Please do not contact me if you want to get Space Marine Heroes
since I have no means to get them.


He made a video too : HERE

Thx a lot Chris for writing this !!


It's not something we usualy do (guest writer) but if you have something good to share and wrote an article about it send us a mail ! :D

created : 5 days ago

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New Space Marines vehicle doors

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

New Rhino, Land Raider and Repulsor doors for your Legions and Chapters!

Lady Atia

created : about 1 month ago

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Errata: Codex Space Marines

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

New Errata for your Space Marines Codex:

Lady Atia

created : about 2 months ago

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Japanese Space Marine Heroes Website

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Here's the link to the website for the japanese Space Marine heroes:

They look quite awesome, but I still think they are slightly larger scaled.

Lady Atia

created : about 2 months ago

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Legion Focus: Alpha Legion

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Hello everyone !!

Alpha legion focus : I am Alpharius


ps: I am away next week so expect low level of post :/ (even more than now, hey it's summertime ^^)

created : about 2 months ago

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White dwarf leak(CSM/Grey Knights)

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Hello everyone !!

Image from the WD

(no idea of the source they are floating on FB will check later)

Intercessor : Pre order 5 released 12 : 45€ (for 10 marines) 3 types of bolt.
Hellblaster: Pre order 5 released 12 : 45€ (for 10 marines) 3 types of plasma.
(this two kit are loaded with options)
Inceptor : Pre order 12 released 19 40€ (3 models)
Grand master Voldus : Pre order 5 released 12, 25€

Chaos Marines Codex, 168 pages: Pre order 5th, released 12th: 32.50€
Grey Knights Codex, 104 pages : Pre order 5th, released 12th: 22.50€


created : about 2 months ago

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Kromlech flying bike !

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Hello again everyone !!

New release by Kromlech : Legionary Saber Jetbike: Falcon Squadron

This set contains three Legionary Saber Jetbikes.
This set is 10% cheaper than separate models x3
[here is the Legionary Saber Jetbike as single model:]

Inside each set you will parts to build 3 bikes with drivers and a selection of weapon systems to choose from: twin thunder gun, heavy thunder gun, magma cannon, plasma cannon and heavy heat-ray. Three 60mm round resin base and six Kromlech flying pegs included.

Really good looking bike !!
53€99 (and worth 2.5€ voucher) for 3 bikes with multiple weapons options !


created : 2 months ago

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Fluff leak from SM codex

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Hello everyone !!

Some fluff from the new dex by caius tadius on B&C :

I managed to get a glimpse at the fluff section from 8th Edition and here's what I managed to glean from it. Apologies if the info is fragmentary.


-The 2nd Company is now commanded by Captain Acheron since Cato Sicarius was sent away to be part of Guilliman's Victrix Guard. Captain Sicarius was lost in the warp at the start of the Indomitus Crusade. (He does return in Dark Imperium which is set afterwards, but he still remains with the Victrix Guard).

-The other Company Captains have all nearly not really changed and are very much alive. Captain Fabian is still commanding the 3rd, Ventris the 4th, Galenus the 5th and Numitor the 8th

-After the Plague Wars ended with Mortarion escaping, Guilliman spent some time in Ultramar leading the reconstruction, fortification and rebuilding efforts before having to leave again for other parts of the Imperium.

-The Ultramarines then go on something called the "Vengeance Campaigns" where they leave Ultramar and attempt to take back demon worlds while also handling an Ork WAAAGH. They take back 3 of the 7 demon worlds but the fate of the rest of the planets are unknown.

White Scars:

-The White Scars are badly depleted by the renewed Chaos invasions due to the rift opening but the Indomitus Crusade shows up and delivers their Primaris reinforcements, saving the Chapter.

-They then launch a vengeful campaign against the Red Corsairs, attacking and boarding a major Space Station siezed by Huron Blackheart. The Chapter Master of the White Scars, Jubal Khan, and his honor guard fight their way to the heart of the structure when its plasma reactors blow, the strike force becomes trapped in the exploding structure. The fate of the WS Chapter Master and his honour guard are unknown.

Imperial Fists:

-Seeking revenge for the attack on the Phalanx, the Imperial Fists launch an invasion of the Iron Warrior's newly fortified world of Ironhold (original). Aided by several Knight Houses, they win and defeat their arch-rivals, taking the planet for the Imperium.

Black Templars:

-When the Great Rift opened, a horde of traitor forces began targeting Imperial Shrine Worlds for destruction, led by the Word Bearers. The Black Templars commit themselves to defending these holy places from the traitor marines and several crusades are launched to drive the traitors back. The BT take heavy losses but hold the line against the enemy.

-The Black Templars are called upon to put down a rebellion on a planet. As they fight they discover that the enemy is managing to put more soldiers on the field faster than they can kill them. Realizing the planet was damned as most of its population was turning against them, the BT are forced to exterminate the entire population to put an end to the threat.


-A Bloodthirster named Khar'kul leads his demonic forces into a Hive World, slaughtering anyone in his way. The Salamanders deploy in Chapter Strength and overcome this enemy with the use of massed Aggressor squads equipped with flamers.

Iron hands:

-When the Great Rift opened, Medusa came under a massive attack by the forces of Chaos. However, the Iron Hands manage to hold the line and eventually the traitors retreat from the planet, leaving behind a battered Chapter.

-The Great Rift that engulfed most of the Space around them now receded, leaving behind planets tainted by Chaos. The Iron Hands launched a brutal "Scorched Earth Crusade" that cleanses these heavily populated worlds from the taint but leaves them in ruins.

-The Iron Hands discover a possible pathway through the Great Rift, back to the other side of the Imperium that is guarded by the forces of Chaos and several renegade warbands. They launch a massive attack on this site and defeat the traitors in battle but just as they are about to reach the pathway, the renegades detonate their charges and destroy the portals. (This is starting to be a recurring theme)

-They then join something known as the Stygian Crusade along other Imperial forces where they make great gains at first but are forced to retreat under relenting pressure.


created : 2 months ago

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Long video about the new dex

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Hello again again !

Very long video by mini war gaming didn't watched all of it but it's quite ok !


created : 2 months ago

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Space marines codex promo video

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Hello everyone

Promo Video of the codex ! (Facebook video click on the image up there to launch it if you don't see the play arrow)
Tried to extract some screen.

I need to replace all my chaplain now ^^


created : 2 months ago

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