Event Stuff at the Warhammer World Today

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Hello everyone

Valrak Chapter Master posted this image of the item you can buy at WW today.


created : 6 months ago

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New Products for the Warhammer 40,000 Open Days

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Hello again !!

November 25-26 it's the 40k Open day and a few product will aviable first there.
-Gor half Horn Bounty Hunter
-Red scorpion old CM dread.(Culn)
-Primaris Super Tank
-Red Scorpion regent.


created : 8 months ago

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Flowchart to warhammer fest

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hello again !!

could be usefull !!


created : about 1 year ago

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Event exclusive custodes

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Morning everyone !

Event exclusive custodes
The datails...the details....


created : over 1 year ago

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Horus Heresy Weekender planning

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Hello again (again)

Horus heresy weekender planning.

-Adeptus titanicus hype !!!
If the image is not good enough to read get the original here :


created : over 1 year ago

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Warhammer open day (5/6 nov 2016)

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Hello everyone :

The Warhammer 40,000 Open Days on November 5th and 6th are your chance to discover more about the worlds you enjoy, direct from the creative minds who develop them.

get your tickets :

the exclusive first access items are :


created : over 1 year ago

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The Bugman’s Full Beard Cup + bb seminar (26-27 nov)

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Morning everyone !!

The bugman's Full Beard Cup will be held the 26-27 nov 2016 at warhammer world :

price is 60£ with food.

Meet The Star Players!

Over the course of the weekend, you’ll have the chance to meet
members of the Specialist Games Studio as they will be in attendance.
See the latest models being developed and hear all about the new version
of Blood Bowl from the very chaps who wrote and designed it.


If that wasn’t enough, on Sunday afternoon, while we’re getting all the
results into the computer and preparing the Award Ceremony, we will
be hosting a Blood Bowl Seminar in Bugman’s Bar, run by members of
the Specialist Games studio. This is your chance to hear about the future
of the game, and ask those burning questions!

Rules :

Starting Team Size: 1,300,000 gold pieces
Number of Games: 5
Game Length: Two hours and 15 minutes
Included in Ticket Price:

Food! We will provide lunch on both Saturday and Sunday.
Additional: All miniatures in your collection must be Games Workshop miniatures and be fully assembled, painted and based. Each model must fully represent what you have presented on your team roster, and be 100% obvious which player they are.

Rules in use: We have slightly modified the Blood Bowl rules. Modifications include:

Higher starting gold pieces count to allow for greater variety to teams.
Star Players can be bought as part of your team.
No players actually killed or can miss games – means you have your whole team all weekend.
Bugman’s Sponsorship available for one of your players.
One player of your choice earns one skill every game, guaranteed.
No need to record Star Player Points, expenses, treasury etc; very simple Cup play.
Score Cup Points for winning games by bigger margins and keeping a clean sheet!

Team list :

Roster :

Star players :

cup pack & rules :


Plz note that the human receiver is 70k, meaning :
- the 60k receiver is a missprint
-the game is not out before the tournament (unlikely)
-they didn't updated their team roster at Warhammer world (most likely)

ps : if you plan to attend (lucky you) this format (1 300 000tv) is great for elves team, so go wood or dark !

wood elves roster :
2 dancers : 240
2 catcher : 180
treeman : 120
8 lineman : 560
3 rerolls
1 apo

13 players + 1 apo (that you keep for wardancers) is totally insane ^^

bugman's sponsorship is a skill (go for stripball or tackle on dancer)
1st comp is : tcakle or strip ball on second dancers or guard if double are allowed.
2 -5 : block on lineman or a guard on a receiver.


created : over 1 year ago

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Warhammer TV streaming live AOS event.(10-11 sept)

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Small thumb johan grenier iron jaws vs blood bound color sketch 13 1 700x897

Hello everyone :

The 10 and 11 september 2016 at warhammer world, "WARHAMMER AGE
OF SIGMAR THE WARLORDS" event is happening.

Warhammer TV just announced they are going to stream live during the event (FB, youtube, Twitch).

Sound Awesome, good luck guys !


created : almost 2 years ago

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