Stream QA about v8

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Hello everyone !!

Setting up the post for the stream starting in 11 min

Other option is going to the FB page :

- Vehicles are now like in AoS.

- Will armies keep their playstyle? Well, they could plan them now from scrap, and hope that reflects better how they work in fluff, etc. But yeah, playstyle should feel the same.

- Horus Heresy will be done later. It's on the to do list!

- 1500 points game will be roughly 90 minutes.

- Old supplements like city fight will find a new home in 8th.

- Every model, scenery, monster, vehicle - they are all in. They all have rules.

- Command points are in. Your army has to be battleforged - FOC's are in. 14 different ones.

- You can spend these points for stuff like interrupt charging, re-roll dice, etc. Lot's of cool stuff!

-They are super valuable, super tactical, once they are gone, they are gona, but they can change a game.

- There will be a interactive forum for feedback, FAQ's, etc.

- Codices in the future will get faction specific command points.

- There will be new codices aswell as new books for all the factions.

- It's almost impossible to not find a FOC you can use for your army - there are lots of them in the basic rules already!

- Templates are going away. Template free system is the future.

-Most balanced 40k version ever ! lot of play tester ! EVERY UNITS should be useable and viable

-40K general handbook 1 per years for points change and evolving the game

-free rules : Digital + printed version (free) for launch in store (gw+independant)

-No tournament pack for now

-Goal was : Make a game that works for the 3 way to play, (freeplay, narrative, matched)

-Chaos is back on screen as a prime player in the galaxy

-2.5 years of dev

-listened to as much feedback they could. They really try to listen !

-2 sets of points value
1) narrative play : power point, simpler system.
2) Matched play : full granularity you pay for each thing you add (models, weapons)

-New faction at launch ! (could be new race)

-big Monster works like vehicule (aos style)

-stats are not caped to 10.

-Size of game supported :
Matched play : 1k to much bigger
Narrative : 1k to the sky !

-allied force : abilities will be linked to keywords so death-star are nerfed. (much more in controls of synergy)

-Force chart : allow allied force easily

-Keywords Driven system ! (aos like)

-Close combat should be viable again ! Charging is a big benefit now (striking first). (yay orcs)

-Benefit for sticking to one faction : More units from the same faction generate more command points by filling a bigger force chart. min maxing the smallest force chart generate 0 command point. hence balancing fluff and min/max.

-Forge world : points and rules aviable the same way gw regular stuff.

-1 news each day until release !

-VOUCHER for 40k rules book/codex bought 8 weeks before the announcements.
i mean : if you bought a codex/rulebooks 8 weeks before the announcements of the v8 you get a voucher (same value as the codex)

EDIT : pete tweet : "Hey! It's fixed to hit, opposed strength/toughness. #new40k"

EDIT : The core rules are around a dozen pages. But this doesn't include the rules for narrative, matched, battle-forged etc.


created : 3 days ago

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Play it painted : Triumvirate of Chaos by Prometian Painting

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Hello everyone !!

Play it painted time with regular Prometian Painting, aka "The lava boy" ;)

Triumvirate of Chaos : A Terminator Sorcerer, Dark Apostle and Warpsmith, all heavily converted and kitbashed.

Amazing work as usual, special mention to the lava weapon and the lava spirit !!!
The effect is so good that maybe he would deserve a tutorial !
Check his facebook page it's worth your time :


created : 16 days ago

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Warhammer Weekly 03222017 - Adepticon Spoilers (Vince Venturella)

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Hello again !

Check the this warhammer weekly from tom and vince.
Vince is doing coverage of Adepticon and spoilers.
some sound bug (because wifi is overloaded)

Well done !


created : about 1 month ago

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Custodes dex pics

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Morning everyone !

Some custodes codex image.
source : this imgur,


created : about 1 month ago

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Shadow War: Armageddon

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Hello again !!

A new boxed game is incoming,
Shadow War: Armageddon, it's NECROMUNDA with 40K MODELS !!
Big plastic box full of multi leveled terrain ! a la necromunda yay !!
It's necromunda gameplay and rules are close.
Special ops type warfare.
Everything is in the box + free download.
Space marines and Orcs in the starter.
Release date - very soon!

all coming from an interview with the dice tower :


created : about 1 month ago

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Custodes prices

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Hello everyone !

Atia send me these prices :

- Sisters are 35
- Custodes 45
- Talon box is 125


Edit: Prices in euro!

created : about 1 month ago

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Small thumb cypher

Hello again !

More pics from the same raven !! (ConradToskan)

Meet everyones favorite ! : Cypher


created : about 2 months ago

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Gathering Storm - some images

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Hello again :)

While waiting for Atia's coverage, a few images shared by a friendly raven (ConradToskan) !


created : about 2 months ago

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The Road to Terra

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Hello again again!

Small timeline on how the events are chained together.


created : about 2 months ago

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Custodes Upgrade kit

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Small thumb custodes bolters

Hello again !

Look like some new bolter options for the custodes are coming.
@Thx Kuba


created : 3 months ago

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