Titanicus Seminar at HH weekender

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Hello everyone !!

Titanicus seminar in progress :

From Matt Swift admin of AT FB group

Upcoming releases;

The last of the two realm of battle boards coming out (for now) gamma and delta. They’re deliberately designed to limit Titan movement in places to make the game as tactical as it should be.

Reaver upgrade sprue. Sold separately due to popular demand 😉 *extensive feedback* 😂

New buildings. 2 sets, designed to fit existing buildings. First set is just spires. Second set includes base set. Strong likelihood of more terrain.

Legio Fureans transfers. Fureans has Madaxia knights on theirs. On decal sheets - mortis and gryphons were the most popular legios at 28mm scale so went first. Got what they thought was a year of stock and we bought it out in a month. Good work all!

Next expansion! Doom of Moloch. Follows the events of Vengeful Spirit. Narrative scenarios and 4 more Legios. Rules for fielding a knight household - no Titans!

Legios in DoM - Crucius (Warmongers), Fortidus (Dauntless), Vulcanum (Dark Fire/Lords I’d Ruin), Interfector (Murder Lords)

Vulcanum are weird, two Legios on one FW. Weird things with their princeps.

Possibility, no promise, of a large A4 sheet of transfers to cover a number of the more minor Titan Legios. *speculation in Seminar, do not assume will be coming*

7 Knight houses covered including Devine. Will have special rules for each Household. Each Knight world (like Moloch) could have a number of households on it. Allows you to build the household along the lines of the predefined ones or you can pick a couple rules to define your Baron or high Seneshal.

Knight Strategems. And can be played against knights or titans. Plus Strategems!

Knight carapace weapons were meant to be on the plastic sprue but couldn’t fit! Will be coming soon.

Re-release of the Grand Master edition. Huge logistical operation to put together. Won’t be a permanent thing, if you want it get it while it’s there

+ images :

Now i kind of want making a cute army of knights !! Zergling rush


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Today on pre order :

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Hello everyone !!

Lots of pre orders today :

LINK to pre order


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Next Week’s Pre-orders: Underworlds, Titans and Middle-earth™

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Hello there !!

I hope you had a good week end :D Next week on pre order :

Mollog’s Mob consists of Mollog the Mighty himself, a towering Troggoth who can sweep aside even the most powerful fighter in a single blow, alongside a trio of bizarre and brilliant fungal beasts – the Bat Squig, Spiteshroom, and Stalagsquig

note : First time i heard of this one (long time ago) it was a duo warband ^^

the Godsworn Hunt are five Darkoath warriors (and their Chaos-touched hound, Grawl) from the Slaves to Darkness, vicious barbarians in the service of the Ruinous Powers.

They look like old models ^^

Titandeath book + one new reaver build + weapons sprue + transferts

the Warlord Titan Plasma Annihilator Frame will allow you to customise your existing Warlords with plasma annihilators, laser blasters and the vicious Arioch Titan power claw. You asked to be able to buy this sprue separately – and now you can! All the weapons are designed to be


, making it easy switch them out across your games.

note : Woaa designed for magnet ! Oo

In Middle-earth, you’ll be able to play through the battle between Minas Tirith and Mordor with the new expansion, Gondor at War. This tome contains 29 narrative play scenarios, complete with a detailed campaign system. In addition, you’ll find rules for new Heroes, an in-depth look at the armies that fought in these battles, and Legendary Legions – iconic armies from the War of the Ring such as the Rangers of Ithilien or the Army of Gothmog

Woaa lot of stuff again next week.


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The Warbringer Nemesis Titan

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Hello there !!

Rejoice Titanicus fans, a new titan is coming but for 40k !! (what it make sense ^^)

Warhound. Reaver. Warlord. These are names that mean something special to Warhammer fans – the iconic god-machines that most of us, on some level, would love to own one day. Titans are the most eye-catching and impressive models in Warhammer 40,000 – seeing one in person is an inspiring experience. Which is why we’re incredibly excited to announce that a new, full-sized Titan is marching to war. Meet the Warbringer:

The Warbringer Nemesis Titan is a new class of god-machine armed with an artillery piece capable of transforming your chosen grid coordinates into a white-hot crater. This massive engine of destruction has been designed to look right at home alongside its brethren. It is our most detailed yet, with a crewed upper deck featuring a spotter, a loader and a massive, revolver-style loading mechanism for the main gun:

The Warbringer will be available very soon – subscribe to the Forge World newsletter, and we’ll email you when you can buy your own.


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Civitas District War Zone Alpha on pre order

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Hello everyone !!

Titanicus Board on pre order at FW :

*A ready-made board for your games of Adeptus Titanicus
*Measures 2' by 2' and can be combined with other boards
*Fully compatible with plastic Civitas Imperialis scenery

During the darkest days of the Horus Heresy, entire cities were levelled by orbital bombardment or vicious assaults – and in many of them, mighty war engines of the Adeptus Titanicus battled for supremacy amidst the shattered ruins even after the front lines of the war moved elsewhere.

Civitas District War Zone Alpha is a resin Realm of Battle board representing an area of just such a devastated city. Its 2'x2' area includes a crossroads set up with defensive barricades that have been long abandoned by the infantry who once defended the city.

