This week Pre Order & Release (GW)

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Hello everyone !!

On pre-order this week :

Neave Black Talon, the Stormcast you must paint gold !

Start collecting Kharadron Ov

Start collecting stormcast vanguard

Released this week :

Spiteclaw's Swarm Collection

The Chosen Axes Collection

Underhive Badzone Delta-7

Necromunda: Gang War 2

Orlock Gang

Orlock Gang Tactics Cards

Orlock Gang Dice


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At last more stormcast & new malign portents video

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hello again !

GW Community Team revealed Vorras the Stormcast engineer + new video about the diablo 3 monk ^^

Lord-Ordinators have a particularly sacred duty – where the other Stormcast Eternals clear the way for Sigmar’s kingdoms, it’s these warrior-engineers that oversee the construction of new cities, walls and Stormkeeps, working in tandem with Dispossessed work gangs to create wonders unseen since the Age of Myth. These warriors also observe the movements of the stars in the heavens above the Mortal Realms, using combinations of mathematics, science and seer-craft to determine the future. With a great evil rising, the Lord-Ordinators have been dispersed among the armies of Order so that they can help prepare them for what is to come…

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Lord-Celestant Gavriel Sureheart is next week

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Hello everyone !!

Next week is the New SC hero.
100 pt, reroll save of 1.

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Phil Kelly talk (Stormcast Fluff)

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Hello everyone !!

-Stormcast : become less and less human. Glitch in the reforging, the flaw. Each Stormhost have a different flaw.
Ie : hammer of sigmar : get lightning from eyes and stuff.
Hollowed knight : Glow, driven by vengeance, but get diluted, forgot memory and become a storm warrior fighting the chaos.

Dhorgar (archeon steed) can kill SC permently. (few other magic axe/sword).

Overtime the SC rules will represent flaw in the reforging.

-Hammer of sigmar : poster boy front line.
-hallowed knight : Zealot, worhsip sigmar really hard. So pure, evil magic work less on them.
-Astral Templar : Uncivilised, barbaric, Recruited from jungle. Big on killing big monster. They don't really fear, the bigger the foe the more they want to kill hom. They are the big game hunter.
-Celestial vindicator : Almost berzeker, on the brink of death they want strengh and are driven by rage/hate. They want revenge (hinted that their flow are becoming more more and more hatefull).
-Celestial warbringer : Tribe that can see their own death ! So they are quite fearless cuz they know when their death is. They are warrior mystic.
-hammer of hammerhal : Previoussly death warrior rezed as Stormcast.
-Lion of sigmar : In dev, big on lightining fast strike and big roar (not much investment for now)

No dwarf storm cast anytime soon.

Celestant prime stay shrouded in mystery, but when he smite someone there a small chance to redeem him and send the soul in azyr. (they even made a few new sc)

Neave Black talon : Assassin, knight zephyros, unstopoble , living whirlwind. Rivalreay with slimax the deamon. She's to uncompromising, too quick to jump to conclusion

Angrad Brightshield : Classic liberator, stuck in Shadespire, very skilled in defense.

He then give a recap of the first season (Finding ghal maraz, God beast, all gate war). They have years of story in front of them.

Cities : 3 big one, (industry, living one, mystic one) all in the realm of life. Hammerhall in fire/life (no reveleation) just an enumeration of different cities. They have invested lot of time on them (with the box set), they even want to dev some politics aspect.

Redeem guy(chaos worshiper reforged) should not fall in chaos again.

More female Stormcast are coming !

Nothing exceptional but still a great interview.


Ps: didn't had time to correct names and grammar, will do later !

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FaceHammer GT2017 winning list !

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Small thumb dlefkdaw0aadjll

Hello again !!

Just sharing the winning AOS list at Face hammer GT 2017 !
GG Jack Armstrong on taking first place !


created : 6 months ago

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Blightwar on pre order + warscrolls

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Small thumb screenshot 2017 08 26 13.07.59

Hello everyone !!

Nz pre order are UP !

The main product is Blightwar this week (price is 314 nz dollars).
Content :


A 40-page softback book featuring:

- A brief history of the Realmgate Wars and the events leading up to Blightwar;
- An overview of Nurgle, the Chaos God of Pestilence who seeks to take over Ghyran with his own foul garden;
- An overview of the Stormcast Eternals, living weapons who blaze with celestial light as they scour Chaos from the Realms;
- Cycles of War – the Chaos invasion that became known as the War of Life, and the devastating impact of Nurgle’s malign influence;
- The Season of Sowing – details of Nurgle’s numerous unpleasant attempts to dominate, waging war on countless fronts to weaken the resolve of the Stormcast Eternals; no matter how decisively they are held back the chaos continues, and the sowings go on…
- An introduction to Horticulous Slimux and his dreadful mount Mulch – humorless genius and leader of the rotten assault on Ghyran;
- An introduction to Neave Blacktalon, instrument of Sigmar’s will who will accept neither defeat nor death in her zealous pursuit and destruction of Nurgle’s hordes.


- 3 Battleplans, which you can use to re-create key battles between the Stormcasts and the forces of Nurgle;
- Allegiance Abilities – battle traits that characterise the 2 opposing armies, to be used in games;
- 2 Warscroll Battalions, designed to make use of the entire selection of included miniatures from both armies;
- Warscrolls for every miniature, featuring their rules for use in Warhammer Age of Sigmar;
- Pitched Battle profiles for each unit and Warscroll Battalion, including points values and unit sizes;
- A separate rulesheet containing the core rules for Warhammer Age of Sigmar;
- A Wheel of Corruption, helping to keep track of Nurgle’s Cycles of War abilities in-game.


- 1 x Horticulous Slimux atop his fearsome mount, Mulch. He carries various horticultural tools (using the unpleasant lopping shears as a potent weapon) and prized specimens, and is dangling a Nurgling in front of Mulch to encourage this grumpy beast to move ever forward;
- 1 set of 10 Plaguebearers of Nurgle – these are each armed with plagueswords, and feature the option to assemble a piper and icon bearer;
- 1 set of 3 Nurglings – gruesome yet cheery stacks of creatures, with 27 possible combinations in total;
- 1 set of 3 Plague Drones of Nurgle – these come armed with death’s heads and yet more plagueswords, and feature the option to assemble an icon bearer and bell toller;
- 1 x Neave Blacktalon – a Stormcast Eternals Knight-Zephyros armed with a pair of whirlwind axes and a boltstorm pistol stowed on her belt. She has a choice of heads; one with a helmet, and one bare;
- 1 set of 3 Vanguard-Raptors, who can be armed with your choice of longstrike crossbows or hurricane crossbows;
- 1 set of 3 Aetherwings, large birds of prey aligned with the Vanguard-Raptors who attack on their masters’ command;
- 1 set of 3 Vanguard Palladors – these are armed with your choice of either boltstorm pistol or shock handaxes and strike javelins, and ride furious Gryph-chargers;
- 1 set of 5 Vanguard-Hunters armed with boltstorm pistol and either a shock handaxe or storm sabre, with options for a Hunter-Prime.

created : 7 months ago

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Blightwar stream starting now!

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Small thumb bwars

Hello everyone :)

Blightwar stream is starting now !!


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Blightwar next week !

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Small thumb aos blightwar image1kxdr

Hello everyone !!

New starter set next week on pre-order

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Vandus & Khul rules are OnLine

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Small thumb aos

Hello everyone !!

vandus and khul rules :


ps: thx for the link !

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Vandus and Khul repack

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Small thumb warscroll

Hello again !!

Vandus Hammerhand and Khorgos Khul will be available separately and with a dedicated Warscroll !!

Thx anvil for sharing !


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