Tiles of the UNDERHIVE + Walls and stuff (pics heavy)

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Hello everyone !!

Second post of our Necromunda coverage. The tiles.

See the following post for our Q&A:

- There are 9 DOUBLE faced tiles.
- Ignore the case you use inches for playing.
- Pit, duct, Slime and stuff have in game effect.
- This is actually a 2D Zone Mortalis (and a lot cheaper).
- Card Board is of good quality.

Tile 1

Tile 2

Tile 3

Tile 4

Tile 5

Tile 6

Tile 7

Tile 8

Tile 9

Plastic Doors :
The weight on these is crazy ! so friggin THICK plastic !

Objectives :
The Cute Tentacule deserves a Cute tag :P


created : over 2 years ago

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Andy Hoare - Necromunda interview!

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Hello everyone !!

Huge interview with Andy about the Necromunda box and the future of the game:

Andy Hoare:

Project manager,
Specialist Games Team of seven - started last year with Blood Bowl.
They were working on Necromunda since a long time.
Favorite game of Andy, still plays it.
When all the plastic terrain was ready he asked his boss to do a new Necromunda and they said Yes!
They are talking about Underhive no the 3D campaign today - next week is about the Supplement book.

First version was Confrontation in WD.
Then 1995 classic boxset, played since then.
Revisited in 2000 by the old fanatic studio.
Dedicated groups are still playing the old version today.
Andy Hoare group plays it, house rules it, amends it, created new stuff.

Duplicate sprues but 10 different models can be made!
2 for each gang.
Objectives and tentacle sprue,
traps (used with gang tactic cards)
Priority marker.
Hatches and doors: designed to fit with zone mortalis and other FW scenery.
Rules book: you need it, even if you want to do 3D only. Underhive is a complete game.
9 tiles same size as Zone Mortalis tiles.

Andy says:
They played Necromunda so much on mortalis that the 2D tiles weren't a compromise.
Beta tester really liked the game in 2D, and it didn’t felt like a starter set used to learn the game.
Even if you see square on the tiles you still use inches in game, so it’s really necromunda on tiles.

Punch counter:
-Ready and pinned counter are recto verso
-Pre generated gangs are on cards to get started super fast.
-Fire is back in the game,
-You can go prone and remove fire.
-Vision arcs: because models have facing (like warmachine)
-place a duct between walls to go through it - you can even launch a grenade, fire through it etc.
-Lot of skills allow you to by pass overwatch, backstab ppl.

Custom dice:
-2 sets
-Gang specific dice. (adding pics soon)

22 blank cards
Are already laminated !!!! so you can erase
Gang tactics: Generics, esher, goliath. Future gang will get future cards.
They have extra set of gang tactics cards ready to sell, not the same in the box, they are extension cards.

Andy Hoare plays rogue trader all the time !! so he added the old stat (int and all) to grant a lot of different options/
Stat line of different gangs set them apart and with gangs tactic’s they play really different.

Zone Mortalis bases, designed to match the tiles of the boards but also with details of mechanicus

Can’t buy the rulebook on it’s own. Because dice needed, but good values.

PDF on the web site, live on the game release date, for orlock, van sar, etc.. but only for the weapons the original metal models got. So don’t get too hyped.

Orlocks are next year.
One plastic team every quarter +possible few wd, pdf article.
Brand new gangs are hyped.
John blanche made a book a of 80pages of fluff but the book went missing. And then new archivist of GW TIM found this book for andy. SO LOT OF inspiration.
Box set available in: eng, fren, german.
They have stock of the box - don't be scared, you should get your box if you pre-order.

Total rewrite of the rules for underhive. Gang war 3D, is built on the underhive rule set.
It’s a "I go, you go": “interleave turn” system. So you can active more than 1 models (no details on how).

Gang tactics:
All scenario use them in a different way : choose, drawn at random, weak side can draw more or choose. There is a lot of granularity with these.

Fire power dice : Each time you roll to hit, you roll 1+ fire power dice (depending on the weapon). Work as a sustained fire dice and ammo dice.

Red tiles: The box is a necromunda loading dock. It’s a training room at start and will be used for multiplayers 3+ (pit fight style) or future scenario.

Lvl up:
Gangs are more than the 15 players you used to have in necromunda classic.
Now you can select a crew before each scenario.
Specialist, juvie and champion get skills, gangers can’t but can be promoted to champ or specialist.
Rules for juvie will be in gangs war book, with a lot of importance. If the juvie survive a few games it became the star of the gang(no more details but lot of hype around the juvie.)

WW preparing a map of underspire in 3D.

Gang war games use a 4by4 size table.

Support class: doc, ratling cook, ….(4 planned)
FW upgrade are already on the way to new weapons, iconic item …
House weapons blitzer will be made with rules to them !
They want to make rules for everything possible to allow kitbashing a goliath with a driller !
Champions are the new heavy !

Genestealer and Chaos Cults will get rules down the line. Maybe quite early via online or WD!!
All the Genestealer Cult weapons are usable by all other gangs too, so have fun kit-bashing stuff!


created : almost 3 years ago

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Necromunda Unboxing (by Gorrilla Painting)

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Small thumb cover12

Hello everyone !!

Gorilla Painting from NZ (connected to a shop there i think) made an unboxing of the Necromunda 2dbox + comment on the Gang wars extension.

I) Sprue and plastic

2 Sprues per gang. Duplicate but with quite of lot of customisation (weapons, arms, face, hair)
1 Objective sprue
1 doors Sprue
1 template sprue
Bases (textured one)

II) Assembly notice :

Lot of optional choice make an extra gang box a must have to get 20 customized models !! with cutting drilling and magnet maybe wysiwyg could be doable in Necromunda !!