One corner of the board includes a large Administratum central control building. Another includes fortified bunkers that can be expanded by adding plastic Civitas Imperialis buildings. A third corner features a genatorium station and more abandoned defensive structures. The final corner has space to add one or more buildings made from the plastic Civitas Imperialis kits.

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Coming Soon from Forge World: New Titans, Knights and More

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Hello everyone !!

A New warlord setup is coming soon !

You’ll be able to add a differently armed Warlord Titan to your maniples, with the release of a new version of the plastic kit, complete with a pair of Sunfury plasma annihilators – high-powered plasma weapons capable of burning through even Titan armour – and an optional Arioch Titan power claw, for those Princeps who want to get up close and personal. The kit also comes with a pair of carapace-mounted laser blasters and two choices of head.

Alongside the Warlord will be a new option for your Household Support Banners – Cerastus Knight Lancers. Armed with deadly shock lances and protected by ion gauntlet shields, these Knights come in a set of two, with various arm and head options. They’ll add speed and hard-hitting, close-ranged force to your battlegroup, and between their shields and improved carapace, they’re harder to kill than their Questoris brethren.

Also coming soon are a pair of resin Realm of Battle boards designed for Adeptus Titanicus: The Horus Heresy. Civitas District War Zone Alpha and Civitas District War Zone Beta both represent war-torn urban areas on Imperial worlds. They feature roads blocked by abandoned siegeworks, sculpted buildings, and areas to add plastic Civitas Imperialis scenery to personalise your boards.

All of these new additions to Adeptus Titanicus: The Horus Heresy will be available later this month – keep an eye out for more information. In the meantime, if you want to get started with the game, check out the Rules Set and existing miniatures, such as the mighty Reaver Titan and doughty Questoris Knights.

Everything Available later THIS MONTH (november)


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Warhounds for Titanicus

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Small thumb preorderpreviewadeptustitanicus sep30 atwarhounds e1538156167585

Hello again everyone !!

Titanicus on pre order next week :

That’s not all next week has instore – for Adeptus Titanicus, you’ll be able to grab the Warhound Titan thanks to a new, highly customisable double pack:

Inside the box, you’ll find everything you need to build two of these iconic war machines for Adeptus Titanicus, complete with a range of weapon options as well as choices of pose and armour plating.

These guys are a fantastic choice for any cunning princeps, trading durability for superb speed and manoeuvrability. Run literal rings around Warlord Titans, keep pace with any pesky Knight Lances – or just enjoy the novelty of owning a Warhound Titan in plastic!

You’ll find the rules for your Warhound Titan on its Command Terminal, available separately in a pair of Maniple Packs on release, while for its weapons, look no further than a Weapons Card Pack:


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This week on Pre order

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Hello everyone !!

This week on pre order :

Adeptus Titanicus Reaver Battle Titan

Adeptus Titanicus Reaver Battle Titan Weapon Card Pack

Adeptus Titanicus Reaver Battle Titan Command Terminal Pack

Adeptus Titanicus Myrmidon Battleline Maniple Command Terminal Pack

White Dwarf September 2018

Nurgle’s Rotters

Spike! The Fantasy Football Journal – Issue 3 (English)

Blood Bowl Nurgle Team Dice Set

Blood Bowl Nurgle Pitch

That's it for this week !


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Next Week on pre-order

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Hello everyone !!

Next week on Pre Order :

Reaver Titan

Reaver Titans are the most versatile war machines in Adeptus Titanicus, offering more mobility than a Warlord Titan and more firepower than a Warhound. Their kit is no different, offering a range of weapons with which to equip yours. Arm up with ranged wargear, go for a hybrid build or, for the truly bold, buy two and give one a pair of power fists.

Like the Warlord Titan before it, the Reaver Titan features optional armourials and is highly posable, meaning if you pick up multiples of this massive war machine for your maniples, you’ll be able to ensure each of your god-machines looks distinct in its own right.

Rules for the Reaver Titan will be available, as ever, through their Command Terminals and weapon cards. While you might already own some of these, you’ll be able to grab more through a range of packs out alongside the Reaver Titan.

Nurgle's Rooters and Spike N°3

The Nurgle’s Rotters plastic kit is a treat for all Nurgle fans, offering the most disgustingly diverse plastic team yet with no fewer than three types of player represented on the frame. You’ll be able to distinguish each team member with a variety of heads, while balls and a priority marker let you match your accessories to the rest of your squad.

-4 Warriors
-2 pestigors
-6 Rotters

Good level of customisation.

You can also get the rules on the Free LRB


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Titanicus Pre Orders

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Hello everyone !!

Today you can start pre ordering Titanicus, options are :

-Grand master edition :

-Core rules Set :

-Warlord Titan

-3 Titanicus cute knights

-Adeptus Titanicus Civitas Imperialis Sector

Adeptus Titanicus: Civitas Imperialis

Adeptus Titanicus Warlord Battle Titan Weapon Card Pack

Adeptus Titanicus Warlord Battle Titan Command Terminal Pack

Adeptus Titanicus Axiom Battleline Maniple Command Terminal Pack

That is a lot !!


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