New Warhammer 40,000: Tactical Reserves

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Hello again !

Reserve time !!

Key points :
- only units with special rules can be held in reserves
-no scatter for deep striking units
-coming on from reserves doesn't prevent charge
-competitive play armies can only hold 50% of their army in reserves (50% must start on the board).

For a start, not every unit can be placed in reserve, so most of your army will usually deploy on the battlefield at the start of the game.

While there are no longer universal special rules like Deep Strike or Outflank,

so you can still expect units like Terminators to teleport down, Genestealer Cults units to ambush and Ork Kommandos to use their kunnin’ to sneak up on the foe.

So we can see that this will be quite a powerful ability. Not only delivering the Trygon into the heart of the enemy force, but also an accompanying unit of Tyranids. And there’s nothing stopping them from charging this turn either! Though that 9″ distance to the enemy (which is common to a lot of units with similar abilities) will mean that the averages on the dice will be against you for that 2D6 charge distance. (You can always use your Command Re-roll of course…)

Matched play games use a special mission rule called Tactical Reserves.

This rule helps limit some of the more extreme cases of withholding reserves in competitive games. So, while it’s totally possible to have an all Deathwing Terminator army, for example, you can’t use the teleport rules on all of them in matched play.

complete article here :


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Tomorow with Pete

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Hello again !!

Big Q&A with the v8 team leader !

you can watch the stream on the main page on warofsigmar(on the right )


Will do a transcript of course !


created : almost 3 years ago

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The Indomitus Crusade, the Dark Imperium and the Devastation of Baal ...

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Some fluff news about both the Indomitus Crusade and the Dark Imperium, via warhammer community :)

"Yesterday, we saw a new type of Space Marine – a Primaris Space Marine – clad in Mk X armour and wielding a deadly bolt rifle. Developed on orders from the Primarch Roboute Guilliman 100 centuries past, Primaris Space Marines have been diligently developed and perfected by the priesthood of Mars during the long intervening millennia."

created : almost 3 years ago

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Warhammer 40,000 Faction Focus: T’au Empire

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Hello again !!

Tau time !

The Stormsurge has amazing firepower with its 10 weapons…and yes, I said 10 weapons, each of which can fire on a different target

The Anchors grant +1 to hit in the Shooting phase,

Markerlight hit on a target, allowing any T’au unit to reroll 1’s when firing on that unit

The Stormsurge also has the Walking Battleship special rule which allows him to Fall Back from combat and still shoot, while also ignoring the penalty for moving and shooting heavy weapons.

missile pods for that lovely AP-1 and D3 damage per shot!

The flamers give you nasty Overwatch defence, as they auto-hit incoming units

supporting fire is still around, now called “For the Greater Good.”

(XV8) they have the Fly keyword? This allows them to Fall Back from combat and still shoot at full effect. Brutal!


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More news from the Indomitus Crusade tomorrow!

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Small thumb screenshot 2017 05 14 17.34.07

Just a little head's up - tomorrow's article will have more news about Guillimans new Indomitus Crusade - stay tuned!

What's your hopes and wishes? Write us in the comments below :)

Lady Atia

created : almost 3 years ago

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New Warhammer 40,000: Stratagems

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Another look at the new edition of Warhammer 40k - this time it's all about stratagems!

via Warhammer Community (

created : almost 3 years ago

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Faction Focus: Chaos Daemons

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Hello !!

Another faction focus : Daemons !!


Khorne blesses his devotees with an increased ability to reap skulls in his name. These models charge up the table taking skulls for the Skull Throne with Unstoppable Ferocity, which grants them a bonus attack and a point of Strength in combat if they charge or are charged. This turns already formidable melee units into killing machines! Your Bloodthirster will be a king of melee when he charges, as he should be.


Tzeentch grants his minions the ability of Ephemeral Form, giving his Daemons +1 to their invulnerable saves. Wow, that’s good!


A Lord of Change with that boost will be quite powerful indeed, with a 4+ invulnerable save and SIXTEEN wounds!


Your opponents will come to fear not just the big models though, as even your basic Horrors have the ability to lay low even the mightiest of enemies with their psychic might.

Horror split

Save some Reinforcement Points for Blue Horrors and Brimstone Horrors as well, as these still split out of their parent unit


They will almost always swing first in combat, even if they did not charge, due to their Quicksilver Swiftness special rule!


the Graceful Killers special rule grants them a bonus attack with their Piercing Claws (which are resolved at AP-4 when you roll a 6+ to wound!) allowing them to slice through armour in melee.


they will be taken for their ability to deploy near enemy models and engage them quickly, tying them up or simply getting in their way using their Mischief Makers special rule.


ignore wounds on a roll of 5 or 6!

Lot of good info !!


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Fifth Sphere Expansion - The T'au strike back (Warzone: Damocles!)

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Small thumb new40kdamoclestaulanding

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

We are back with another warzone - and you know it well. The Damocles Gulf!

Via Warhammer Community (

created : almost 3 years ago

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New Warhammer 40,000: Points & Power Levels

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Hello everyone !!

points and power level are up !

Tactical Marine Squad of five models is Power Level 5,
Tactical Marines are 13 points
grav-pistol for the Sergeant at 7 pts
multi-meltas at 27 pts.

The full squad totals up at a similar number of points to what it costs today.

With faster play times for most games, we’re expecting matched play games of a couple of hours to sit around the 2,000 points mark.

Summon :

So if you’re planning to summon units to the battlefield, you will need to set points aside to do this. You won’t need to specify what the points will be for though, so this does leave you with your options open and if during the game, you decide that what you really need is a fast combat unit instead of a durable objective holder, you’ll be able to summon the right tool for the job, points permitting. You will no longer be able to indefinitely replicate Daemon units, and instead, summoning will be used more as an alternative mechanism of deployment, much like deep striking or outflanking is today (both of which exist in their own forms in the new Warhammer 40,000 too).

The points for units don’t appear on the datasheet but will be elsewhere in the same book.

It also means that, in the future, points for units could change without invalidating existing books – so if one unit or weapon starts to dominate tournaments, or certain units don’t seem to be carrying their weight in competitive games, we can address the balance.

Tomorow is more background !!!


created : almost 3 years ago

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Warhammer 40,000 Faction Focus: Eldar

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hello again !

Eldar time :

Phoenix Lords, especially, will benefit from a nice 2+ armour save. They’ve all been re-pointed to make all of the choices appealing, and they are more well-rounded – not only tearing bloody swathes through enemy combatants but also boosting the abilities of friendly warriors nearby.

Asurman, specifically, is just fantastic, with the Sword of Asur able to deal mortal wounds and nearby friendly units benefiting from an invulnerable save!

Striking Scorpions particularly are just vicious combatants that will strike fear into your opponent and disrupt their battle plans with the Masters of Stealth special rule and their Mandiblasters softening up enemy units at the beginning of the Fight phase by dishing out mortal wounds.

Howling Banshees get a new lease on life too. These girls are now faster than almost any other Infantry unit in the game, and nearly always get to go first in the Fight phase even if they didn’t charge.

the Avatar of Khaine. With an ability that means he can even ignore some mortal wounds, he’ll be better protected than ever while filling your army with the fighting spirit of Kaela Mensha Khaine! If any unfortunate soul survives to challenge him directly, I can tell you, there are few models that can deal as much melee damage as the Avatar can with the Wailing Doom, which allows you to pick the highest of two dice rolls when dealing damage


created : almost 3 years ago

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