III) Tiles, Box and punch cards !

9 tiles dual sided
The bottom of the box count as an extra room (haha good idea)

IV) Cards

Riding the cards Hype you can use them to play the starting gang in the 2D game and create gangs using the blank one.
It could be a good idea to use sleeves or laminating them to use eraser pen. Ps: Cards are not compatible with MTG sleeve.

Then there are gangs tactics (More detail in the gameplay vid today on twitch)

V) Book

created : almost 3 years ago

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RuneWars Miniatures (unboxing and first impression)

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Small thumb runewarj

Hello everyone !!

RuneWars have been released and i succumbed to the hype ! A great numbers of gamer i know have started collecting so it was already on the back of my mind. One innocent visit to my flgs + 10% discount launch offer + one weak mind = One new game ^^

My plan is to build this week end and play next week (Wednesday i think ) in the meantime here a quick opening :

I) Books
That first thing you see when you open the box. 3 booklets :

-Yea i know it's in french, i prefer English rule too :/ but if i want to buy locally.
-Rules presentation : If you are familiar with recent FFG games (imperial assault, descent2, forbidden stars..) this is the standard rules layout. One book for quick start, one book for advanced rules and one book for campaign + scenario (in this case it's a fluff book). TBH i am not a big fan of this presentation, you always need to check in a different book and pertinent rules are spread all over the place. It was the same for imperial assault and it kind of reduced my fun as the GM. I prefer a thematic presentation (like any rulebook you know).

II) Punch cards and little plastic bags !

Once again it's FFG, 3 punch cards sheets with movement rulers, order disk, token, magic wind. No problem here, it's top quality ! vibrant color, Perfect ! Even better there is 2d dual face printed scenery. "Beautiful"



Movebar : very close to Xwing ruler but with a slot for improved movement precision.

Bonus : there is a lot of small plastic bag to organise the stuff. +1

III) Orders wheel

To me it's the great plus of this game, at the start of the turn you and your opponents choose an Order (left wheel) and a Modifier (right wheel) secretly for each of your units. Then during resolution phase you count from 1 to 10 (calling the initiative, it's the white number on the left wheel) and resolve each action at the fixed initiative number. It's a great game mechanism as you can choose slower action with stronger effect or fast action with weaker effect. The second wheel let you slightly alter the order. Whats even more cool is that EACH unit have a DIFFERENT wheels pair it's really interesting.

First you need to assemble them. I will not lie that was terrible experience and the wheel don't have a smooth movement. At least the instruction were clear so no wrong wheel on wrong unit cards.

IV) Models :

The box give you a lot of models :
Human side : 1 hero, 4 cav, 16 spear, 1 golem
Undead : 1 hero, 8 archer, 16 skels, 1 carrion.

Quality : Soft plastic :/ with some bended weapons (will try different unbending method tomorow). While not being GW quality, the scult are crisp, with a moderate amount of details and a very nice look. Plastic is soft but not cheap boardgame like it's a very stiff plastic.

Assembly : clip + glue, bigger models fit nicely(golem + carrion riders), the 2 first archers weren't.

Assembled models (not glued)

Skels :

50% of the models bag :

I really like the style of the models and i am really eager to start painting them !!
I'll try to do a more gaming side review next week and a battle report when i play (i hope next week too).
There is a lot stuff to say about this game !


created : over 3 years ago

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Blood Bowl Preview: Unboxing Videos by the Battle Bunnies

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Over the last days we brought you a basic unboxing and a painting guide for Blood Bowl. My other Battle Bunnies also recieved a copy and made unboxing videos - they also compare it to the last iteration of this great game. Check it out :)

Lady Atia

created : almost 4 years ago

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Blood Bowl Preview: The Humans

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Last but not least we have the human team aswell as some awesome transfer sheets to share - enjoy :)

Lady Atia and Bob

created : almost 4 years ago

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Blood Bowl Preview: Rules and Cards

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Small thumb rules cover

Howdy Guys and Girls - let's take a look at the rules.

From what we saw, there are no rules changes besides 10k cost adjustment for the catcher. It's pretty much worded the same as the living rulesbook, but sometimes it's a bit clearer (especially for the utilisation of the range ruler). The Special Play Cards seem to be a mix of old special play and new ones.

The booklet also has painting guides - great for players who are new to the hobby :)

Bob and Lady Atia

created : almost 4 years ago

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Blood Bowl Preview: The Board

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Small thumb bloodbowl board 2

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

This time we will take a look at the pit and dugouts.

The pit itself is a bit larger than the old ones, mostly due to the use of 32mm bases now. Bob will do some measurements and comparisons later today. They created it using a 3D board that got scanned. Plan is to release future pits as battle mats like we already saw with Age of Sigmar and 40k. We *may* even get event/tournament exclusives.

Lady Atia and Bob

created : almost 4 years ago

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Blood Bowl Preview: Unboxing Overview

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Small thumb bloodbowl cover

Howdy Sport's Fans!

Today we have something very cool for you - a fullout unboxing and preview for Blood Bowl (as so many guessed already :P).

At this point I want to say thank you. Thanks at Games Workshop for sending us a review copy. Thanks at Forgeworld (and especially Andy Hoare) for investing time and ressources into the Specialist Games, and for choosing Blood Bowl as the first. And thanks at any one who reads, shares and comments on the blog - you are our heroes and without you this wouldn't be possible.

And now, let's take a look what's inside the box, shall we?

edit : And thx Jervis for inventing bloodbowl !

created : almost 4 years ago

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